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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First namesort ascending Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Langut Yael Structural & Molecular Biochemistry Faculty of Science Novel Targeted Cancer Therapy for Prostate Cancer Prof. A. Levitzki 2018
Itzhak-Edan Yael Political Science Social Sciences The Perfection of Man and the Preferable Socio-Political Order: A Study of Maimonides and Spinoza Dr. D. Avnon, Dr. J. Macy 2009
Gus Yael Biochemistry Science Exploring the Regulation, Biological Function and Role in Apoptosis of Subunit S5a of the Proteasome and Hypothetical Protein FLJ14681 Prof. A. Levitzki 2009
Efron Yael Law Law Legal Education in Israel Prof. B. Medina, Prof. M. Karany 2015
Kurzweil Segev Yael Applied Physics Faculty of Science Dynamics and Structure of the Protein Hydration Shell Prof. Y. Feldman 2019
Levenson Yael Hydrology and Water Resources Science Water-Rock-Interaction in Carbonate Rocks at the Nano-Scale Prof. S. Emmanuel 2017
Backner Yael Neurobiology Faculty of Medicine Cortical Mechanisms to Overcome Monocular Demyelination Prof. T. Ben Hur, Prof. N. Levin 2020
Gros Yael Biotechnology Science Directed Evolution Reveals Hidden Properties of VMAT, a Neurotransmitter Transporter Prof. S. Schuldiner 2013
Cohen Rimer Yael Law Faculty of Law Constitutional Analysis of Income Presumptions in Welfare Law Prof. B. Medina 2021
Barash Harman Yael Geography Faculty of Social Sciences Environmental Performance of Industrial Companies in Emerging Economies: The Indian Case Prof. E. Feitelson 2020
Slovatizky Yael Animal Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Manipulation of Body Weight Gain in Broiler Breeder Hens Prof. I. Rozenboim, Prof. B. Robinzon, Prof. D. Sklan (deceased) 2010
Golani Yael Plant Sciences Science The Role of Endonuclease_Exonuclease_Phospatase Domain in Sensing and Response of Plants to Abiotics Stress Prof. A. Levine 2012
Barbie-Shoshani Yael Pharmaceutics Medicine The Impact of Prenatal Stress on Brain Development in the Rat Offspring Prof. M. Weinstock-Rosin 2013
Morgenstern Yael Animal Sciences Medicine Gut Homeostasis Regulated by CKIδ/ε Prof. Y. Ben-Neriah 2015
Pritch-Knaan Yael Computer Science Science Re-Structuring of Images and Videos Prof. S. Peleg 2012
Tsalenchuck Yael Virology Medicine Mechanisms of Neurotopic Viruses' Infection and Spread Prof. A. Panet, Prof. I. Steiner 2015
Nativ Yael Education Humanities " A Second Order Community" Body, Ethics and Gender in Dance Programs in Israeli High Schools Prof. T. El-Or, Dr. E. Lomsky-Feder 2011
Sagy Yael Public Health Medicine Intrauterine Growth and Adult Obesity: Genetic Determinants, the Jerusalem Perinatal Study Prof. O. Manor, Prof. Y. Friedlander 2014
Lahav Kurzion Yael Conflict Management & Resolution Faculty of Social Sciences Honey and Sting: The Influence of International Legitimation on State Conduct in Intractable Conflict: Designing Israel's Policy Towards the Palestinian Side during the Second Intifada, 2000-2005 Prof. S. Sofer, Dr. G. Press-Barnathan, Prof. Y. Bar-Siman-Tov (deceased) 2018
Grunwald Yael Plantsciences in Agriculture the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Smart Pipes: Phototropins of the Leaf Vascular Bundle Sheath Mediate the Blue Light Regulation of the Leaf Hydraulic Conductance via Acidification by P-type H+-ATPase Prof. N. Moran, Prof. M. Moshelion 2021
Netzer Yacov Communication and Journalism Faculty of Social Sciences Audience Participation in News Websites: A Comparative Research Prof. L. Shifman, Prof. K. Tenenboim-Weinblatt 2021
Epstein Yachin Talmud Humanities Studies in Massekhet Kalla Rabbati – Text, Redaction and Period Prof. R. Brody 2010
Wainberg Yaarit Plant Sciences Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences The Role of SPY and O-GlcNAc Modifications in Signaling Networks in Plants Prof. D. Weiss 2009
Nachum-Biala Yaarit Neurobiology Medicine Abnormalities in Behavior and Changes in Expression of Hippocampal Genes Induced by Prenatal Stress are Reversed by Neonatal Handling Prof. M. Weinstock 2013
Columbus-Shenkar Yaara Yam Ecology, Evolution and Behavior Faculty of Science New Insights Into Cellular and Developmental Dynamics of Venom Composition and Delivery System in the Cnidarian Model Nematostella Vectensis Prof. Y. Moran 2020