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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First namesort descending Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Levi Tgst Cell Biology, Immunology & Cancer Research the Faculty of Medicine Identification and Characterization of Genetic Factors Involved in Normal Ovarian Development and Developmental Failure Prof. O. Gerlitz 2023
Schlosser Tibor History Faculty of Humanities Israel – Germany Relations (1990-2013): From Special Relations to Alliance? Prof. M. Zimmermann 2020
Shore Tikva Human Genetics the Faculty of Medicine Utilization of the Nup107 D364N Mutation to Identify Genes Essential to Ovarian Development and Dysgenesis Prof. O. Gerlitz 2023
Podolsky Timna English Faculty of Humanities A Good Balance @@Formations of the Female Self in Lorna Hill's Sadler's Wells Ballet Series Prof. Shira Wolosky 2023
Hellwig Timo Genetics & Breeding the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Inter- and Intra-Species Genetic Diversity in the Genus Pisum Prof. S. Abbo, Dr. R. Ophir 2022
Katz Timor Oceanography Science Effects of Sediment Resuspension by Groundfish on Physical and Biogeochemical Processes in the Sea Prof. B. Lazar, Prof. B. Herut 2011
Yovel Tirtsa Musicology Humanities The Influence of the Visual Representation of the Notation System on the Experience of Time among Young Music Players Dr. R. Granot 2013
Toledano Tirtsah Cell Biology, Immunology and Cancer Research the Faculty of Medicine Regulation of Human NK Cells by Selected Ligands and Metabolic Processes Prof. O. Mandelboim, Dr. A. Moussaieff 2021
Biron Tirza Linguistics Faculty of Humanities Narrative Subjectivity: a Grammatical Account of Subjective Poetic Effects in Modernist Anglo-American Fiction Prof. S. Rimmon-Kenan, Prof. A. Shisha-Halevy 2019
Eliash Tirza General and Comparative Literature Humanities The Ethics of Mournful Writing: An Examination of the Mournful Writer's Relation to the Object of Loss Dr. R. Ginsburg 2008
Greenfield Tirza Chemistry Medicine Establishing the Basal Methylation Pattern During Embryonic Development Prof. C. Cedar 2015
Goldstein Tirza Geography Social Sciences New Patterns of Ultra-Orthodox Entrepreneurship in Jerusalem Prof. A. Gonen, late Prof. A. Shachar 2010
Strauss Tobie Hebrew Language Humanities The Effects of Prosodic and Other Factors on the Parsing of the Biblical Text by the Accents of the 21 Books Prof. Y. Breuer, Prof. R. HaCohen, Prof. E. Schleifer 2010
Yarden Tohar Sion Brain Science: Computation and Information Processing Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences Dynamics of Neural Networks in the Primary Auditory Cortex Prof. A. Mizrahi, Prof. I. Nelken 2020
Fogel Tom Jewish & Comp. Folklore Prog. Faculty of Humanities S. D. Goitein's Yemenite Research Dr. C. Avdar, Prof. H. Salamon 2020
Hope Tom Computer Sciences the Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering Automating Innovation and Discovery With Machine Learning Prof. D. Shahaf 2021
Dvir Tom Physics Faculty of Science Tunneling into Van der Waals Superconductors Prof. H. Steinberg 2020
Noah Tom Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences How Thinking of Oneself as the Object of Social Perception Affects Reliance on Internal Information in Judgment Dr. R. Mayo, Prof. Y. Schul 2019
Topaz Tom Soil and Water Sciences the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Role of Estuaries in Controlling Pollution of the Mediterranean Sea: The Alexander Stream Case Study Prof. B. Chefetz, Dr. R. Egozi, Prof. G. Yahel 2022
Goren Tom Atmospheric Sciences Science Aerosols Effect on the Oceanic Stratocumulus Microphysics, Dynamics and Cloud Cover, and the Respective Cloud Radiative Forcing Prof. D. Rosenfeld 2016
Gilat Tom Mathematics Faculty of Science Measure Rigidity and Recurrence Properties of Random Walks Prof. E Lindenstrauss 2019
Meir Tomer Molecular Biology Medicine The Vitamin D Receptor and Phosphate Sensing in the Parathyroid and the Regulation of Bone Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 by Parathyroid Hormone Prof. T. Naveh-Many 2014
Feldmann Tomer Cellular Biology Medicine Cardiac Steroids Mechanism of Action in Mammalian Cells Prof. H. Rosen 2009
Nir Tomer Development and Differentiation Medicine The Regenerative Potential of Pancreatic β Cells Prof. Y. Dor 2012
Hertz Tomer Computational Neuroscience Science Learning Distance Functions: Algorithms and Applications Prof. D. Weinshall 2008