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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Fieldsort descending Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Markovitch Noam Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Is There a Sensitive Child? Understanding Individual Differences in Environmental Sensitivity Prof. A. Knafo-Noam 2022
Elkana Odelia Psychology Social Sciences Cerebral Reorganization of Language Recovery Following Unilateral Brain Damage in Children: Data from fMRI and Neuropsychological Testing Prof. R. Frost 2012
Bigman Yochanan Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Beyond Good and Evil: The Morality of Effort Prof. M. Tamir 2018
Weisel Ori Psychology Social Sciences Cooperation and Punishment in Public Good Dilemmas with Incomplete Information Prof. G. Bornstein 2012
Heled Eyal Psychology Social Sciences Cognitive and Social Characteristics in Anorexia Nervosa Prof. R.P. Ebstein, D. Hoofien, Prof. E. Bachar 2013
Miron Tomer Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Manifestations of Complex and Single Trauma in Children: Evaluation by the Rorschach Test and Structured Instruments Prof. E. Bachar, Dr. L. Canetti 2022
Goldstein Alon Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Nonconscious Self-Reports: Conversations With the Unconscious Mind Prof. R. Hassin 2022
Ezrachi Amir Psychology Social Sciences Mutual Adaptations between Therapist & Patient in Dynamic Psychotherapy: An Analysis by the Systemic Quality Life Model Prof. S.Shye 2009
Friedman Ariela Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences A Systematic Examination of the Questionnaire-Based Implicit Association Test (qIAT) Dr. I. Yovel 2020
Rotkovitch Jacov Psychology Social Sciences Emergence of Organizational Decisions in a Research Institute Dr. I. Katz 2012
Salomon Milshtein Shahaf Psychology Social Sciences Resolution of the Diagnosis among Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Associations with Child and Parent Characteristics Prof. N. Yirmiya 2011
Zalaznik Dina Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Aspects of Interpersonal Relationships in Internet-Based Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Prof. Jonathan D. Huppert 2023
Uzefovsky Florina Psychology Social Sciences The Neurogenetic and Neurobiological Roots of Human Empathy Prof. R. P. Ebstein, Prof. A. Knafo 2013
Beinart Shlomo Psychology Social Sciences The Impact of Primary Failed Love on the Development of the Self and Future Relationships: A Retrospective Narrative Study Prof. R. Josselson 2009
Abrgiel Maayan Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences When the Personal Affects the Professional @@Countertransference and its Relation to Psychotherapy Process and Outcome Prof. Orya Tishby 2023
Ran Shira Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences The Apple Doesn't "Feel" Far From the Tree: Mother-Child Socialization of Group-Based Empathy Prof. E. Halperin, Prof. M. Tamir, Dr. M. Reifen-Tagar 2022
Twick Moran Psychology Social Sciences The Verbal Module: Separate Representations for a Word and What it Denotes: Shared Representations for Visual and Auditory Words Prof. A. Cohen 2013
Segal Hila Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Just the Two of Us: Twins' Relationships From Early to Middle Childhood Prof. A. Knafo-Noam 2021
Atzil-Slonim Dana Psychology Social Sciences Stability and Change in Interpersonal Conflicts and their Relationships to Symptom Changes among Adolescents in Psychodynamic Therapy and Adolescents who are not in Treatment Dr. O. Tiishby, Prof. G. Shefler 2013
Havron Naomi Psychology Social Sciences The Effect of Literacy on the Units of Language Processing and Acquisition in Children and Adults Dr. I. Arnon, Prof. R. Frost 2017
Porat Roni Psychology Social Sciences What We Want is What We Get : Group-Based Emotional Preferences and Conflict Resolution Prof. M. Tamir Prof. E. Halperin 2017
Sela Moran Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Cognitive Differences between Opinions and Facts Prof. A. Maril 2019
Harel Assaf Psychology Social Sciences What is Special about Expertise? A Neuroanatomical and Electrophysiological Investigation of Visual Expert Object Recognition Prof. S. Bentin 2009
Blum-Weinberg Pnina Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences “A Cuckoo's Nest“ or “A City of Refuge“: The Experience of Psychiatric Hospitalization Among Adolescents and Its Impact on Treatment Outcomes Prof. O. Tishby, Prof. Y. Kohn 2021
Kivity Yogev Psychology Social Sciences The Role of Emotion Regulation in Social Anxiety Disorder and in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Behavioral, Electrocortical and Self-Report Measures Prof. J.D. Huppert 2017