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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisorsort descending Year of Graduation
Elgavi-Hershler Orit Brain Sciences Science An Investigation into the Nature of Face Detection Prof. S. Hochatein 2013
Jacob Michal Computational Neuroscience Science Cognitive and Perceptual Processes in Visual Recognition Prof. S. Hochstein 2010
Barlasov Anna Brain and Behavior Sciences Science Perception of Illusory Contour Figures: Explicit and Implicit Cognitive Mechanisms Prof. S. Hochstein 2010
Haroush Keren Neurobiology Science On Visual Processing Limits: Temporal Constraints in Cross-Modal Attention Prof. S. Hochstein 2012
Shneor Labensohn Einat Brain Sciences Science The Role of Eye Dominance in Visual Processing and Perception Prof. S. Hochstein 2008
Hammer Rubi Computational Neuroscience Science The Dynamics of Category Learning and Knowledge Acquisition Processes Prof. S. Hochstein 2009
Wolf Michal Computational Neuroscience Science High and Low Mechanisms in Binocular Rivalry Prof. S. Hochstein 2012
Shachmon Ori Arabic Language and Literature Humanities Arabic Dialects of the Jews of North Yemen Prof. S. Hopkins 2009
Zemer Hila Arabic Language and Literature Humanities The Development of the Verba Tertiae Infirmae (IIIwy) in Modern Arabic Dialects Prof. S. Hopkins 2011
Hasson Kenat Rachel Arabic Language and Literature Humanities New Manuscripts Written in Late Judaeo-Arabic from the Firkovitch Collection - Classification, Description and Sample Texts Prof. S. Hopkins 2017
Gaash Amir Arabic Language and Literature Humanities The Development of the Proto-Semitic Feminine Ending – at in the Noun and Verb in Contemporary Neo-Arabic Dialects Prof. S. Hopkins 2011
Neishtadt Mila Arabic Language & Literature Faculty of Humanities Studies in the Aramaic Substrate of Palestinian Arabic Prof. S. Hopkins 2020
Viezel Eran Bible Humanities The Commentary on Chronicles Attributed to Rashi: Its Sources and Methodology, its Contribution to the Exegesis of Chronicles and its Role in the History of Jewish Biblical Exegesis Prof. S. Japhet 2009
Kislev Itamar Bible Humanities Sources and Traditions, Structure and Redaction in the Pentateuch: The Preparations for the Entry into the Land in the Plains of Moab Prof. S. Japhet 2008
Cho Yongsik Bible Humanities The Concepts of Wealth in the Book of Proverbs between Reality and Idea Prof. S. Japhet 2008
Leyra Curia Montse Bible Humanities The Victorine Exegesis on the Pentateuch and the Former Prophets: The Sources of the In Hebreo Interpretations in the Light of Its Parallels With the Peshat School of Northern France and Other Jewish Sources Prof. S. Japhet,late Prof. M. Signer 2012
Mezan Shaul Structural & Molecular Biochemistry Faculty of Science Studying the Circadian Molecular and Neuronal Transcriptional Circuits in Drosophila Prof. S. Kadener 2018
Pamudurti Nagarjuna Reddy Genetics Faculty of Science Biogenesis and Functions of circRNAs Prof. S. Kadener 2020
Hanan Mor Structural & Molecular Biochemistry Faculty of Science Brain Circular RNAs in Aging and Neurodegeneration, from Flies to Humans Prof. S. Kadener, Prof. H. Soreq 2019
Herman Neta Genetics the Faculty of Science The Chromatin Factor ROW Cooperates With BEAF-32 in the Long-Range Regulation of Genes Prof. S. Kadener, Prof. S. Shifman 2023
Salinas-Mizrahi Orly Hebrew Literature Humanities WICCA A Study in Seasonal Rituals (The Sabbats) and Life Cycle Celebrations among Israeli Wiccans Prof. S. Kaplan, Dr. N. Arie-Sapir 2017
Abessira Yael African Studies Humanities Living Development': An Ethnography of Development A Case Study of an Urban Project in Dar es Salaam Prof. S. Kaplan, Dr. P. Motzafi-Haller 2010
Kribus Bar Archaeology & Ancient near East Faculty of Humanities The Monasteries of the Betä Ǝsraʾel (Ethiopian Jews) Prof. S. Kaplan, Prof. J. Patrich 2020
Harman Mishy History Humanities A Man on a Mission - The Life and Times of Samuel Gobat, 1799-1879 Prof. S. Kaplan, Prof. R. Kark 2017
Salaymeh Yaser Cell Biology, Immunology and Cancer Research Faculty of Medicine Mechanisms of the Synergistic Effect Between Vav1 and Mutant K-Ras in Accelerated Pancreatic Cancer Development Prof. S. Katzav 2020