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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Titlesort descending Supervisor Year of Graduation
Melcer-Padon Nourit English Literature Humanities Towards a Description of the Mask Function in Literature: An Historical and Theoretical Investigation Centered in the Works, Artistic Inheritances and Intellectual Ambience of Luigi Pirandello and Patrick White Prof. S. Budick 2010
Banitt Yoav Computational Neuroscience Science Towards a Detailed Model of an Orientation Column in Layer 4 of Cat V1 Prof. I. Segev, Prof. K. Martin 2012
Shuali-Brot Bat - Amie Law Law Towards a Justice of Their Own: Restorative Justice as a Response to Sexual Assault Victims Prof. L. Sebba, Prof. U. Yanay 2015
Itay Anat Political Science Social Sciences Towards a Qualitative Model of Progress Prof. A. De-Shalit 2012
Zakai Alon Computer Science Science Towards a Theory of Learning in High-Dimensional Spaces Prof. Y. Ritov 2008
Nishri Yossi Neurobiology Faculty of Medicine Towards Cell Therapy in Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Prof. T. Ben-Hur 2020
Romach Yoav Physics the Faculty of Science Towards Deterministic Coupling of Distant Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers Through Nano-Fabricated Superconducting Structures Prof. N. Bar-Gill 2021
Halevy Assaf Physics Science Towards Experimental Qutrit Teleportation Prof, H. S. Eisenberg 2014
Zvirin Tzvi Genetics & Breeding Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Towards Immunogenicity Reduction of Human Source Proteins Expressed in Tobacco Plants Prof. O. Shoseyov 2019
Tiomkin Stanislav Computer Sciences Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering Towards Intrinsic Motivation: an Information-Theoretic Approach Prof. N. Tishby, Prof. D. Polani 2019
Greenberg Yoel Musicology Humanities Towards Sonata Form Prof. N. Wagner 2012
Manna Cesar M. Chemistry Science Towards Understanding Mechanistic Aspects of the Antitumor Activity of Salan Titanium (IV) Complexes Prof. E. Y. Tshuva 2012
Istrate Daniel Physics the Faculty of Science Towards Using Single Photon Sources for Quantum Information Processing Prof. H. S. Eisenberg 2021
Tirosh Isaak Biotechnology Science Toxin-Like Proteins as Modulators of Cellular Activities Prof. M. Linial 2014
Salant Harold (Tsvi) Microbiology Medicine Toxoplasma gondii in Ground Feeding Animals in Israel: Development of a copro-PCR Assay for Identification of the Infective Cats Prof. D. T. Spira, Dr. J. Hamburger 2010
Hofnung Tamar Political Science Faculty of Social Sciences Tracing the Inevitable: A Genealogy Examining How Initially Undesired Solutions Became Contested Policies Impervious to Change? Prof. A. De-Shalit 2020
Yanai Yuval Computational Neuroscience Science Tracking the Descending Motor Command using Simultaneous Recordings in Cortical and Spinal Circuits Dr. Y. Prut 2009
Sariel Eliezer History of the Jewish People Humanities Tradition in Time of Crisis: The History of Rabbinic Law in the Posen Region during the First Half of the 19th Century as a Case Study of the Relationship between Modernization and the Formation of Halacha Prof. I. Bartal 2012
Leshem Guy Statistics Social Sciences Traffic Flow Prediction and Minimization of Traffic Congestion using Adaboost-Random Forests Algorithm Prof. Ya'acov Ritov 2008
Maoz Uri Computational Neuroscience Science Trajectory Formation and Units of Action, from Two to Three- Dimensional Motion Prof. Y. Weiss, Prof. T. Flash 2008
Azerraf Clarite Chemistry Science Trans-Spanning Vs. Cyclometalated Transition Metal Complexes: Synthesis, Structure and Catalytic Activity Prof. D. Gelman 2011
Levy Nitsan Geography Social Sciences Transboundary Environmental Management Under Asymmetry Prof. E. Feitelson 2010
Moran Maya Cellular and Developmental Biology the Faculty of Science Transcription Program of Normal and Malignant Cell Proliferation in-vivo Dr. A. Eden 2021
Novershtern Noa Bioinformatics Science Transcription Regulation Models and Their Application to Human Disease Research Prof. N. Friedman, Dr. A. Regev 2012
Dell'Ariccia-Carmon Aviva Microbiology Medicine Transcriptional Analysis of Mycoplasma bovis During Stress Conditions Prof. D. Yogen 2013