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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Namesort descending First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Siehler Oliver Ecology, Evolution & Behavior the Faculty of Science Mechanisms and Cues Involved in Social Synchronization of Activity Rhythms in Honey Bees Prof. G. Bloch 2021
Sigron Moriah Mathematics Science Some Variations of Tverberg's Theorem Prof. M. A. Perles 2011
Sikov Anna Statistics Social Sciences Imputation and Estimation under Nonignorable Unit Nonresponse Prof. D. Pfeffermann 2013
Silas Yardena Microbiology the Faculty of Medicine within a Joint Program with the National University of Singapore The Evolution of Class-I and Class-II Fumarase Functions (Krebs Cycle and DNA Damage Response) Prof. O. Pines, Prof. N. Lehming 2021
Silva Ruiz Miriam Field and Vegetable Crops the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Understanding Heat Pale Damage in Pepper Fruit (Capsicum annuum L.) Prof. Y. Elkind, Dr. H. Yasuor 2021
Silverman Sarit Education The Seymour Fox School of Education The Unique Relationship between Spatial Working Memory and Mathematics Performance @@A Comprehensive Developmental Perspective Dr. Sarit Ashkenazi Abitbul and Prof. Baruch Schwarz 2023
Silverstein Nechama C. Biochemistry, Metabolism & Endocrinology Medicine Structure-Function Relationships in Glutamate Transporters from the Brain Prof. B. I. Kanner 2017
Sima'an Ruba Romance Studies Faculty of Humanities Cross-Perspectives: The Representation of Male and Female Bodies in Maghrebian Francophone Literature Prof. C. Aslanov 2021
Siman-Tov Shalev Geology Science The Principal Slip Zone of Carbonate Faults: Micro to Nano Structures, Shear Heating, and the Physics of Fault Slip Prof. E. Aharonov 2017
Simanovsky Maria Pharmacology Medicine Co Expression of the MDR1 Gene in Malignant Hematopoietic Differentiations Prof. P. Lazarovici, Dr. H. Galski 2011
Simchovitz-Gesher Alon Genetics the Faculty of Science Differential Expression and Function of Noncoding RNA Species in Parkinson’s Disease Prof. H. Soreq 2021
Simerzin Alina Human Genetics Medicine The Liver-Specific miR-122* Acts as a Tumor Suppressor by Modulating the P53-Mdm2 Regulatory Circuitry Prof. E. Galun 2017
Simhony Naomi History of Art Faculty of Humanities Synagogue Design During Israel's First Two Decades of Statehood Religious Architecture in a Secular Age Prof. A. Rosenak, Prof. S. Sabar, Dr. R. Kozlovzky 2022
Simkin Michael Mathematics the Faculty of Science Finding Structure With Randomness Prof. N. Linial 2021
Simonsen Sandra Communication & Journalism Faculty of Social Sciences Media Securitization @@How National Media Cover Migration and its Empirical Conditions Prof. Carsten Bagge Laustsen, Prof. Christian Baden and Prof. Zohar Kampf 2023
Simovitch Michal Microbial Genetics Medicine Identification and Characterization of New Toxins Delivered by Enterohaemorrhagic E. coli into Epithelial Cells Prof. I. Rosenshine 2009
Simpson-Lavy Jamie (Kobi) Cellular Biology Science Function of APC/CCdh1 Mediated Substrate Destruction in S. cerevisiae Prof. M. Brandeis 2011
Simsa-Maziel Stav Biochemistry The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Effect of Interleukin -1β on Growth Plate Development and Bone Quality Prof. E. Monsonego-Ornan 2014
Sinai Lior Microbiology Faculty of Medicine Molecular Dynamics During Revival of Bacterial Spores Prof. S. Ben-Yehuda 2018
Sinai Tali Nutrition Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Nutritional Therapy to Accelerate Growth and Puberty in Children with Idiopathic Short Stature and Children Born Small for Gestational Age Prof. R. Reifen. Prof. Z. Zadik 2008
Sinefeld David Applied Physics Science Adaptive Optics for Fast Optical Communication: Spatial Solutions for Spectral Issues Prof. D.M. Marom 2014
Singer Norma Liliana Roman & Latin-American Studies Faculty of Humanities Dislocations: Space and Discourse in the Work of Three Contemporary Latin American Migrant Authors (Mario Bellatin, Krina Ber and Marcelo Cohen) Dr. D. Blaustein, Prof. R. Fine 2018
Singer Tuvia History Faculty of Humanities Jews, 'Gypsies' and the Volk: Wandering Minorities in the Folk-Narratives and German Mythology of Brothers Grimm and Ludwig Bechstein Dr. A. Elyada, Prof. G. Hasan-Rokem 2021
Singer Esti Microbiology Faculty of Medicine Bacterial Fumarase, A Metabolic Enzyme and A Primordial Component of the Universal DNA Damage Response Prof. O. Pines 2018
Sion Guy Ecology, Evolution & Behavior Science Inter-relations Among Behavior, Physiology, Morphology and Directional Asymmetry in the Gecko Ptyodactylus guttatus Prof. Y. L. Werner, Prof. U. Motro 2016