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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First namesort ascending Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Nissim Chaim Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Humanities The Historiography of Syria in the Late Mamluk Period and the Beginning of Ottoman Period : The Historical Writings of Shams al-Dīn Muhammad Ibn Tūlūn (1475-1546) Prof. R. Amitai, Prof. M. Winter 2013
Even-Zohar Chaim Mathematics Science Random Knots Prof. N. Linial 2017
Dryzun Chaim Chemistry Science Continuous Symmetry and Chirality Measures: Development of New Tools and their Applications in Chemistry Prof. D. Avnir 2012
Rosenbluh Chaggai Molecular Biology Medicine Clonal Allelic Predetermination of Immunoglobulin Kappa Light Chain Rearrangement Prof. Y. Bergman 2014
Schlesinger Chagai Law Faculty of Law Centralism, Decentralism and Privatization of Religious Services @@Between Halachic Pluralism and Legal Centralism Prof. Barak Medina and Prof. Benny Porat 2023
Manna Cesar M. Chemistry Science Towards Understanding Mechanistic Aspects of the Antitumor Activity of Salan Titanium (IV) Complexes Prof. E. Y. Tshuva 2012
Dayan-Glick Cathy Genetics & Breeding The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Characterization of the Grapevine virus A AlkB Motif and its Involvement in Plant Viral Infection Prof. H. Czosnek, Dr. M. Mawassi 2016
Supe-Kikoine Catherine History and Philosophy of Science Humanities The Critique of Scientific Positivism in Early 20th Century France Prof. Y. Ben-Menahem, Prof. E. Yakira 2008
Lopez-Quintero Catalina Public Health Medicine Individual and Contextual Predictors of Opportunity to Use Drugs and Drug-use Initiation Among Adolescents in Bogotà, Colombia Dr. Y. Neumark 2012
Aronis Carolin Communication and Journalism Social Sciences "Mediated Public Intimacy" : Practices of Popular Media in Establishing Intimacy with Audiences Prof. A. Pinchevski, Prof. T. Liebes (deceased) 2015
Weingarten-Baror Carmiya Animal Breeding and Genetics Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Derivation of Valid Biological Knowledge from Cross-Species Hybridization to Spotted cDNA Microarrays Prof. H. Czosnek 2008
Padan Carmit Sociology & Soc. Anthropology Faculty of Social Sciences Social Construction of 'Crises Events'- Commanders as 'Reality' Constructors Prof. I. Katz 2018
Ziv Carmit Molecular Biology Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences The Nature of Filamentous Growth as Determined by Altered Regulation of COT1 and PKA, Two AGC Kinases, in Neurospora crassa Prof. O. Yarden 2009
Strauss Carmit Cancer Research Science Involvement of DNA Damage Response Factors in Estrogen-Dependent Cancers Dr. M. Goldberg 2015
Cohen Carmiel Talmud and Halacha Humanities Straightforward' Halachic Exegesis in Gersonides' Commentary on the Torah Prof. R. Brody, Dr. I. Gottlieb 2009
Vaisman Carmel L. Communication and Journalism Social Sciences Israeli Girls and Digital Subcultures: Language, Gender and Playfulness on Blogs Prof. B. Danet (deceased), Dr. E. Sheli-Neuman 2011
Kobliner-Kwiat Carmel Jewish Thought Faculty of Humanities R. Isaac Ibn Latif’s Commentary on the Book of Ecclesiastes Dr. C. Rigo 2021
Braverman-Gross Carmel Genetics the Faculty of Science Analyzing Endoderm Development and Pancreatic Genetic Disorders Using Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Prof. N. Benvenisty 2022
Maoz-Dotan Carmel Social Work School of Social Work and Social Welfare The Unconscious Search for our Mother: Romantic Relationships, Depression and Marital Quality Dr. O. Tishby 2012
Golodets Carly Plant Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Ecosystem Functioning after Cessation of Grazing: The Role of Plant Functional Traits Prof. J. Kigel, Dr. M. Sternberg 2011
Burrows Calvin Andrew English Literature Humanities Problems with the Translation of Metaphor in the Bible A Discussion in the Light of Theories of Metaphor Translation Prof. E.A. Levenston 2010
Dotan Calanit Physics Science Super Critical Accretion into Black Holes Prof. N. J. Shaviv 2011
Adelman Cahtia Neurobiology Medicine Mechanisms that Decrease Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Prof. H. Sohmer 2008
Hallac Butros Francis Chemistry Science Collision Induced Processes of Trimethylamine on Metal Surfaces Prof. M. Asscher 2011
Ibrahim Surkhi Butheina Public Health the Faculty of Medicine Culturally Competent Care Efforts in Israeli Hospitals Prof. D. Chinitz 2021