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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Fieldsort descending Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Gutentag Tony Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Emotion Goal Commitment Prof. M. Tamir 2021
Matania Eviathar Psychology Social Sciences Perceptions of Discrimination and Injustice Prof. I. Yaniv 2008
Vishkin Allon Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Religiosity and Emotion Regulation Prof. M. Tamir 2020
Israel Salomon Psychology Social Sciences The Molecular Genetics of Prosocial Behavior Prof. R. P. Ebstein, Late Prof. G. Borstein 2013
Daniel Ella Psychology Social Sciences Development of Values Contextualization among Majority and Immigrant Youth Prof. A. Knafo 2012
Strauss Asher Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Information Gathering and Processing in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Prof. J. Huppert 2021
Amid Bnaya Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Selfless Self-Transcendence and Enigmatic Mergers in Psychoanalysis Prof. Eytan Bachar and Prof. Lewis Aron z"l 2023
Geven Linda Marjoleine Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences within a Joint Program with University of Amsterdam Extending the Scope of Concealed Information Detection Prof. G. Ben-Shakhar, Dr. B. J. Verschuere 2020
Maor Litany Michal Psychology Social Sciences The Experience of Loss in a Romantic Breakup as a Multidimensional Phenomenon: Intra-Psychic Meanings behind Loss and their Implications on the Adjustment to the Breakup Prof. M. Mikulincer, Prof. E. Bachar 2011
Tzur Boaz Psychology Social Sciences Chronometrics of Written Word Recognition Processes Prof. R. Frost 2012
Aviezer Hillel Psychology Social Sciences What do Expressions Express? Studies on the Perception of Contextualized Facial Expressions Prof. S. Bentin, Prof. E. Hassin 2010
Yahalom Naomi Psychology Social Sciences Contextual Fluency as a Cognitive-tuning Device: The Effect of the Complexity of Processing of Situational Cues on the Tendency to use Feelings of Effort in Making Judgments Prof. Y. Schul 2012
Nitzan Keren Psychology Social Sciences Persistent inflammatory pain and morphine analgesia - the involvement of interleukin - 1 and microglia Prof. Y. Shavit 2015
Israel Moran Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Spatial Attention Across Perception and Action Prof. A. Cohen 2019
Kardosh Rasha Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences The Nonconscious Cognitive Mechanics of Ideologies Prof. R. Hassin 2021
Azulay Hagar Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Acute and Chronic Stress Effects on Social Cognition and Behavior in Men and Women Prof. Salomon Israel 2023
Netzer Liat Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Motivated Interpersonal Emotion Regulation in Dyadic and Intergroup Relations Prof. M. Tamir, Prof. E. Halperin 2018
Ensenberg Diamant Noga Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Seeing Things Differently: Profound Individual Differences in Contextualized Emotion Perception Prof. H. Aviezer, Prof. R. Hassin 2022
Cohen-Zimerman Shira Psychology Social Sciences Forever young? Implicit motivation modulates age-related changes in executive functions Prof. R. Hassin 2015
Rabenu Tamar Psychology Social Sciences Countertransference in the Treatment of PTSD Manifestations and their Contribution to the Understanding and the Treatment of the Disorder Prof. G. Shefler 2013
Eitam Baruch Psychology Social Sciences The Goal Dependant Nature of Implicit Learning Prof. Y. Schul, Prof. R. Hassin 2009
Klein Selle Nathalie Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences and University of Amsterdam What are you Hiding? The Underlying and Contributing Mechanisms of Physiological Memory Detection Prof. G. Ben-Shakhar, Prof. M. Kindt, Dr. B. Verschuere 2018
Fradkin Itzchak (Isaac) Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Deficits in Processing of Prediction Errors in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Effects on Action, Thoughts, Learning and Agency Prof. J. D. Huppert 2020
Elizur Yoni Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder: The Role of Interpretation Bias, Self-Criticism and Positive Expectations in the Therapeutic Process and Outcome Prof. J. D. Huppert 2019
Marciano Deborah Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Exploring Decision-Making in the Light of What Could Have Been: On the Effect of the Outcome of the Unchosen Option on Expectations, Outcome Evaluation and Future Decisions Prof. L. Y. Deouell, Prof. S. Bourgeois-Gironde 2019