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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduationsort ascending
Nishri Yossi Neurobiology Faculty of Medicine Towards Cell Therapy in Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Prof. T. Ben-Hur 2020
Blokland Dina Linguistics Faculty of Humanities The Gospel According to Matthew in the Translation of Domenico of Jerusalem, A Jew Who Became a Christian Prof. A. Dykman 2020
Paz Einat Plantsciences in Agriculture Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Functional Characterization of T2 Ribonucleases During Plant Programmed Cell Death Processes Dr. A. Lers 2020
Buskila Yaakov Political Science Faculty of Social Sciences Public Diplomacy in a Comparative Perspective: Models of Messages Management Strategies in Liberal Democracies, Illiberal Democracies and Authoritarian Regimes Prof. T. Sheafer, Prof. S. Shenhav 2020
Fuchs Rita Geology Faculty of Science Marine Sr Isotopes at the Onset of the Ice Ages Prof. B. Lazar, Prof. M. Stein 2020
Sabato Nissim Talmud & Halacha Faculty of Humanities Siddur Rabbi Solomon Ben Natan Text and Studies Prof. R. Brody 2020
Birger Anastasya Human Genetics Faculty of Medicine Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms in the Pathogenesis of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Prof. O. Behar, Prof. B. Reubinoff 2020
Zarbiv Shalom Political Science Faculty of Social Sciences Hindered by the Rule of Law: Understanding the Historical Development of Assimilation and Integration Requirements for Naturalization and Residency in Germany and France Prof. M. Shalev 2020
Gaw Sheng Long Chemistry Faculty of Science within a Joint Program with Nanyang Technological University Passive and Active Approaches to Tackle Antifouling Prof. M. Reches, Prof. P. S. Lee 2020
Weiss-Sadan Tommy School of Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine Cysteine Proteases Cathepsins: From Basic Science to Translational Applications Prof. G. Blum 2020
Gross Daniel S. History of Jewish People and Contemporary Jewry Faculty of Humanities An American School of Zionist Historians Prof. E. Lederhendler 2020
Jakar Gidon Geography Faculty of Social Sciences Stadiums and Local Competition: Economics, Culture and Politics in Israel's Professional Sports A Collection of Four Papers Prof. E. Razin, Prof. G. Rosen, Prof. M. Rosentraub 2020
Neubauer Avner Applied Physics Faculty of Science Multi-Purpose Highly Sensitive Room Temperature Detector Prof. Y. Paltiel 2020
Avraham Giler Shahar Law Faculty of Law Jurisdiction Agreement - Towards a New Model Prof. C. Fassberg 2020
Hertzog Baruch-Bernard Microbiology Faculty of Medicine Regulation of Gene Expression and Intra-Species Competition in Group A Streptococcus upon Asparagine Sensing Prof. E. Hanski 2020
Cohen Oded Business Administration School of Business Administration Firm-Level and Country-Level Corporate Governance: Does One Substitute or Complement the Other? Prof. Y. Yafeh 2020
Cohen Yossi Plantsciences in Agriculture Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Predatory Bacteria Dynamics and Interactions in Wastewater Treatment Plants Prof. E. Jurkevitch 2020
Katsabian Tammy Law Faculty of Law Labour Rights in the Digital Reality Prof. G. Davidof 2020
Buffa Andrea Chemistry Faculty of Science Carbon Nanotubes Based Flow-Through Electrodes for Electroanalysis and Energy Storage Prof. D. Mandler 2020
Levy Ariel Education Faculty of Humanities School's Emotional Climate and Its Contribution to the Relationship Between Leadership Style, Teachers' Internal Motivation and School Effectiveness Prof. A. E. Nir 2020
Tabib Yaara Bio-Medical Sciences in Dentistry Faculty of Dental-Medicine Characterizing Developmental and Functional Mechanisms of Langerhans cells and γδT cells in Epithelial Tissues Prof. T. Burstyn-Cohen, Prof. A. Hovav 2020
Schneider Yaron International Relations Faculty of Social Sciences The Triangle of Peacekeeping Forces, States and Non-States Actors as a Framework for Domestic Security Governance in the Borderland Prof. A. Kacowicz 2020
Ben David Ronen Jewish Thought Faculty of Humanities The Development of Rabbi Abraham Yitchak Hacohen Kook's Doctrine of Redemption Until 1906 Prof. M. Idel 2020
Margolin Roy Environmental Economics and Management Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Optimal Management of the Israeli Natural Gas Resources Under Uncertainty Prof. Y. Tzur 2020
Barneron Meir Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Making Self-Serving Decisions at the Expense of Others: An Investigation of Two Psychological Processes Underlying Selfish Behavior Prof. I. Yaniv 2020