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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First namesort ascending Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Yasin Bushra Neurobiology Medicine Studies of Visual Proteins by using Transgenic Drosophila Files Prof. B. Minke, Prof. M. Treinin 2017
Awwad Bshara Brain & Behavioral Sciences the Faculty of Science Representation of Temporal Sound Features in the Mammalian Auditory Cortex Prof. I. Nelken 2021
Hirsh-Raccah Bruria School of Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine The Safety and Efficacy of Direct Oral Anticoagulants Prof. I. Matok, Prof. M. Muszkat 2020
Teshome Bruck Law Faculty of Law The Right to Development and Developmental States in Africa Prof. T. Broude 2021
Blumenfeld Britny Microbiology the Faculty of Medicine DNA Replication Timing in Mammals Prof. I. Simon 2021
Preminger Briana Sociology & Soc. Anthropology Faculty of Social Sciences with SKEMA Institutional Logics in Space: Exploring Jerusalem’s Western Wall as Socially Co-Constructed Discourse and Process Prof. G. S. Drori, Prof. J. Hoffmann 2018
Ogren Brian Jewish Thought Humanities Metempsychosis in Italian Renaissance Kabbalah: 1466-1520 Prof. M. Idel 2008
Peled Bracha Education Humanities Characterizing Learning and Thinking Patterns Following Explicit Teaching of Meta-Strategic Knowledge Regarding Controlled Variables Prof. A. Zohar 2008
Hod Bracha Computer Science Science Leveraging Spatial and Temporal Correlation in Wireless Sensor Networks Prof. D. Dolev, Dr. T. Anker 2013
Yefet-Avshalom Bosmat Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Humanities The Discourse of Human Rights in the Arab World: A Comparative Analysis between Egypt and Jordan Prof. E. Podeh, Prof. L. Roniger 2008
Gorelik Boris Medical Chemistry Medicine Predicting Protein-Ligand Interactions using Iterative Stochastic Elimination Algorithm Prof. A. Goldbum 2008
Rosin Boris Neurobiology Medicine The Interrelation of Neuronal Oscillations in the Cortico-basal Ganglia Loops and the Pathophysiology of Parkinson`s Disease Prof. H. Bergman 2014
Yentin Boris Theater Studies Humanities The Biblical and Historical Performances in the׳Ohel׳Theater Prof. Y. Moraly 2017
Vaisman Boris Pharmaceutics Medicine Biodegradable Polymers from Pure Ricinoleic Acid for Use in the Delivery of Anticancer Agents for Treating Solid Tumors Prof. A. J. Domb 2011
Bazanov Boris Chemistry Faculty of Science Synthesis of Anion Cyclo-Pentazolate in Solution; towards the Preparation of Solid High Energy Density Polynitrogen Materials Prof. M. Asscher, Prof. Y. Haas (deceased) 2018
Desiatov Boris Applied Physics Science Silicon Platform for On-Chip Light Confinement, Nanofocusing and Sensing Applications Prof. U. Levy 2015
Larin Boris Applied Chemistry Science Flow induced Crystallization and Orientation in Polymer Composites Prof. G. Marom 2014
Salam Bolaji Babajide Genetics and Breeding Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Role of Endogenous Sugars in Branching of Etiolated Stem Prof. N. Ori, Dr. D. Eshel 2020
Cherki Boaz Rafael Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Examination of the Neuropeptide Oxytocin in Modulating Human Competitive Behavior and Social Perception Prof. Salomon Israel 2023
Segal Boaz Law Faculty of Law Regulatory Negligence Prof. B. Medina 2017
Tzur Boaz Psychology Social Sciences Chronometrics of Written Word Recognition Processes Prof. R. Frost 2012
Cohen Hanegbi Boaz Musicology Faculty of Humanities Musical Identification: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry of a Concept and Its Possible Contribution For Handling Total Identification in Therapy Through Musical Improvisation Prof. Ruth HaCohen Pinczower 2022
Bronstein Boaz Social Work Social Work and Social Welfare Parents' Experiences in the Shadow of the Violence that their Children Experienced at School Prof. M. M. Haj-Yahia 2010
Mizrahi Boaz Medical Chemistry Medicine Acrylic Polymers for Medical Applications Prof. A. J. Domb 2009
Tsabar Boaz Education Humanities Between Negation and Positivity A Critical Study of the Ideological Concepts of Critical Pedagogy Prof. S. Scolnicov 2009