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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduationsort ascending
Shemesh (Rash) Hana Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Humanities Shaping the Past in History Textbooks in Arab Schools in Israel (1948-2008) Prof. E. Podeh, Dr. D. Porat 2010
Elazar-Kehati Sharon Veterinary The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment A Study of Host Pathogen Interactions during Mammary Gland Infection by Escherichia coli Prof. N. Y. Shpigel, Prof. I. Rosenshine 2010
Rivlin-Etzion Michal Computational Neuroscience Science Synchronous Oscillations in the Basal-Ganglia-Cortical Network: Do They Generate Tremor and Other Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease? Prof. H. Bergman, Dr. Y. Prut 2010
Schonfeld Eli Philosophy Humanities The Alienations of the Subject: An Inquiry into the Limits of Phenomenology Orof. E. Yakira, Dr. M. Roubacj 2010
Semel Yaniv Plant Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment System's Approach for the Analysis of Complex Traits in Plants Prof. D. Zamir 2010
Lurie Ilia History of the Jewish People Humanities Lubavitch and its Wars: Chabad Hasidism and the Fight for the Image of the Jewish Society in Czarist Russia Prof. I. Bartal, Prof. I. Etkes 2010
Kat Inbal Molecular Immunology Medicine B Cell Anergy in Transgenic Mouse Model of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Prof. D. Eilat 2010
Wolf Minna F. Jewish Education Humanities Negotiating the Boundary: Exploring Identities during Israel Experience Mifgashim Intercultural Encounters on Educational Programs in Israel Prof. S.M. Cohen Prof. B. Chazan 2010
Kaufman Yotam Human & Mammalian Genetics Medicine Imprint Establishment at the Human PWS/AS Domain Prof. A. Razin 2010
Rotem Esther Education Humanities Dialogue and Education: Phenomenological, Existential and Ethical Aspects Prof. S. Scolnicov 2010
Jacob Michal Computational Neuroscience Science Cognitive and Perceptual Processes in Visual Recognition Prof. S. Hochstein 2010
Vachman Gila Hebrew Literature Humanities Midrash Chadash Al Hatorah – The Text, its Sources and its Editing Prof. A. Shinan 2010
Zick Aviad Biochemistry Medicine Replicative Helicases and the Progression of the Minicircle's Replication Fork in Trypanosomatids Prof. J. Shlomai 2010
Ben-Zvi Ayal Development and Differentiation Medicine Differentiation, Outgrowth and Cell Death in the Developing Sensory Nervous System Dr. O. Behar 2010
Gamliel Seidman Ifat Education Humanities The Development of Siblings of Children with Autism from Infancy to Age 7 Years Prof. N. Yirmiya 2010
Gurt Irina Virology Medicine Construction, Isolation and Characterization of a New Recombinant Variant of the Lister Strain of Vaccinia Virus with Potential to Serve as an Improved Vaccine Strain against Smallpox Prof. E. Katz 2010
Miron David Contemporary Jewry Humanities The 1965 Immigration Act: The Background to the Reforms in U.S. Immigration Policy Prof. S. Della Pergola, Dr. E. Meyers 2010
Patursky-Polischuk Ilona Cellular Biology Medicine Translational Regulation of Top mRNAs by Hormonal and Nutritional Stimuli Prof. O. Meyuhas 2010
Salant Harold (Tsvi) Microbiology Medicine Toxoplasma gondii in Ground Feeding Animals in Israel: Development of a copro-PCR Assay for Identification of the Infective Cats Prof. D. T. Spira, Dr. J. Hamburger 2010
Bar-Sadeh (Eidelmann) Rakefet Musicology Humanities Concert Settings of Psalms by First and Second Generation Composers in the Land of Israel: Contexts of Composition, Ideological Factors and Stylistics Characteristics Prof. J. Hirshberg 2010
Bardavid Yosef Chemistry Science Conducting Polymer Hybrid Nanostructures Prof. S. Yitzchaik 2010
Rabinowicz Yoni Applied Physics Science A Methodology for Improving the Distribution Estimation of the Number of Fatigue Cycles Required to Grow a Fatigue Crack to an Examined Critical Value Prof. I. Roman 2010
Windecker Gidon Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Humanities Between Karbala, Jabal 'Āmil and Jerusalem Lebanese Shī'ī Perceptions of Jews and Zionism, and their Impact on the Arab-Israeli Conflict (1909 – 2009) Prof. M. Ma'oz 2010
Steiner Dov Physics Science Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy and Photoconductivity of Hybrid Semiconductor Nanocrystals Systems Prof. O. Millo 2010
Setteboun Hana-Muriel Economics Social Sciences Issues in Private-Equity and Venture-Capital Prof. E. Sheshinski 2010