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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Titlesort descending Supervisor Year of Graduation
Steiner Zvi Oceanography Science The Northern Gulf of Aqaba (Eilat) as a Model for Biologically Mediated CO2 Sequestration by the Ocean Prof. J. Erez, Prof. B. Lazar 2017
Glick-Magid Ayala Physics the Faculty of Science The Nuclear Physics Behind Beyond the Standard Model Searches With β-Decays Prof. D. Gazit 2023
Ashkenasi Gil Political Science Social Sciences The Number of Political Parties in Competitive Democracies Prof. A. Diskin 2008
Davidovitch Shlomit Education Humanities The Observer Perspective Strategy of Coping with Brooding Thoughts Prof. N. Mor, Dr. I. Yoval 2017
Roman Oren Yiddish Humanities The Old-Yiddish Epics on the Book of Joshua and the book of Judges Prof.Ch. Turniansky, Y. Elbaum 2015
Yaacov Barak Virology Medicine The Oncolytic Mechanism of Viruses Prof. A. Panet, Prof. Z. Zakay-Rones 2012
Capucha Tal Bio-Medical Sciences in Dentistry Faculty of Dental-Medicine The Ontogeny and Function of Oral Langerhans Cells at Steady State and Inflammatory Conditions Prof. A. Hovav 2020
Gitelson Natalia Business Administration School of Business Administration The Optimal Asset Allocation of National Insurance Funds Prof. Moshe Levy 2023
Hirt-Ramon Orit History Humanities The Order of the World – On the Image of the Model Society According to Maharal Prof. I. Y. Yuval, Dr. A. Bar-Levav 2010
Keadan Tajread Islamic &Middle East Studies Faculty of Humanities The Organization of Democratic Women in Israel: Feminism, Liberalism and Communism under One Roof Prof. L. Kozma, Dr. I. Shahar 2018
Karmon Amnon Education Humanities The Organization of Educational Knowledge Conceptualization, Implications and Prospects Prof. Z. Lamm (deceased), Prof. D. Gordon (deceased), Prof. C. Adler 2008
Sasson Keren International Relations Faculty of Social Sciences The Organizational Voices of Security: Regional Organizations and the Quest for Security Order in the Developing World Prof. A. Kacowicz 2018
Ishida Kunio Middle Eastern Studies Humanities The Origins of Japan's Postwar Policy in the Middle East: The Case of Establishing Diplomatic Relations with Israel, 1952-1956 Prof. B.A. Shilony, Prof. G. Sheffer 2010
Amiur Hezi History of the Jewish People Humanities The Origins of the Mixed Farm and its Role in Zionist Settlement Prof. H. Lavsky, Prof. J. Metzer 2011
Tsal Naama Hebrew Literature Humanities The Other in the Poetics of Yehoshua Kenaz Prof. H. Hever 2013
Berelovich Eyal Islamic & Middle East Stud. Faculty of Humanities The Ottoman General Staff in Peace and War (1860–1913) Prof. E. Ginio, Prof. A. Kadish 2022
Karkason Tamir History of Jewish People & Contemporary Jewry Faculty of Humanities The Ottoman-Jewish Haskalah (Enlightenment), 1839-1908: A Transformation in the Jewish Communities of Western Anatolia, the Southern Balkans and Jerusalem Prof. Y. Ben-Naeh 2019
Laiba Efrat Human & Mammalian Genetics Medicine The Oxytocin Hormone and Interpersonal Differences in Behavior in an iterated Trust Game Prof. R. Ebstein 2013
Frank-Wygoda Tsivia Roman and Latin American Studies Humanities The Palimpsest and the Canvas The Manuscripts of Edmond Jabès The Book of Questions And the Genesis of an Enigmatic Text Prof. C. Aslanov 2017
Geiger Gregor Hebrew Language Humanities The Participle in the Hebrew of the Dead Sea Scrolls Prof. S. Fassberg 2010
Blaychfeld Magnazi Moran Nutrition Sciences Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Pathogenesis of Type 2 Diabetes in Patients of Yemenite Origin- Is It Characterized by an Early More Severe Beta Cell Failure? Prof. Z. Madar, Prof. H. Knobler 2020
Elbaz Moran Microbiology Medicine The Pathophysiology and Mechanism of Degeneration and Fibrosis in Muscular Dystrophy Prof. Y. Nevo, Prof. S. Mitrani-Rosenblum 2017
Pardess-Feinstein Zohara Hebrew Literature Humanities The Pentateuchal Portions Concerning the Tabernacle (Terumah-Tetzavveh, Vayyaqhel-Pequdei) in Midrash Exodus Rabbah II – Text, Content, Struture and Goals Prof. A. Shinan 2010
Haddad Taisser Musicology Humanities The Perception of Microtonal Intervals among the Arab Population of Israel Today Prof. E. Seroussi, Dr. R. Yeger-Granot 2011
Itzhak-Edan Yael Political Science Social Sciences The Perfection of Man and the Preferable Socio-Political Order: A Study of Maimonides and Spinoza Dr. D. Avnon, Dr. J. Macy 2009