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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Titlesort descending Supervisor Year of Graduation
Stern Ruth Hebrew Language Faculty of Humanities The Formal Writing in Early Modern Hebrew: From Diversity to Standartization Prof. Y. Reshef 2022
Amir Netta History Faculty of Humanities The Formation of the Way of the Cross in Mamluk Jerusalem: Perceived, Prescribed and Experienced Religious Space Prof. R. Amitai, Prof. R. Ellenblum z"l, Prof. I. Shagrir 2022
Hayut Noach Bible Humanities The Former Prophets – One Book or Four? Prof. Y. Zakovitch 2009
Friedman Rachel Geography Faculty of Social Sciences The Fragmentation of Energy Policy: Unconventional Fossil Fuels and Green Building Prof. G. Rosen 2021
Shulman Eviatar Indian, Iranian and Armenian Studies Humanities The Fullness of Emptiness: Nāgārjuna's Thought in Light of the Yukti-sastikā-kārikā and the Śūnyatā-sapati Dr. Y. Bentor, Dr. Y. Grinshpon 2009
Berger Yael Plant Sciences Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences The Functiion of the GOBLET gene in Meristem Maintenance and Compound Leaf Development in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) Dr. N. Ori, Dr. A. Samech 2009
Sharon Shay Ecological Biology Dental-Medicine The Function and Molecular Mechanism of Amelogenin in the Developing Xenopus Embryo and its Potential to Repair Critical size Defects in Mouse Calvaria Prof. D. Deutsch 2015
Bar-Moshe Assaf Linguistics Faculty of Humanities The Functions of Preverbal Markers in Jewish-Baghdadi Arabic Prof. E. Cohen, Prof. S. Hopkins 2018
Weiss Ronen Physics the Faculty of Science The Generalized Nuclear Contact Formalism and Short-Range Correlations in Nuclear Systems Prof. N. Barnea 2022
Shammai Arik Plant Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Genetic and Metabolic Control of Fructose to Glucose Ratio in Tomato: A Comparative Study of Near Isogenic Lines for the FGR Gene Prof. Y. Riov, Dr. A. Schaffer 2012
Shalev Idan Human& Mammalian Genetics Medicine The Genetic and Psychoneuroendocrine Basis of Social Stress Response in Humans Prof. R. P. Ebstein 2012
Brand Arnon Plant Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Genetic Control of Pigment Content in Pepper Fruit Dr. I. Paran, Dr. E. Fridman 2015
Krieger Uri Plant Breeding and Genetics The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Genetics of Heterosis in Tomato Prof. D. Zamir 2011
Tishby Ido Physics the Faculty of Science The Geometrical and Statistical Properties of Complex Networks and Their Effect on Dynamical Processes Prof. E. Katzav 2023
Nathan Gilad History Humanities The German Catholic Church's Stand on the War, and the Contribution Made by the Catholic Church to the War Effort of the Third Reich during WWII Prof. M. Zimmermann 2010
Stern Meir M. Musicology Humanities The German Opera in the Years between the Revolution in 1848/49 and the Establishment of the German Reich in 1871 – Stylistic and Social Aspects Prof. J. Hirshberg 2011
Livne Sivan Plant Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Gibberellin Response Pathway: The Possible Existence of a DELLA-Independent Signaling Cascade Prof. D. Weiss 2015
Vainer Ariel Sociology & Soc. Anthropology Faculty of Social Sciences The Global System of Military Knowledge Prof. G.S. Drori 2018
Goldman Ogen International Relations Social Sciences The Globalization of Terrorism Prof. A. M. Kacowicz 2010
Eitam Baruch Psychology Social Sciences The Goal Dependant Nature of Implicit Learning Prof. Y. Schul, Prof. R. Hassin 2009
Semyonov Olga Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences The Good, the Bad and the Ambiguous: The Perception and Representation of Extreme Facial Expressions Prof. H. Aviezer 2019
Blokland Dina Linguistics Faculty of Humanities The Gospel According to Matthew in the Translation of Domenico of Jerusalem, A Jew Who Became a Christian Prof. A. Dykman 2020
Meshel Naphtali S. Bible Humanities The Grammar of Sacrifice A Generativist Study of the Ancient Israelite Sacrificial System Dr. B.J. Schwartz 2010
Stein Hana Science Teaching Science The Gravitational-Force in Different Environments in the Thinking Journey Mode of Teaching Science Prof. I. Galili 2011
Sandberg Lior Archaeology & Ancient Near East Faculty of Humanities The Greek Imperial Coinage of Flavia Neapolis (Shechem) in the Roman Period Dr. R. Barkay, Prof. Z. Weiss 2018