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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Fieldsort ascending Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Brosh Yaffa Science Teaching Science The Influence of the Definition of the Concept of Weight on the Meaning, Understanding and Conception of Weight and Gravitation in the Middle-school Prof. I. Galili, Dr. Varda Bar 2013
Goren Ehud Science Instruction Faculty of Science A Summary Lecture as a Delay Organizer Leading Students' Knowledge: A Case of Discipline Culture Approach Prof. I. Galili 2020
Vinitsky-Pinsky Lina Science Instruction Science On the Role of Mathematics in the Physics Curriculum: Towards Understanding and Compatibility Prof. I. Galili 2016
Jaber Liana Fayez Science Instruction Science The Relationship between Mathematics Teachers and Resources: The Case of East Jerusalem Schools Prof. A. Arcavi 2017
Brandes Ofra Science Instruction Science Knowledge and Professional Development of Leading Teachers during a Period of Curriculum Changes - The Case of Computer Sciences Prof. C. Beeri, Dr. Y. Kolikant- Ben David 2017
Blum-Laub Ronit Science Instruction Science Scientific Argumentation in Earth Sciences amongst College of Education Students Prof. I. Galili, Prof. N. Orion 2017
Oser Jennifer School of Public Policy Social Sciences Expanded Citizen Participation and Participatory Equality: A Vicious or Virtuous Circle? Prof. I. Galnoor, Prof. M. Shalev 2012
Nudelman Zakhar School of Phatmacy Medicine Investigation of Novel Sirolimus Local Oral Sustained Release Delivery Systems for Prevention and Treatment of Oral Cancer Dr. R. Czerninski, Prof. M. Friedman 2016
Karra Laila George School of Phatmacy Medicine Resolution of Allergic Inflammation and the Inhibitory Receptor CD300a on Mast Cells and Eosinophils Prof. F. Levi-Schaffer 2016
Aviv Oren School of Phatmacy Medicine Antimicoibial Polymers for Treating Contaminated Water Prof. A.J. Domb 2016
Ickowicz Diana E. School of Phatmacy Medicine Synthesis and Application of Pasty Injectable Biodegradable Polymers Derived from Natural Hydroxyl-Acids Prof. A.J. Domb, Dr. C.F Weiniger 2016
Shemesh Yossi School of Phatmacy Medicine Targeted Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy Using PNA and siRNA Dr. E. Yavin 2016
Fanous Joseph School of Phatmacy Medicine Tailoring "Drug Like Properties" to Active Peptides in Accordance with the Site of Action Prof. A. Hoffman 2016
Weitz-Aviv Moriya School of Pharmacy the Faculty of Medicine Characterization and Manipulation of GABAergic Inputs to the VTA to Prevent Cocaine-Conditioned Reward Prof. R. Yaka 2023
Soudry-Kochavi Liat School of Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine Improved Oral Absorption of Peptides and Proteins via an Original Double Encapsulation Technology Prof. S. Benita 2019
El-atawneh Shayma School of Pharmacy the Faculty of Medicine Multitargeting GPCRs of the CNS by Computational Methods Prof. A. Goldblum 2021
Schumacher Adi School of Pharmacy the Faculty of Medicine Investigating Prodrug Approach for Improving Drug-like Properties of Active and Polar Cyclic Peptides Prof. A. Hoffman 2022
Livne Ariela Esther School of Pharmacy the Faculty of Medicine Developing Quenched Activity-Based Probe for Real Time Imaging of Apoptosis Prof. G. Blum 2023
Kirmayer David School of Pharmacy the Faculty of Medicine Study in Ultra-Rapidly Solidifying Implants for Controlled Release of Drugs for Local Administration Prof. M. Friedman, Prof. R. Mosheiff, Prof. J. Rachmilewitz 2021
Naim (Ben-David) Meital School of Pharmacy the Faculty of Medicine Polymeric Nanoparticles of siRNA for Mammary Carcinoma Therapy Prof. G. Golomb 2021
Lankri David School of Pharmacy the Faculty of Medicine Design and Synthesis of Novel Advanced Intermediates and Their Application in Synthesis of Natural Products Prof. D. Tsvelikhovsky 2021
Itin Constantin School of Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine Prolonged Controlled Drug Release and Delivery Through Buccal Mucosa: The Cases of Apomorphine and Cannabidiol Prof. A. Hoffman 2020
Ron-Doitch Sapir School of Pharmacy the Faculty of Medicine Skin-Associated Staphylococci Confer Cutaneous Stress Protection via Modulation of the Nrf2-Keap1 Pathway Prof. R. Kohen, Prof. D. Steinberg 2023
Naamneh Majdi Saleem School Of Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine The Effect of Combined Organocatalysts-Initiators on Ring Opening Polymerization (ROP) of O-Carboxyanhydrirdes (OCA) Prof. P. Lazarovici, Prof. J. Katzhendler (z"l) 2019
Perlman Amichai School of Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine Evaluating Medication Safety in Older Adults Using Pharmacoepidemiologic Methods Prof. A. Hoffman, Prof. I. Matok 2020