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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Namesort descending First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Shlezinger Mor Bio-Medical Sciences in Dentistry the Faculty of Dental Medicine Phage Therapy: A Promising Solution to Combat Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus faecalis (VRE) Prof. N. Beyth, Prof. R. Hazan 2022
Shlomai Hadar Physics Faculty of Science How Things Slide: Unique Rupture Modes Mediate the Onset of Frictional Motion along Bimaterial Interfaces Prof. J. Fineberg 2019
Shlomo Natalie Statistics Social Sciences Disclosure Limitation for Statistical Data Prof. Y. Rinott, Prof. C.j. Skinner 2008
Shlyahovsky Bella Chemistry Science The Development of Novel Biosensors and Devices Based on Tailored Nanometric Assemblies Prof. I. Willner 2011
Shmoel Nava Brain and Behavioral Sciences the Faculty of Science Novel Microelectrode Array Interface for Intracellular Electrophysiological Recordings From Mammalian Neurons, Skeletal Muscle and Cardiomyocytes: From Development to Application Prof. M. E. Spira 2021
Shmuel Naomi Jewish & Comp. Folklore Prog Faculty of Humanities Family and Tradition in Cultural Transition: from Ethiopia to Israel Prof. H. Salamon 2019
Shmuel-Steiner Lilach Biochemistry Science Development of Inhibitors of the Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 Receptor as Anti-cancer Drugs Prof. A. Levitzki, Prof. E. Mishani 2010
Shmueli Edi Computer Science Science The Importance of Feedback in Evaluating and Designing Parallel Systems Schedulers Prof. D.G. Feitelson 2009
Shmueli Simon Geography Social Sciences The Jewish Agricultural Laborers in Palestine 1904-1914 Quantitative Data and Overtime Parameters Dr. R. Aaronsohn 2010
Shmuelof Lior Brain Sciences Science The Dual Properties of the Parietal Cortex in Recognition and Execution of Motor Actions: An fMRI Study Prof. E. Zohary 2009
Shnaiderman-Torban Anat Animal & Veterinary Science the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase-Producing Enterobacterales in Companion Animals in Israel: Epidemiology and Molecular Characterization Prof. A. Steinman, Prof. S. Navon-Venezia 2022
Shnayderman Ilya Compuer Science Science Optimizing Total Order Protocols for State Machine Replication Prof. D. Dolev 2008
Shneor David (Dudi) Biochemistry, Metabolism & Endocrinology Faculty of Medicine Targeting Hypoxia Response: A Novel Cancer Therapeutic Approach Dr. S. Frenkel, Prof. A. Honikman 2019
Shneor Labensohn Einat Brain Sciences Science The Role of Eye Dominance in Visual Processing and Perception Prof. S. Hochstein 2008
Shoham Rachel Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Why Do Adults With ADHD Take Risks? Elucidating the Role of Benefit and Risk Perception Using Self-Report Studies Dr. Y. Pollak, Prof. I. Yaniv 2020
Shoham Noa Education Humanities Sexual Harassment among Junior High School Students in Israel – Students' Perceptions and Experiences Related to Sexual Harassment among Peers Prof. A. Zohar 2008
Shohami David Ecology, Evolution & Behavior the Faculty of Science Movement Ecology of the Egyptian Fruit Bat (Rousettus aegyptiacus): Navigation, Optimal Foraging and Sociality Prof. R. Nathan 2021
Shohat Hagai Plantsciences in Agriculture the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Role of Gibberellin in Tomato Plant Response to Water-Deficit Stress Prof. D. Weiss 2023
Shohat Koren Shahar Genetics the Faculty of Science Genes Intolerant to Mutations and Their Role in Neurodevelopmental Disorders Prof. S. Shifman 2022
Shohet Meiri Haviva Hebrew Language Humanities The Mimetic Speech in Levin's Plays A Comparative Approach Prof. M. Fruchtman 2008
Shomin Hila Agroecology & Plant Health The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Involvement of Protein Phosphatase 2A (PP2A) in the Regulation of Hyphal Elongation in Neurospora crassa via COT1 Pathway Prof. O. Yarden 2017
Shomrat Tal Brain Sciences Science The Neurophysiological Basis of Learning and Memory in an Advanced Invertebrate-the Octopus Prof. B. Hochner, Prof. Y. Yarom 2011
Shomroni Amir Yiddish Faculty of Humanities Kadia Molodowsky: A Literary Biography Prof. A. Novershtern 2022
Shor Ekaterina Plant Science Faculty of Science The Arabidopsis Circadian System: Input Pathways and Oscillator Component Interactions Prof. R. Green 2018
Shore Tikva Human Genetics the Faculty of Medicine Utilization of the Nup107 D364N Mutation to Identify Genes Essential to Ovarian Development and Dysgenesis Prof. O. Gerlitz 2023