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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduationsort ascending
Dolinsky Yan Mathematics Science Problems in Hedging for Game Options Prof. Y. Kifer 2010
Rophe Taniv Agricultural Economy The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Allocating Lands in Israel by Auctions: Economics-Institutoin's Analysis Prof. I. Finkelshtain, Dr. G. Orshan, Prof. Y. Tsur 2010
Halevy Schulamith Chava History of the Jewish People Humanities Descendants of the Anusim (Crypto-Jews) in Contemporary Mexico Prof. Yom Tov Assis, Prof. Shalom Sabar 2010
Damari- Weissler Hila Plant Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Analysis of Tomato Hexose Kinases Prof. O. Shoseyov, Dr. D. Granot 2010
Efrat Rivka Applied Chemistry Science Stable Cubic Mesophases and Nanoparticles (Cubosomes and Micellosomes) for Solubilization of Active Molecules Prof. N. Garti, Dr. A. Aserin 2010
Levy Nitsan Geography Social Sciences Transboundary Environmental Management Under Asymmetry Prof. E. Feitelson 2010
Goldstein Moshe Chemistry Science A New Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm for Finding the Lowest Minima of Potential Surfaces: Approach and Applications Prof. R. B. Gerber 2010
Freeman Noam S. Chemistry Science Development of Novel Methods for Solid Phase Synthesis of Aza-Peptides and their Application for Combinatorial Peptidomimetic Aza-Scan Prof. C. Gilon 2010
Katsumata Etsuko Hebrew Literature Humanities Priests and Priesthood in the Aramaic Targums to the Pentateuch Prof. A. Shinan 2010
Kogan Anna Applied Chemistry Science Polymorphism and Improved Solubilization of Carbamazepine in NSSL Vehicles Prof. N. Garti, Dr. A. Aserin 2010
Pasternak Nurit History of the Jewish People Humanities Together and Apart- Hebrew Manuscripts as Testimonies to Encounters of Jews and Christians in Fifteenth-Century Florence: The Makings, the Clients, Censorship Prof. L. F. Cuomo 2010
Drori Elyashiv Plant Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Characterization of the A. thaliana Protein AtSP, a New Member of the SP1 Protein Family Prof. A. Altman, Prof. O. Shoseyov 2010
Ben-Shlomo Gil Neurobiology The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Functional, Anatomical and Genetic Changes in the Rat's Inner Retina during Development and in Glaucoma Dr. R. Ofri 2010
Erez Ram International Relations Social Sciences The Politics of Innovation: Explaining Change through Networks in Israel's Defense Policy The Case of the "Lavi" and "Arrow" Projects Prof. A. Sela, Prof. S. Sofer 2010
Amar Lior Computer Science Science Dynamic Management of Jobs in Grids Prof. A. Barak 2010
Karunker Iris Plant Protection The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment From Gene to Function, Molecular Analysis of Metabolic and Target Site Resistance to Insecticides Dr. S. Morin 2010
Vukosavović Filip Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Humanities Reforms of Uruinimgina Prof. W. Horowitz 2010
Jortner Ron Computational Neuroscience Science Linking Network Architecture and Neural Coding in the Olfactory System of the Locust Prof. I. Segev, Prof. G. Laurent 2010
Gazit Tsafrir Geography Social Sciences Environmental Behavior as Interaction between Spatial Perceptions Prof. E. Feitelson 2010
Gluschnaider Udi Cancer Research Medicine Targeting β-TrCP in Prostate Cancer Dr. E. Pikarsky 2010
Zuckerman Valentina Cancer Research Medicine c-Abl-ing the Mdmx: Implications to p53 Regulation Prof. Y. Haupt 2010
Aviezer Hillel Psychology Social Sciences What do Expressions Express? Studies on the Perception of Contextualized Facial Expressions Prof. S. Bentin, Prof. E. Hassin 2010
Stern Eliyahu Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Humanities Protection from Sin in al-Qushayrī 's Thought Prof. W. Kohlberg 2010
Shefer Kinneret Molecular Biology Science A Conserved and Essential Triple Helix Structure in Telomerase RNA Dr. Y. Tzfati 2010
Levontin Eitan Public Law Law Representation of the State in Court Prof. R. Gavison 2010