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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Namesort ascending First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Wurgaft Eyal Oceanography Science The Effects of Physical Processes on the Distribution of Stable Isotopes of Dissolved Oxygen and Precipitation of CaCO3 in the Gulf of Aqaba Prof. B. Lazar, Prof. B. Luz 2016
Wu Zongze Brain Science: Computation & Information Proc. the Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences StyleSpace Analysis and Its Applications Prof. D. Lischinski, Dr. E. Shechtman 2023
Woodbridge Yonatan Statistics Faculty of Social Sciences From Nonparanormal to Compositional Models: Applications to Estimation and Detection Prof. G. Elidan, Prof. A. Wiesel 2021
Woo Joanna Physics Science On Star Formation and its Suppression in Galaxies Prof. A. Dekel 2014
Wolpe Rebecca Yiddish Humanities The Sea and Sea Voyage in Maskilic Literature Prof. C. Turniansky , Prof. I. Bartal 2012
Wolfsfeld Lauren Social Work Social Work and Social Welfare Input, Process and Outcome in Training Social Workers: Adaptation of the Supervisory Style to the Learning Style of the Supervisee, the Learning Ambiance and the Acquisition of Practice Competence Prof. M. Haj Yahia 2008
Wolfowicz Michael Criminology Faculty of Law Disaggregating the Internet-Radicalization Relationship: The Role of Personalization Algorithms (the Filter Bubble), Network Structure Characteristics (the Echo Chamber) and Social Learning Related Dynamics Prof. B. Hasisi, Prof. D. Weisburd 2021
Wolfling Shay Applied Physics Science Development and Analysis of New Interferometric Method for 3D Topometry Dr. Y. Arieli, Prof. N. Ben-Yosef 2008
Wolf Minna F. Jewish Education Humanities Negotiating the Boundary: Exploring Identities during Israel Experience Mifgashim Intercultural Encounters on Educational Programs in Israel Prof. S.M. Cohen Prof. B. Chazan 2010
Wolf Gilly Psychology Social Sciences The Involvement of Interleukin-1 (IL-1) Signaling in Pain Sensitivity, Opiate Analgesia, the Development of Opiate Tolerance, Stress-Induced Analgesia, Neuropathic Pain, and Post-Operative Pain: Prof. Y. Shavit, Prof. R. Yirmiya 2010
Wolf Michal Computational Neuroscience Science High and Low Mechanisms in Binocular Rivalry Prof. S. Hochstein 2012
Wolf Olivier Law Faculty of Law Globalization and Systemic Risk Regulation A Socio-Legal Approach Prof. T. Broude 2020
Wolf Sigal Physics the Faculty of Science Improving Readout and Sensitivity of Nitrogen Vacancy Centers in Diamond Prof. N. Bar-Gill 2023
Wolf Ehud Chemistry Science Preparation and Characterization of Catalysts for the Reduction of NOx and Oxidation of Hydrocarbons Prof. M. Steinberg 2008
Wolf Omri Physics Science Quantum Related Surface Effects in Transport through Semiconductor Nanocrystals Prof. O. Millo 2014
Wolanov Yitzhak Chemistry Science Stable Solid Sources of Hydrogen Peroxide and their Applications Prof. O. Lev 2015
Wittich Agi Comparative Religion Faculty of Humanities Her Yoga: Women-Oriented Iyengar Yoga – Between Innovation and Tradition Dr. Y. Grinshpon, Prof. R. Ricci 2022
Wirtzburg Rachel Comparative Literature Humanities The Heartache of Two Homelands The Issue of Self-Identification in the Work of Israeli - Russian Language Writers Prof. I. Serman, Prof. L. Toker 2011
Wintner Oren Bio-Engineering the Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering The Mechanobiological Regulation of Cell-Fate Decision Making: From Cell Nuclei to Oocytes Prof. A. Buxboim 2023
Winter Tamar Archaeology and the Ancient Near East Humanities The Byzantine-Islamic Transition as Reflected in Glass Assemblages from Excavated Sites in Jerusalem and its Environs Prof. R. Talgam, Ms.Y. Israeli 2017
Wineapple Shai Geography Faculty of Social Sciences Response of the State of Israel and NGOs to Christian Missionary Activity, 1948-2008 Prof. R. Kark 2021
Windecker Gidon Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Humanities Between Karbala, Jabal 'Āmil and Jerusalem Lebanese Shī'ī Perceptions of Jews and Zionism, and their Impact on the Arab-Israeli Conflict (1909 – 2009) Prof. M. Ma'oz 2010
Wilner Ofer Israel Chemistry Science Self-Assembly of DNA and Proteins into Functional Nanostructures Prof. I Willner 2013
Wilensky Asaf Oral Biology Dental-Medicine The Role of Bacterial Proteases in the Inflammatory Response to Porphyromonas gingivalis Prof. L. Shapira, Dr. Y. Houri-Haddad 2011
Wilamovski Inbal Criminology Law Dating Violence in Israel – A Feminist Perspective Prof. M. Ajzenstadt, Prof. S. Landau 2011