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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Namesort descending First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Shefer Galit Applied Physics Medicine Identifying Characteristics of Parents of Asthmatic Children in Order to Devise Processes for Improving the Level of their Child's Asthma Control Prof. D. Engelhard, Dr. M. Donchin, Prof. O. Manor 2015
Sheffer Rafael Geography Social Sciences The Self-identity Formation of 2nd Generation Peasants in the Galilee, Illustrated by Yavneel Dr. R. Aaronson, Prof. Y. Dror 2010
Sheffer Marisa Chemistry Science Investigation of Electron Transfer Processes and Surface Modifications with Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM) Prof. D. Mandler 2009
Sheffer Efrat Ecological Biology The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Reciprocal Colonization and Transformation of Mediterranean Ecosystems by Pinus halepensis and Quercus calliprinos Prof. A. Perevolotsky, Prof. J. Kigel 2013
Sheffer Nathan A. Geology Science Variable Scale Recharge Measurement and Modelling Using the Hydrometeorological DReAM Prof. H. Gvirtzman, Dr. E. Morin, Prof. A. Frumkin 2010
Sheffet Malka Education Humanities Intuition in Probabilistic Thinking for the Binomial Distribution Prof. B. Schwarz, Dr. L. Linchevsky 2008
Sheffi Adi Communication & Journalism Faculty of Social Sciences Post-Traumatic Motherhood and Current Israeli Cinema Prof. R. Morag 2022
Sheffi Smadar History of Art Humanities From Vienna to Jerusalem: Grete Wolf-Krakauer's Forgotten Portraits Prof. G. Ankori 2013
Sheftel Gil Law Faculty of Law Strict Liability in Criminal Law Prof. I. Kugler 2017
Sheinvald Sarai Computer Science Science Variable Automata- Theory and Applications in the Verifications of Data-Parameterized Systems Prof. O. Kupferman 2015
Shekh Ahmad Tawfeeq Animal Sciences Medicine Design and Pharmacokinetic/ Pharmacodynamic Evaluation of Novel CNS-Active Amide Derivatives of Valproic Acid Prof. M. Bialer, Dr. E. Yavin 2015
Shelleg Assaf Musicology Humanities From the Children of Foreigners and Hebrews: Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco's 'Jewish Cycle' Research During his 'Italian' Period Prof. E. Seroussi 2008
Shem-Tov Zvi Mathematics the Faculty of Science Dynamical Aspects of Automorphic Forms Prof. E. Lindensrauss,L. Silberman 2023
Shemer Benjamin Environmental Sciences the Faculty of Science Biotransformation of DNT by Escherichia Coli: Pathway Description and Implications for the Detection of Trace Explosives Prof. S. Belkin 2021
Shemesh Avia Art History Faculty of Humanities Between the Civic and the Sacred at Santiago de Compostela: Musical Depictions in the Romanesque Sculptures of the Pórtico de la Gloria and the Palacio de Gelmírez Prof. S. Shalev-Eyni 2021
Shemesh Yair Ecological Biology Science Social Regulation of Molecular and Behavioral Circadian Rhythms in Honeybees (Apis mellifera) Prof. G. Bloch 2010
Shemesh Moshe Oral Biology Dental-Medicine Expression and Role of Fructosyltransferase in Biofilm Prof. D. Steinberg 2009
Shemesh Or A. Cellular Biology Science The Cellular and Molecular Biology of Tauopathy Prof. M. E. Spira 2011
Shemesh Yossi School of Phatmacy Medicine Targeted Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy Using PNA and siRNA Dr. E. Yavin 2016
Shemesh (Rash) Hana Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Humanities Shaping the Past in History Textbooks in Arab Schools in Israel (1948-2008) Prof. E. Podeh, Dr. D. Porat 2010
Shemesh Sadeh Asaf Chemistry the Faculty of Science Structures and Interactions During Tubulin Nucleation and Microtubule Assembly Prof. U. Raviv, Prof. I. Ringel 2021
Shemesh-Gutt Vered Corporation Law Law An Innovative Approach to Reduce the Conflict between the Public Corporation and its Shareholders Prof. U. Procaccia, Prof. D. Galai, Dr. Y. Bergman 2009
Shemesh-Mayer Einat Field and Vegetable Crops The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Fertility and Male-Sterility in Garlic (Allium sativum L.): Morpho-Physiological and Molecular Mechanisms Prof. H.D. Rabinowitch, Prof. R. Kamenetsky 2016
Shenawi-Khalil Sanaa Applied Chemistry Science A Novel Class of Heterojunction Catalysts with Highly Enhanced Visible Light Photocatalytic Performances for Water Purification: yBiO(ClxBr1-x)-(1-y)Bismuth Oxide Hydrate Prof. Y. Sasson 2014
Shenhav Tal Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Humanities Social and Gender Messages in Morning Studio Programs Broadcast on National Television Channels in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia 2005 – 2008 Prof. R. Roded, Dr. E. Schely-Newman 2011