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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Namesort descending First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Weiss Ron Cellular Biology Science Shading Light into the Molecular and Neuronal Networks of the Circadian Clock Dr. S. Kadener 2015
Weiss Shirley Neurobiology Medicine Ca2+ Buffering by Calphotin is Essential for Prevention of Light Induced Retinal Degeneration Prof. B. Minke 2013
Weiss Ester Chemistry Faculty of Science Nano and Microcapsules as Platforms for Heterogeneous Catalysis Prof. R. Abu-Reziq 2018
Weiss Michal Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Phenomenological, Cognitive, Social and Emotional Aspects of Vulnerable Narcissism: Comparison With the Close Constructs of Grandiose Narcissism and Avoidant Personality Prof. J. D. Huppert 2020
Weiss Gad Plant Science the Faculty of Science Interactions of the Cyanobacteria With Their Environment as a Means to Exterminate Toxic Cyanobacteria Blooms Prof. A. Kaplan, Prof. A. Sukenik 2021
Weiss Ido D. Cellular Immunology Medicine Role of Cytokines and Chemokines in Regulating the Proliferation and Trafficking of NK Cells During Physiological and Pathological Conditions Dr. A. Peled 2008
Weiss Yaacov Computer Science Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering Querying with Examples Prof. S. Cohen 2018
Weiss Mosheiff Noga Physics Faculty of Science Encoding and Dynamics in Noisy Biological Systems Prof. Y. Burak 2020
Weiss-Sadan Tommy School of Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine Cysteine Proteases Cathepsins: From Basic Science to Translational Applications Prof. G. Blum 2020
Weissbein Amir Zvi Physics the Faculty of Science Galactic Center Dynamics Prof. R. Sari 2021
Weissbein Uri Genetics Faculty of Science Genetic and Epigenetic Regulation of Cell Growth and Tumorigenicity of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Prof. N. Benvenisty 2019
Weisser Sharon Comparative Religion Humanities Eradication or Moderation of the Passions? The Dispute Between Peripatetics and Stoics in the Hellenistic and Roman Period h Prof. G. Stroumsa, Prof. P. Hoffmann 2013
Weisshaus Oori Molecular Biology Science Molecular Characterization of the Carotenoid Secretion System of the Bacterium Paracoccus marcusii Prof. Joseph Hirschberg 2013
Weissman Efraim Yehuda Physics the Faculty of Science Teaching Quantum Mechanics as a Physics Theory in High School Prof. I. Galili, Prof. N. Katz 2021
Weitman Efi Cell Biology, Immunology & Cancer Research Medicine Adipokine Mediated Control of Liver Regeneration Prof. E. Pikarsky 2016
Weitz Yona Sociology and Anthropology Social Sciences Memory in the Shadow of Genocide: The Memory of the Armenian Genocide in the Armenian Community of Jerusalem Prof. D. Handelman 2012
Weizman Lior Computer Science Science Automatic Methods for Tumor Segmentation and follow-up in MR Images Prof. Leo Joskowicz 2014
Weizmann Yossi Chemistry Science Biosensors and Future Nanoscale Devices from Biomolecular Recognition Interactions Prof. I. Willner 2009
Weksler Ran Economics Faculty of Social Sciences Essays in Information Economics Prof. E. Ben-Porath, Prof. A. Gershkov 2020
Werczberger Rachel Sociology and Anthropology Social Sciences New Age of Judaism: Jewish Spiritual Renewal in Israel Prof. P. Wexler, Prof. H. Goldberg 2012
Werman Roni Biochemistry, Metabolism and Endocrinology Faculty of Medicine Identification of Tissue-Specific Cell Death Using Methylation Patterns of Cell-Free Circulating DNA Prof. Y. Dor, Dr. R. Shemer 2020
Werthmann Tanja Jewish Thought Faculty of Humanities Forms of Platonic Eros in the Zohar: Metamorphoses of Ancient Greek Metaphysics in 13th Century Kabbalah Prof. M. Idel, Dr. C. Rigo 2019
Westreich Ohad Applied Physics Faculty of Science Optical Loss Mechanisms in Gallium-Nitride (GaN) Based Photonic Devices Prof. Y. Paltiel, Dr. N. Sicron 2019
Wexselblatt Ezequiel Medical Chemistry Medicine Synthesis of ppGpp Analogues as Potential Antibacterial Compounds Prof. J. Katzhendler, Dr. E. Yavin 2012
Wharton Laura Political Science Social Sciences The Vicissitudes of Social Ideology: From the Party of the Workers of Israel to the Israeli Labor Party, 1965 – 1977 Prof. I. Galnoor, Prof. S. Avineri 2013