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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Namesort descending First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Bar-Lev Libat Cell Biology, Immunology & Cancer Research Faculty of Medicine Endothelial Cells and Blood Vessels Interaction with GBM Tumors Prof. E. Keshet 2019
Bar-Moshe Assaf Linguistics Faculty of Humanities The Functions of Preverbal Markers in Jewish-Baghdadi Arabic Prof. E. Cohen, Prof. S. Hopkins 2018
Bar-Nahum Ziv Agr. Economics & Management Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Issues in Political Economy and Regulation in the Israeli Agriculture Prof. I. Finkelshtain, Dr. I. Kan 2018
Bar-Nir Dorit Social Work School of Social Work and Social Welfare The Relationship between a Local Authority and Non Profit Organizations – An Analysis of the Power Relationship Prof. J. Gal 2012
Bar-Nur Ori Human & Mammalian Genetics Science Epigenetic Memory in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Prof. N. Benvenisty 2013
Bar-On Yotam Cell Biology, Immunology & Cancer Research Medicine The Interaction of the Innate Immune System with the Influenza Virus Prof. O. Mandelboim 2016
Bar-On Nur Sociology and Anthropology Social Sciences The Case of Israeli Young Adults who Live in India: Looking into the Phenomenon of Modern Day Nomads Prof. E. Lomsky-Feder, Prof. E. Ben-Ari 2013
Bar-On Shraga Jewish Thought Humanities Casting Lots, God and Man From the Bible to the End of the Renaissance Prof. M. Halbertal 2012
Bar-Or Melchior Shira Jewish Thought Faculty of Humanities Religious Criticism in Tannaic and Amoraaic Literature Prof. M. Halbertal 2020
Bar-Sadeh (Eidelmann) Rakefet Musicology Humanities Concert Settings of Psalms by First and Second Generation Composers in the Land of Israel: Contexts of Composition, Ideological Factors and Stylistics Characteristics Prof. J. Hirshberg 2010
Bar-Shai Noam Ecological Biology Science The Use of Numerical Information by Bees in a Foraging Task Prof. A. Shmida 2011
Bar-Shalita Tami Occupational Therapy Medicine Behavioral and Psychophysical Correlates of Children and Adults with and without Sensory Modulation Disorder (SMD) Prof. S. Parush 2011
Bar-Tuvia Shani International Relations Faculty of Social Sciences International Norms and Policy Diffusion: The Spread of Restrictive Asylum Policies Among Western States Dr. G. Press-Barnathan, Prof. T. Risse 2020
Bar-Yosef Yehonatan Ecological Biology Science Environment -Dependent Interactions between the Toxic Cyanobacterium Aphanizomenon ovalisporum and other Phytoplankton Species in Lake Kinneret Prof. A. Kaplan, Dr. A. Sukenik 2011
Bar-Zakay Rosenfeld Yif'at Cancer Research Medicine VICKZ Involvement in Carcinogenesis and Metastasis Prof. J. Yisraeli 2014
Bar-Ziv Levy Miri Hebrew Language & Jewish Languages Faculty of Humanities The Cinematic Representation of Hebrew Speech (1932- 1988) Prof. Y. Reshef 2018
Barad-Kotler Shiri Agroecology & Plant Health The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment pH Signaling in Penicillium expansum: A Role in Pathogenesis and Mycotoxin Production Prof. D. Prusky, Dr. A. Sherman 2017
Baraghithy Saja School of Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine Role of MAGEL2 in the Development of Skeletal Abnormalities in Prader-Willi Syndrome Prof. Y. Tam 2020
Barak Nir Political Science Faculty of Social Sciences Civic Ecologism: Towards an Environmental Political Theory of the City Prof. A. de Shalit 2018
Baraness Avinoam Hist.Phil.socio. of Sciences Faculty of Humanities A Mathematical Commentary on Sefer Meyasher 'Aqov by Alfonso Prof. R. Glasner 2020
Barash Hila Cancer Research Medicine Liver Regeneration Characterization and the Mutual Effects of Inflammation, Regeneration and the Development of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Prof. E. Galun, Dr. R. Abramovitch,Prof. I. Vlodavsky 2009
Barash Harman Yael Geography Faculty of Social Sciences Environmental Performance of Industrial Companies in Emerging Economies: The Indian Case Prof. E. Feitelson 2020
Barashi Neta Human Genetics Medicine The Role of the Chemokine Receptors CCR5 and CCR1 in the Development of Inflammation Induced Hepatocellular Carcinoma Prof. E. Galun, Prof. A. Peled 2016
Baratz Adva Chemistry Science Conductance Switching of Molecular Tunnel Junctions Composed of Sepa-rated Donor-Acceptor Units Prof. R. Baer 2014
Baratz Ran Philosophy Humanities Alētheia and Doxa Parmenides' Natural Philosophy Prof. S. Scolnicov 2009