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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Fieldsort descending Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Gossa Aredo Tegenu Archaeology and Ancient near East Faculty of Humanities The Melka Wakena Site Complex, South-Central Ethiopia: Lithic Technology, Raw Material Economy and Regional Perspectives on the Early Acheulian on the Ethiopian Highlands Prof. E. Hovers 2021
Ecker Avner Archaeology and Ancient Near East Humanities The Urbanization of Roman Iudaea/Palaestina from the First Century BCE to the Fourth Century CE Prof. H. M. Cotton- Paltiel, Prof. Z. Weiss 2017
Zilberg Peter Archaeology and Ancient near East Faculty of Humanities At the Gate of All Nations A Study of Displaced and Migrant Minority Groups in the Center of the Persian Empire Prof. W. Horowitz 2020
Winter Tamar Archaeology and the Ancient Near East Humanities The Byzantine-Islamic Transition as Reflected in Glass Assemblages from Excavated Sites in Jerusalem and its Environs Prof. R. Talgam, Ms.Y. Israeli 2017
Tchekhanovets Yana Archaeology and the Ancient Near East Humanities Armenian, Georgian and Albanian Communities in the Holy Land in the Byzantine and the Early Islamic Periods Prof. C. Lerner, Prof. J. Patrich, Prof. M. Stone 2017
Streit Katharina Archaeology and the Ancient Near East Humanities The Near East before Borders: Cultural Interaction between Mesopotamia, the Levant and Lower Egypt at 5800-5200 BC Prof. Y. Garfinkel 2017
Yahalom Mack Naama Archeology Humanities Bronze in the Beginning of the Iron Age in the Land of Israel: Production and Utilization in a Diverse Ethno-Political Setting Prof. A. Mazar, Prof. S. Shalev 2011
Gärtner Judit Archeology Humanities The Architectural Sculpture in Roman Public Buildings from the Time of Augustus to the End of the Second Century A.D. in Asia Minor, Syria and Palestine Prof. E. Netzer, Prof. G. Foerster 2008
Baruch Yuval Archeology Humanities Hurbat Susya and Rujum el-Hamiri as a Case-Study for the Development of the Village and the Rural Settlement in the Southern Hebron Hills from the Early Roman to the Early Muslim Periods Prof. Y. Tsafrir, late Prof. Y. Hirschfeld 2010
Vilozny Naama Archeology Humanities Figure and Image in Magic and Popular Art: Between Babylonia and Palestine, during the Roman and Byzantine Periods Prof. Z. Weiss, Prof. G. Bohak 2011
Gutfeld Oren Archeology Humanities The Cardo and the Nea Church on the Southwestern Hill of Jerusalem – A Stratigraphic and Architectural Analysis Prof. Y. Tsafrir 2008
Karasik Avshalom Archeology Humanities Mathematical Methods and Computer Applications for the Analysis of Archaeological Ceramics, Focusing on Morphological Classification and Typology Prof. I. Sharon, Prof. U. Smilansky 2012
Peleg-Barkat Orit Archeology Humanities The Herodian Architectural Decoration in Light of the Finds from the Temple Mount Excavations Dr. R. Talgam, Prof. G. Foerster 2008
Bijovsky Gabriela I. Archeology Humanities Monetary Circulation in Palestine during the Byzantine Period (Fifth-Seventh Centuries CE) Prof. Z. Weiss, Dr. R. Talgam, Prof. E. Arslan 2012
Alperson-Afil Nira Archeology Humanities Ancient Flames: Controlled use of Fire at the Acheulian Site of Gesher Benot Ya'aqov, Israel Prof. N. Goren-Inbar 2008
Jackson-Tal Ruth E. Archeology Humanities Early Roman Glass Vessels from Dated Contexts in Palestine: From Pompey to Hadrian (63 BCE – 135 CE) Prof. D. Barag 2010
Freikman Michael Archeology and the Ancient Near East Humanities Megalithic in Southern Levant: Case Study of the Golan Prof. Y. Garfinkel 2015
Ashkenazy Hila Archeology and the Ancient Near East Humanities Lithic Production Processes in the Late Natufian of Israel: Core Area vs. Periphery Prof.A. Belfer-Cohen 2015
Ratzaby - Golub Mitka Archeology and the Ancient Near East Humanities Personal Names in the Land of Israel during the Iron Age II: Archaeological and Biblical Sources Prof. Y. Garfinkel, Prof. S. Fassberg 2015
Matskevich Svetlana Archeology and the Ancient Near East Humanities Off the Record Recording Systems for Archaeological Excavations in the Levant: Past and Future Prof. I. Sharon 2015
Davidovich Uri Archeology and the Ancient Near East Humanities The Judean Desert During the Chalcolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages (Sixth-First Millennia BCE): Desert and Sown Relations in Light of Activity Patterns in a Defined Desert Environment Prof. Amichai Mazar 2015
Ben - Michael Judith Archeology and the Ancient Near East Humanities Clay Technology in the Southern Levant from Objects to Pottery ( Late Epipalaeolithic - Early Neolithic Pottery ) Prof. A. Belfer-Cohen, Prof. Y. Garfinkel 2015
Choi Gwanghyun D. Archeology and the Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Civilization Humanities Decoding Canaanite Pottery Paintings from the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age I: The Classification and Analysis of Decorative Motifs and Design Structures Statistics, Distribution Patterns and Cultural and Socio-political Implications Prof. Y. Garfinkel 2009
Shemesh Avia Art History Faculty of Humanities Between the Civic and the Sacred at Santiago de Compostela: Musical Depictions in the Romanesque Sculptures of the Pórtico de la Gloria and the Palacio de Gelmírez Prof. S. Shalev-Eyni 2021
Yadin-Evron Noam Art History Faculty of Humanities No Mercy is Worthless: Wealth, Materiality and Church Art in Late Antiquity, 400-600 A.D. Prof. G. Noga-Banai, Prof. L. James 2021