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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Fieldsort descending Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Shpund Jacob Atmospheric Sciences Faculty of Science The Effects of Sea-Spray on Deep Mixed-Phase Convective Clouds and Intensity of Hurricanes Prof. A. Khain 2020
Adam Ori Atmospheric Sciences Science A Semi-Analytic Study of the Global Atmospheric Circulation Based on a Shallow Water Model Prof. N. Paldor 2011
Ilotoviz Eyal Atmospheric Sciences Faculty of Science Investigation of Effects of Aerosols on Convective Clouds Microphysics Using a Cloud Model with Spectral Bin Microphysics and Polarimetric Radar Signatures Prof. A. Khain 2018
Freud Eyal Atmospheric Sciences Science Entrainment-Mixing and CCN Effects on Droplet Sizes and Formation of Precipitation in Convective Clouds Prof. D. Rosenfeld 2013
Lahav Ronen Atmospheric Sciences Science Investigating the Effects of Natural and Anthropogenic Aerosols on Precipitation Processes based on Aircraft Measurements, Satellite and Model Simulations Prof. D. Rosenfeld 2011
Emanuel David Bible Humanities The Psalmists' Use of the Exodus Motif A Close Reading and Intertextual Analysis of Selected Exodus Psalms Prof. Y. Zakovitch 2009
Martins Francisco Bible Faculty of Humanities Treasures Lost: A Literary Study of the Despoliation Notices in the Book of Kings Dr. R. Goldstein 2022
Daley Stephen C. Bible Humanities The Textual Basis of English Translations of the Hebrew Bible Prof. E. Tov 2008
Meshel Naphtali S. Bible Humanities The Grammar of Sacrifice A Generativist Study of the Ancient Israelite Sacrificial System Dr. B.J. Schwartz 2010
Storek Deborah Bible Faculty of Humanities A Moabite Becomes Part of Israel Intertextual Argumentation In the Book of Ruth Prof. S. Gesundheit 2022
Hayun Haim Bible Humanities Allusions: Between Dina's Rape (Genesis 34) and Biblical Historiography Narratives Prof. Y. Zakovitch 2010
Kopilovitz Ariel Bible Faculty of Humanities Israel's Future in Ezekiel's Restoration Oracles (Ezekiel 33-37) Prof. B. J. Schwartz 2019
Gottlieb Leeor Bible Humanities The Targum of Chronicles: Translation Techniques, Exegesis and Conceptions Prof. M. Kister 2013
Leyra Curia Montse Bible Humanities The Victorine Exegesis on the Pentateuch and the Former Prophets: The Sources of the In Hebreo Interpretations in the Light of Its Parallels With the Peshat School of Northern France and Other Jewish Sources Prof. S. Japhet,late Prof. M. Signer 2012
Chung Youn Ho Bible Humanities The Sin of the Calf: Factors in the Rise of the Negative Attitude of the Biblical Sources Towards the Cult of the Golden Calf Dr. B.J. Schwartz 2008
Darshan Gay Bible Humanities Stories of Origins in Biblical and Greek Genealogical Writings The Documents of the Book of Genesis in the Light of Greek Genealogical Literature and Other Ancient Eastern Mediterranean Traditions Prof. A. Rofe, Prof. D. Gera 2013
Dolgopolsky-Geva Ya'akov Bible Faculty of Humanities "And They Shall Know the Land": The Relevance of Geographical Information for the Location of Composition in Selected Biblical Texts Prof. N. Wazana 2020
Shveka Avi Bible Humanities Biblical Laws of Loans: A Comparative Perspective Prof. I. Knohl 2011
Shin Seoung-Yun Bible Humanities A Lexical Study on the Language of Haggai-Zechariah-Malachi and its Place in the History of Biblical Hebrew Prof. A. Hurvitz 2008
Cho Yongsik Bible Humanities The Concepts of Wealth in the Book of Proverbs between Reality and Idea Prof. S. Japhet 2008
Zer-Singer Rafael Isaac Bible Humanities The Exegetical Element in the Atypical Masora Lists Prof. S. Kogut 2008
Segev Yair Bible Faculty of Humanities The Law and History: A Study of the Relationship Between the Book of Deuteronomy and Its Law-Code (Deuteronomy 12–26) and the Redaction of the Books of the Former Prophets Prof. R. Goldstein 2022
Dershowitz Idan Bible Faculty of Humanities Material Methods of Biblical Redaction Dr. S. Gesundheit 2019
Fisher-Bach Ruth Bible Humanities The Portrayal of Pentateuch Characters in "Praise of the Ancestors" in Ben Sira Prof. Y. Zakovitch 2011
Eichler Raanan Bible Humanities The Ark and the Cherubim Prof. B. J. Schwartz 2017