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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Titlesort descending Supervisor Year of Graduation
Grisaru- Granovsky Sorina Cancer Research Medicine The Involvement of Protease Activated Receptors, (PARs) in Physiological and Pathological Invasion Processes as Reflected by Placenta, Ovary and Endometrium Dr. R. Bar-Shavit 2008
Matityahu Avi Microbiology The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Involvement of Reactive Oxygen Species and Manganese Superoxide Dismutase in Lignin Peroxidase Expression in the White Rot Fungus Phanerochaete chrysosporium Prof. Y. Hadar, Dr. P. A. Belinky 2011
Krumbein Miriam Yael Cell Biology, Immunology & Cancer Research the Faculty of Medicine The Involvement of the IGF2BP2 Protein in Cardiomyopathy Prof. J. Yisraeli 2023
Melamed-Katz Judy Plant Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Involvement of Versatile Peroxidases Secreted by Pleurotus ostreatus in Lignin Degradation Prof. Y. Hadar 2014
Salameh Khader Islamic and Middle East Studies Humanities The Islamic Law Court in Jerusalem during the Rule of Sultan Suleyman 1520-1566 : The Judicial and Administrative System Prof. A. Cohen, Prof. E. Ginio 2017
Eseed Rana Social Work Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare The Islamic movement as a social services provider in Israel Prof. J. Gal, Prof. R. Cnaan 2019
Mimran Tal Law Faculty of Law The Islamic State and International Law Prof. Y. Shany 2021
Musan Israela Oceanography the Faculty of Science The Isotopic Composition of Dissolved O2 as a New Tracer of Deep-Water Processes, Formation and Change Prof. H. Gildor, Prof. B. Luz 2023
Hagiladi Nimrod History Humanities The Israeli Society and the Black Market from World War II to the Early 1950's Prof. A. Kadish, Prof. Y. Greenberg 2012
Friedman Yehudit Theatre Studies Humanities The Jazz Singer and its Renditions: Mixed Marriages and the Yearning for Cultural and Social Assimilation Prof. Y. Moraly 2015
Peretz Neta History of Art Faculty of Humanities The Jewess in Nineteenth-Century French Visual Culture Prof. Y. Cohen, Prof. G. Ventura 2021
Shmueli Simon Geography Social Sciences The Jewish Agricultural Laborers in Palestine 1904-1914 Quantitative Data and Overtime Parameters Dr. R. Aaronsohn 2010
Osheroff Eli Islamic & Middle East Stud. Faculty of Humanities The Jewish Question, the Palestine Problem and Forgotten Political Solutions: The Arab Perspective, 1908-1948 Prof. H. Cohen-Bar, Prof. I. Gershoni 2022
Langboim Shlomit Geography Social Sciences The Jewish Response to the Missionary Activity in Eretz Israel/Palestine 1882 – 1917 Prof. R. Kark 2008
Marciano Yoel History of the Jewish People Humanities The Jewish Sages in Fifteenth-Century Spain Their Education, Social Status, Religious and Intellectual Profile Prof. J.R. Hacker 2011
Anzi Menashe History of the Jewish People Humanities The Jews of San'a, in the End of the Nineteenth Century and the First Half of the Twentieth Century: An Historical Discussion in the Public Domain (1872 – 1950) Prof. R.I. Cohen, Prof. M. Ben-Sasson 2012
Ron Ofer Mathematics Science The Jones Function and Connections to the Ohtsuki Invariant Prof. R. Lawrence 2008
Rosenstein Ori Mathematics the Faculty of Science The Jones Polynomial and Families of Knots Prof. R. Lawrence-Naimark 2022
Davidovich Uri Archeology and the Ancient Near East Humanities The Judean Desert During the Chalcolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages (Sixth-First Millennia BCE): Desert and Sown Relations in Light of Activity Patterns in a Defined Desert Environment Prof. Amichai Mazar 2015
Miaari Sami H. Economics Social Sciences The Labor Market Cost of Conflict: An Empirical Analysis of Employment and Earnings Prof. E. Sheshinsky 2009
Greenwald Roy Hebrew Language Humanities The Language of Avot Yeshurun Prof. H. Hever 2013
Shitrit Talya Hebrew Language Faculty of Humanities The Language of Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Stories Linguistic Means of Text Structure in the Aramaic of Talmudic Stories Prof. Y. Breuer, Prof. E. Cohen 2021
Arentsen Niek Hebrew Language Faculty of Humanities The Language of Second Isaiah (Isa.40-66) and Its Place in the History of Hebrew Language Prof. S. Fassberg 2020
Elias Shlomo Neurobiology Medicine The Language of Silence: Characteristics of High- Frequency Discharge Basal Ganglia Neurons in the Normal State and in Parkinson's Disease Prof. H. Bergman 2009
Hornkohl Aaron D. Hebrew Language Humanities The Language of the Book of Jeremiah and the History of the Hebrew Language Prof. S. Fassberg 2012