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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First namesort descending Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Agranov Tal Physics Faculty of Science Large Fluctuations in Non-Equilibrium Systems of Interacting Particles Prof. B. Meerson 2020
Mazor-Karsenty Tal Molecular Immunology Medicine The Attentional Profile of Adult Females with Sensory Modulation Disorder Prof. S. Parush, Prof. L.Shalev-Mevorach 2015
Golan Tal Environmental Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Liquid-liquid Critical Solution Mixtures as an Extraction Medium for Pollutants from Sediments and Sludge Dr. Z. Ludman, Prof. N. Brauner 2013
Shilo Tal Field & Vegetable Crops Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Mechanism of Glyphosate Toxicity on Egyptian Broomrape (Phelipanche aegyptiaca Pers.) Associated with Tomato Prof. B. Rubin, Prof. S. Wolf, Prof. H. Eizenberg 2018
Seidel-Malkinson Tal Brain Sciences Science Modulating Factors in Visual Motion Perception Prof. E. Zohary, Prof. M. Ahissar 2015
Lento Tal Political Science Faculty of Social Sciences Stabilizing Multi-Party Parliamentary Democracies: The Adaption of the Constructive Vote of No-Confidence in Belgium and in Israel Prof. R. Hazan 2022
Ben-Nun Tal Computer Science Science Memory-Oriented Programming: A Data- Centric Programming Model for Systems with Multiple Parallel Accelerators Prof. A. Barak, Prof. U. Raviv 2017
Bar-Dror Tal Field & Vegetable Crops The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Functional Analysis of the Ribonuclease LX in Tomato and Characterization of a Programmed Cell Death Process which Occurs During Organ Abscission Prof. O. Shoseyov, Dr. A. Lers 2017
Hagigit Tal Medical Chemistry Medicine Ocular Antisense Oligonucleotide Delivery by Cationic Nanoemulsion Prof. S. Benita 2011
Kohavi Tal Sociology and Anthropology Social Sciences Between Dance and Anthropology Prof. Z. Gurevitch 2008
Shomrat Tal Brain Sciences Science The Neurophysiological Basis of Learning and Memory in an Advanced Invertebrate-the Octopus Prof. B. Hochner, Prof. Y. Yarom 2011
Neiman Tal Computational Neuroscience The Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences Computational Modeling and Behavioral Analysis of Goal-Directed Learning Dr. Y. Loewenstein 2014
Giladi Tal Meir Philosophy Faculty of Humanities Truth and Finitude An Inquiry Into Hegel’s Philosophy of Conceptually Determined Finitude Dr. M. Roubach, Prof. D. Emundts 2022
Alster Tal Mordehai Political Science Faculty of Social Sciences Understanding and Measuring Egalitarianism in Cities @@The Role of Urban Regeneration Policy in Shaping Egalitarianism in Cities Prof. Avner Deshalit and Prof. Michael Shalev 2023
Palchan-Hazan Tala Physics Science Interaction of Intense Laser with Snow Clusters Prof. A. Zigler 2012
Shunary Tali Social Work Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare Subjective Well-Being of Children in Israel: Comparative Analysis of Children Treated by the Welfare Services and Those That Are Not Prof. A. Ben-Arieh 2021
Kleiman Tali Psychology Social Sciences Both Sides Now: Looking into Non-Conscious Goal Conflicts Prof. R. R. Hassin 2012
Eilon Tali Cellular Biology The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Oncogenesis in Mammary Epithelial Cells of Transgenic Mice Expressing Stat5 Variants: Conditions for Cancer Developement and Characterization of Gene Expression Profiles in Tumors Dr. I. Barash 2012
Artman-Partock Tali Hebrew Literature Humanities Dialogue and Dialogism in Rabbinic Literature: Parrhesia in Theory and in Practice in Rabbinic Literature and in Contemporary Christian Literature Dr. O. Irshai, Dr. D. Satran, Prof. G. Hasan-Rokem, 2011
Sinai Tali Nutrition Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Nutritional Therapy to Accelerate Growth and Puberty in Children with Idiopathic Short Stature and Children Born Small for Gestational Age Prof. R. Reifen. Prof. Z. Zadik 2008
Berner Tali History of the Jewish People Humanities Children and Childhood in Early Modern Ashkenaz Prof. Y. Kaplan 2011
Mandel Tali Plantsciences in Agriculture Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Molecular Mechanism Underlying Plant Cell Competency to Regenerate Dr. L. Eshed Williams, Prof. N. Ori 2019
Lanton Tali Human Genetics Faculty of Medicine The Role of IL6 Signaling and Trans-Signaling in Metabolic Syndrome and Hepatitis-Associated HCC Dr. J. Axelrod, Prof. E. Galun 2019
Rosenberg-Adler Tali Occupational Therapy – Advanced Studies the Faculty of Medicine The Effect of Test Accommodations on the Written Expression of Higher Education Students With and Without Dysgraphia (Handwriting Difficulties) Prof. I. Berger, Prof. N. Weintraub 2021
Haviv-Reingewertz Tali Chemistry Science Using Peptides to Study the Structure and Interactions of Intrinsically Disordered Regions in Proteins Prof. A. Friedler 2012