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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Titlesort descending Supervisor Year of Graduation
Daniel Mor Hebrew Language Faculty of Humanities The Language of Tunisian Judeo-Arabic Journals (1885-1940) Prof. O. Tirosh-Becker 2021
Meiri Chen Mathematics Science The Large Sieve Method in Group Theory Prof. A. Lubotzky 2012
Rozenbaum Alexis Gabriel Geology Faculty of Science The Late Miocene- Early Pliocene Bira and Gesher Formations: Geochronology, Depositional Environments, and Water Sources Prof. M. Stein, Dr. A. Sandler 2018
Elias Taiseer Musicology Humanities The Latent Regularity in Improvisation of Instrumental Arab Music (Taqusim) in Israel in Terms of Learned and Natural Schemata Prof. D. Cohen, Prof. E. Seroussi 2008
Segev Yair Bible Faculty of Humanities The Law and History: A Study of the Relationship Between the Book of Deuteronomy and Its Law-Code (Deuteronomy 12–26) and the Redaction of the Books of the Former Prophets Prof. R. Goldstein 2022
Anidjar Leon Yehuda Law Faculty of Law The Law and Theory of the Remedy of Specific Performance Prof. E. Zamir 2018
Stern Anat History Humanities The Legal System of the I.D.F during the 1948 War: Creation and Implementation Prof. A. Kadish 2011
Tsur Eyal Political Science Faculty of Social Sciences The Legislative and Executive Oversight of Military Capability Development in Israel Prof. M. Hofnung 2021
Keller Aviva Occupational Therapy - Adv. Stud. the Faculty of Medicine The Leisure Performance and Participation of Individuals With Moderate Intellectual Disability Living in Community Living Facilities Prof. N. Weintraub 2022
Naeh Liat Archaeology & Ancient Near East Faculty of Humanities The Levantine Art of Inlay during the Middle Bronze Age: Geometric Bones Inlays and Inlaid Boxes as a Case Study Prof. T. Ornan 2019
Sapir Eliyahu V. Political Science Social Sciences The Level of Democracy and its Conditions: A Cross-Period and Cross-National Analysis Prof. A. Diskin 2012
Mizrahi Noam Bible Humanities The Lexicon and Phraseology of the Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice Prof. A. Hurvitz 2009
Birkan Amy Jewish Thought Humanities The Limited Scope of Victimhood in Rabbinic Law: 'The Plaintiff Must Distance Himself from Harm' Prof. M. Halbertal 2015
Glatzer Aharon Hebrew Language Faculty of Humanities The Linguistic Background of Biblical Exegesis in the Tannaitic Midrashim Prof. Yochanan Breuer 2023
Hamed Muhammad Hebrew Language Faculty of Humanities The Linguistic Theory of David ben Abraham al-Fāsī Through the Prism of His Dictionary Kitāb jāmiʿ al-alfāẓ Prof. A. Maman 2021
Mirsky Hananel Hebrew Language and Jewish Languages Humanities The Linguistic Theory of Menahem ben Saruq Prof. A. Maman 2015
Haran Dafna Social Work Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare The Link between Continuity of Care and Mental Health Service Utilization by Persons with Severe Mental Illness: Possible Implications of the Mental Health Insurance Reform Prof. D. Chinitz, Prof. Y. Tamir, Prof. M. Lachman 2019
Raz Olga Nutrition The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Link between Nutrition and Inflammatory and Metabolic Response in Humans Prof. A. Gertler, Prof. S. Berliner 2011
Mozias Ilia Asian Studies Faculty of Humanities The Literati Path to Immortality The Alchemical Teaching of Lu Xixing Prof. Y. Pines 2020
Krakhmalnikov Aleksei Comparative Studies Humanities The Literature of the Belokrynitskie Old-Believers (1846-1862) Prof. M. Taube, Prof. N. Pokrovsky 2008
Centi Laura Archaeology & Ancient Near East Faculty of Humanities The Lithic Assemblages of Units II and I of Nesher Ramla, ca 150-80 ka BP. Reconstructing the Occupational History of a Unique Site in the Framework of the Levantine Middle Paleolithic. Prof. E. Hovers, Dr. Y. Zaidner 2021
Harroch Amitai Hebrew Literature Faculty of Humanities The Liturgical Poems ('Piyyutim') of Sahlan Ben Avraham Prof. S. Elizur, Dr. Y. Granat 2021
Simerzin Alina Human Genetics Medicine The Liver-Specific miR-122* Acts as a Tumor Suppressor by Modulating the P53-Mdm2 Regulatory Circuitry Prof. E. Galun 2017
Stein Natan Cell Biology, Immunology & Cancer Research the Faculty of Medicine The Long, Non-Coding RNA NeST in Human Natural Killer Cells and Its Use in Cancer Immunotherapy Prof. O. Mandelboim 2023
Ramot Na'ama Musicology Humanities The Making of Opera in Italy 1860-1870: Stylistic Properties and Functioning in the Social-Political Environment of the Emerging Unified Italy Prof. J. Hirshberg 2008