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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Fieldsort descending Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Lubotzky-Gete Shakked Public Health the Faculty of Medicine Maternal Mental Health: The Effect of Country of Birth and Immigration and the Implications on Infant Development Prof. R. Calderon-Margalit 2021
Abdel-Rahman Nura Public Health the Faculty of Medicine Quality of Diabetes Care in the Community Setting: Patient Reported Outcomes, Composite Quality Score and the Association Between Quality Indicators and Patient Health Outcomes Prof. R. Calderon-Margalit, Prof. O. Manor 2022
Ein-Mor Eliana Public Health Faculty of Medicine The Exposure of Pregnant Women and Their Offspring to Organophosphate Pesticides and Phthalates: "Environment, Mother, and Child" Study in Jerusalem Prof. R. Calderon-Margalit, Prof. R. Haimov-Kochman (z"l) 2020
Ben-Porat Tair Public Health the Faculty of Medicine Nutritional Preventive Care Prior to Sleeve Gastrectomy Dr. R. Elazary, Prof. R. Weiss 2021
Goldstein Tori Public Health Medicine The Family as an Agent of Change in Eating Habits and Obesity in 2ed Grade Schoolchildren Prof. J. Kark 2013
Pinchas Ronit Public Health Medicine Socio-demographic and Psychosocial Predictors of Structural Sub-clinical Measures of Atherosclerosis in the Jerusalem Lipid Research Clinic Longitudinal Study Prof. J. Kark 2014
Beckear-Jakobovich Ronit Public Health Medicine Controlled Nutrition and Physical Exercise in Kindergartens: Developing Healthy Habits and Behaviors by Adopting Logical Thinking Skills Prof. E. Berry, Dr. A. Levita 2013
Kuniavsky Michael Public Health the Faculty of Medicine Attitudes of Legal Guardians of Mechanically Ventilated ICU Patients Regarding Decision Making Process for Non Life Saving Invasive Procedure – Policy Change Proposal Examination Prof. D. Chinnitz, Prof. S. Sviri 2022
Hochner Hagit Public Health Medicine Genetic Factors Underlying the Association between Intrauterine Growth and Blood Pressure in Young Adults Prof. O. Manor, Y. Friedlander 2010
Avgil- Tsadok Meytal Public Health Medicine Genetic, Obstetric and Anthropometric Contributions to the Metabolic Syndrome and its Components in Adult Women Prof. O. Pltiel, Prof. Y. Friedlander and Prof. U. Elchalal 2011
Tenenbaum Tovi Public Health Faculty of Medicine Hospital Drug Formularies in Israel: Inclusion of New Drugs and Maintaining Continuity of Care Prof. A. Israeli 2020
Shafran-Tikva Sigal Public Health Medicine Identification of Factors and Processes that Contribute to the Formation of Events of Violence Against Doctors and Nurses, Involving Patients and Accompanied Patients in a General Hospital Prof. D. Chinitz, Prof. Z. Stern 2013
Keidar Osnat Public Health Medicine The Road to" Health Promoting Schools" in Nairobi, Kenya Primary Schools - A Pilot Study for Building School's Capacity Prof. E. Berry, Dr. M. Donchin 2012
Lopez-Quintero Catalina Public Health Medicine Individual and Contextual Predictors of Opportunity to Use Drugs and Drug-use Initiation Among Adolescents in Bogotà, Colombia Dr. Y. Neumark 2012
Farrah Iba' Y. Public Health Medicine Tick Borne Relapsing Fever in the West Bank: Molecular Characterization, Detection and Distribution of Borrelia persica and its Vector Prof. H. Bercovier, Prof. E. Berry, Prof. Z. Abdeen 2016
Lawrence Gabriella Melissa Public Health Faculty of Medicine Life Course Determinants of Immune Response in Young Adulthood Prof. Y. Friedlander, Dr. H. Hochner 2020
Savitsky Bella Public Health Medicine The Effect of Discrepancy between Prenatal and Young Adulthood Environments on Cardio-Metabolic Risk Factors in Later Life Prof. O. Manor, Prof. Y. Friedlander 2014
Burazeri Genc Public Health Medicine Coronary Heart Disease Incidence in Tirana (Albania): The Association with Rapid Social Transition and Dietary Change Prof. J. D. Kark 2008
Sarner-Levin Kyra Public Health Medicine Disordered Eating: Self Critical Perfectionism (SCP) and Genetic Variation Among Young Women Prof. B. Lerer, Prof. E. M. Berry 2014
Porat-Katz Anat Public Health Medicine Evaluation of the Prevalence and Characteristic of users of Complementary Medicine among Infertility Patients and Assessment of Possible Biological Effects Prof. O. Paltiel and Prof. T. Eldar-Geva 2017
Khleif Mohamad Husein Hammad Public Health Faculty of Medicine Economic and Clinical Impact of Hospital-Based Consultative Palliative Care Model on Cancer Patients in Palestine Prof. D. Chinitz 2019
Kahan Natan R. Public Health Medicine The Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Data-Driven Methodology to Support Drug Policymaking and Drug Utilization Analysis in an Israeli Health Management Organization Prof. D.P. Chinitz 2009
Sagy Yael Public Health Medicine Intrauterine Growth and Adult Obesity: Genetic Determinants, the Jerusalem Perinatal Study Prof. O. Manor, Prof. Y. Friedlander 2014
Shamay-Rosler Ora Public Health Faculty of Medicine The Effect of Physicians' and Nurses' Expertise on the Decision-Making Process in Pain Treatment, and its Effect on their Satisfaction Level Trends Over 7 Years Prof. D. Chinitz, Prof. A. Lahad 2019
Cohen Joel Matan Public Health Medicine Nosocomial Infection Control: Why is it out of Control? Prof. K. Block, Prof. M. Brezis, Prof. D. Chinitz 2016