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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Namesort ascending First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Berenblum Tamar Criminology Faculty of Law The Internet as a Sphere for Social Control Prof. D. Weisburd, Dr. D. Maimon 2018
Berelovich Eyal Islamic & Middle East Stud. Faculty of Humanities The Ottoman General Staff in Peace and War (1860–1913) Prof. E. Ginio, Prof. A. Kadish 2022
Berdichevsky Dina Hebrew Language & Jewish Languages Faculty of Humanities The Essayistic Poetics of Y.H. Brenner and the Rise of Early Hebrew Modernism Prof. A. Hirschfeld 2018
Benyamin David Physics Faculty of Science Cosmic Ray Diffusion in a Dynamic Milky Way: Implications to Composition, Positron/Electron Ratio and the ɤ - Ray Sky Prof. T. Piran, Prof. N. J. Shaviv 2018
Benvenisti Rafael (Rafi) Geography Social Sciences Economic Institutions of the Old Assyrian Trade in the 20th to 18th Centuries B.C. Prof. I. Ephal, Prof. J. Metzer, Prof. R. Rubin 2013
Bentolila Moshe Chemistry the Faculty of Science Development of Effective Methods for Optimization and Scale-Up of Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis Prof. C. Gilon 2021
Bentman Shmuel Political Science Faculty of Social Sciences The Political Imagination and the Democratic Crisis in the Digital Age Dr. Gayl Talshir 2018
Benninga Noah History Humanities The Material Culture of Prisoners in Auschwitz (1940-1945): Materiality at the Zero Degree Prof. M. Zimmermann 2017
Benninga Sara History of Art Faculty of Humanities Visual Discourse on Flesh and Pleasure in the Art of Rubens Dr. L. Kantor Kazovsky 2018
BenMoyal-Segal Liat Neurobiology Science The Cholinergic Aspect of Parkinson's Disease ― from Genetics to Physiology Prof. H. Soreq, Prof. H. Bergman 2011
Benmoshe Nir Atmospheric Sciences Science Turbulent Structure of Cumulus Clouds and Effects of Turbulence on Cloud Microstructure and Precipitation Prof. A. Khain 2014
Benmelech Moti History of the Jewish People Humanities Shlomo Molcho – A Biography Prof. R. Bonfil 2008
Benit Moran Hebrew literature Faculty of Humanities Gender and Class in Ronit Matalon's Work Prof. H. Hever 2020
Benish-Weisman Maya Psychology Social Sciences Alia Indeed? Success and non-success Immigration Stories of Immigrants from Russia to Israel in the 90's Prof. A. Lieblich 2008
Benish Avishai Public Law and Welfare Law Law Contracting Out from the Perspective of Public Law The Case of 'Welfare-to Work' Programs in Israel and Abroad Prof. M. Kremnitzer 2010
Beniamini Paz Physics Science Radiation Processes in Gamma Ray Bursts Prof. T. Piran 2017
Benhamron Sandrine Cellular Immunology Medicine The Role of Heparanase in Dendritic Cells Prof. D. Mevorach, Dr. H. Nechushtan 2011
Benhaim Deborah Chemistry Science The Correlation between Chromatographic Behavior and Biopartitioning Properties Prof. E. Grushka 2010
Bengiat Ravell Chemistry Faculty of Science The Supramolecular Chemistry of a Novel Family of Ligands for the Binding and Precipitation of Cesium and other Ions from Aqueous Solutions Prof. J. Almog, Prof. D. Mandler 2019
Benedek Gil Molecular Immunology Medicine Immunogenetics of Multiple Sclerosis in Israeli Arab Patients and Characterization of Molecular Mechanisms Induced by Glatiramer Acetate Treatment Prof. C. Brautbar 2011
Bendas-Jacob Orit Education Faculty of Humanities "The Elect": Characteristics and Structuring of a New Age Spiritual Identity Prof. H. Goldberg 2019
Bendalak Yehudit Criminology Law Violence in Hospital Emergency Wards in ISRAEL: Exposure of Medical and Non-Medical Personnel to Violence (Verbal & Physical) by Patients and Accompanying Persons Prof. S.F. Landau 2011
Benchetrit Hana Cell Biology, Immunology & Cancer Research Faculty of Medicine Can Somatic Nuclear Reprogramming Teach Us about the First Cell Fate Decision in the Embryo? Prof. Y. Bergman, Dr. Y. Buganim 2019
Benchetrit Tanya English Faculty of Humanities Competence and Performance in Child French Relative Clauses Dr. I. Sichel 2020
Benarroch Jonatan Jewish Thought Humanities Sabba and Yanuqa "Two that are One" Allegory, Symbol, and Myth in Zoharic Literature Prof. Y. Liebes 2012