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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Namesort ascending First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Chung Youn Ho Bible Humanities The Sin of the Calf: Factors in the Rise of the Negative Attitude of the Biblical Sources Towards the Cult of the Golden Calf Dr. B.J. Schwartz 2008
Chua Jun Hui Sonja Courtney Structural & Molecular Biochemistry the Faculty of Science Identification and Characterization of Sec13 in Influenza Infection Prof. D. Engelberg, Prof. L. Lim 2023
Chouraqui-Elfassi Yaelle Social Work Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare Outside of Outsiders: Heightened Foreignness The Experience of Haredi Social Work Students Prof. N. Shalhoub-Kevorkian 2020
Choshen Leshem Computer Sciences the Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering Improving Neural Machine Translation Using Semantic Structure Prof. O. Abend 2023
Chorev Michal Computer Sciences Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering Conservation of Gene Architecture Prof. L. Carmel 2018
Chorev Edith Neurobiology Science Unraveling the Mechanisms Underlying Subthreshold Oscillations in the Inferior Olive Prof. Y. Yarom, Dr. Y. Manor 2008
Choi Gwanghyun D. Archeology and the Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Civilization Humanities Decoding Canaanite Pottery Paintings from the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age I: The Classification and Analysis of Decorative Motifs and Design Structures Statistics, Distribution Patterns and Cultural and Socio-political Implications Prof. Y. Garfinkel 2009
Cho Yongsik Bible Humanities The Concepts of Wealth in the Book of Proverbs between Reality and Idea Prof. S. Japhet 2008
Chernin Liubov History of Jewish People and Contemporary Jewry Humanities Baptized Jews in the structure of the Iberian societies (IV-VII centuries) : Conversion and converts Prof. Y. T.Assis (deceased) 2015
Chernihovsky Natalie Oceanography the Faculty of Science High-Resolution Temporal Dynamics of Planktonic Foraminifera Assemblages and Compositions in the Modern Gulf of Aqaba Waters Prof. A. Torfstein, Dr. A. Almogi-Labin 2021
Cherniavsky Irith Contemporary Jewry Humanities The Aliya of Polish Jews in the 1930s Prof. H. Lavsky, Prof. J. Metzer 2011
Cherniakov Irina Pharmacy Medicine Affecting Intestinal First Pass Metabolism Processes of Orally Administered Lipophilic Drugs by Pro-Nanolipospheres (PNLs) Prof. A. Hoffman 2017
Cherniak Meir Neurobiology the Faculty of Medicine Functional Characterization of Noradrenergic Neuronal Networks in the Sacral Spinal Cord and Their Coupling With the Locomotion Generating Lumbar Network Prof. A. Lev-Tov 2021
Chernetsky Irina History of Art Humanities The Quattrocento Image of Florence as an Ideal City: Its Past, Present and Future Prof. L. Freedman 2013
Cherki Boaz Rafael Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Examination of the Neuropeptide Oxytocin in Modulating Human Competitive Behavior and Social Perception Prof. Salomon Israel 2023
Cherkas Pavel S. Neurobiology Medicine Plasticity of Neurons and Glial Cells in the Trigeminal Ganglion in Response to Nerve Injury Prof. M. Hanani, Prof. M. Tal 2009
Cherbakovsky-Bitan Liron Applied Chemistry Science LLC-dendrimer System: Structural Behavior, Interactions and Drug Release Prof. N. Garti, Dr. A. Aserin 2015
Chenault Harry Keatts Islamic & Middle Studies Faculty of Humanities Truman, Eisenhower, Fulbright and US Foreign Policy in the Middle East, 1945-1958 Prof. A. Kadish 2019
Chen Shmuel Neurobiology Medicine Intrinsic Bursting in the Hippocampus: Modulation by Ca2+ Currents Prof. Y. Yaari 2014
Chen Yifat Social Work School of Social work and Social Welfare "Women in the Middle" - Adding the Role of In-patient Family Caregiver to the Multiple Roles of Women Prof. Gail Auslander 2009
Chen Elnatan Hebrew Language Faculty of Humanities Studies in the Linguistic Thought of R. Jonah ibn Janāḥ Prof. A. Maman 2022
Chen Lior Sociology & Anthropology Faculty of Social Sciences A River Runs Through Them' - The (Re)creation of Three Baptism Sites Along the Jordan River Prof. T. El Or, Prof. N. Stadler 2019
Chen Ron Ecology, Evolution and Behavior Faculty of Science Movement Ecology and Social Dynamics of a Fission-Fusion Society of Eurasian Jackdaws and Its Consequences for Plant Dispersal Prof. R. Nathan 2020
Chen Wendy Social Work Social Work and Social Welfare On First Childbirth and Motherhood at Post Fertile Age Following Fertility Treatment Prof. R. Landau 2011
Chen Sarina Jewish and Comparative Folklore Humanities Between Poetics and Politics Vision and Praxis in Current Activity to Construct the Third Temple Prof. R. Elior, Dr. H. Salamon 2009