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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Fieldsort descending Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Lavon Elza Political Science Social Sciences The Effectiveness of State Auditing: Empirical Aspects of Assessing the Effectiveness of the Israeli State Auditing in psychiatric and Geriatric Health Care Services Prof. I. Sharkansky 2013
Azarieva Janetta Political Science Social Sciences Grain and Power in Russia 2001-2011 Prof. Y.Brudny 2015
Burstein Alon Political Science Faculty of Social Sciences Terrorizing God’s Enemies: The Influence of Religion on Terror Group Activity Prof. E. Alimi, Prof. M. Juergensmeyer 2021
Sapir Eliyahu V. Political Science Social Sciences The Level of Democracy and its Conditions: A Cross-Period and Cross-National Analysis Prof. A. Diskin 2012
Barr Kasey Political Science Faculty of Social Sciences Groupthink, Polythink and Con-Div in U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East Prof. D. Levi-Faur, Prof. A. Mintz 2021
Rubin-Shostak Kineret Political Science Social Sciences The Attitudes of Mizrahim Identifing with the Shas Party: Jewish Fundamentalism and Social Change in the 1990's Prof. Ira Sharkanski 2009
Sion-Tzidkiyahu Maya Political Science Social Sciences Europe à la Carte: Comparing the Paths of Opt-Outs in the European Union Prof. M. Maor 2013
Schwartz Omer Political Science Social Sciences Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874-1936): Interpretation, Society and the Detective Story Prof. Y. Ezrahi 2017
Blander Dana Political Science, Psychology Social Sciences Ambivalence as a Challenge to the Political Order Prof. Y. Ezrahi, Prof. Z. Klein 2008
Atrash A'as Population Studies Social Sciences Fertility, Religiosity and Moslem Women's Labor Force Participation in Israel Prof. J. Schellekens 2011
Hayouka Zvi Prof. A. Loyter Science Development of Peptide Inhibitors of the HIV-1 Integrase Protein Dr. A. Friedler 2011
Kaminetzky Amir Property Law Law Long-Term Leases Prof. D. Lewinsohn-Zamir 2011
Israel Salomon Psychology Social Sciences The Molecular Genetics of Prosocial Behavior Prof. R. P. Ebstein, Late Prof. G. Borstein 2013
Millgram Yael Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Emotion Goals in Depression Prof. J. D. Huppert, Prof. M. Tamir 2020
Gal Sharon Psychology Social Sciences The Relational Patterns, Dimensions and Meanings of Anorexia Nervosa Prof. R. Josseleson 2011
Velan Hadas Psychology Social Sciences The Dynamic Processing of Morphology in Hebrew: Evidence from Visual Word Recognition Prof. R. Frost 2012
Gutentag Tony Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Emotion Goal Commitment Prof. M. Tamir 2021
Matania Eviathar Psychology Social Sciences Perceptions of Discrimination and Injustice Prof. I. Yaniv 2008
Vishkin Allon Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Religiosity and Emotion Regulation Prof. M. Tamir 2020
Daniel Ella Psychology Social Sciences Development of Values Contextualization among Majority and Immigrant Youth Prof. A. Knafo 2012
Strauss Asher Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Information Gathering and Processing in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Prof. J. Huppert 2021
Amid Bnaya Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Selfless Self-Transcendence and Enigmatic Mergers in Psychoanalysis Prof. Eytan Bachar and Prof. Lewis Aron z"l 2023
Geven Linda Marjoleine Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences within a Joint Program with University of Amsterdam Extending the Scope of Concealed Information Detection Prof. G. Ben-Shakhar, Dr. B. J. Verschuere 2020
Maor Litany Michal Psychology Social Sciences The Experience of Loss in a Romantic Breakup as a Multidimensional Phenomenon: Intra-Psychic Meanings behind Loss and their Implications on the Adjustment to the Breakup Prof. M. Mikulincer, Prof. E. Bachar 2011
Tzur Boaz Psychology Social Sciences Chronometrics of Written Word Recognition Processes Prof. R. Frost 2012