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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Fieldsort descending Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Ekka-Zohar Anat Public Health Medicine Excess use for Non-Urgent Reasons of Emergency Room (ER) by the Elderly in Israel: Benefits, Hazards and the Interface between Primary Care Services and ER Prof. E. Simchen 2012
Kandel Shaiela Public Health Social Sciences The Source of Variation in Policies Around the World: The Case of Protection of Human Health from Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Prof. E. Feitelson, Prof. L. Kheifets 2011
Ibrahim Surkhi Butheina Public Health the Faculty of Medicine Culturally Competent Care Efforts in Israeli Hospitals Prof. D. Chinitz 2021
Adler Droit Public Health Medicine An Ecological Model of Change in Hospital Food System and Nutrition, and Assessment of its Adoption and Impact Prof. E. Berry, Prof. M. Golan 2017
Magen-Molho Hadas Public Health the Faculty of Medicine Autism Spectrum Disorder and Pre- and Postnatal Exposure to Air Pollution Prof. O. Manor, Prof. R. Raz 2022
Shapira Barak Public Health the Faculty of Medicine Prevalence, Patterns and Motivations Behind Substitution of Drugs of Abuse Among Adult Drug-Users in Israel Prof. Y. Neumark 2021
Arnon-Raanan Rachel Public Health Medicine Demographic Factors that Determine Diet in Israel Prof. E. Berry 2012
Ben Eli Hadas Public Health Medicine Risk Factors, Immunologic Biomarkers and Genetic Factors in Dry Eye Syndrome, Sjogren's Syndrome and B-Cell Lymphoproliferative Disorders: Is there a Common Pathway? Prof. O. Paltiel, Prof. A. Solomon 2017
Granot-Hershkovitz Einat Public Health Faculty of Medicine Parent-of- Origin Genetic Effects on Cardiometabolic Risk Traits Prof. Y. Friedlander, Dr. H. Hochner 2020
Cohen-Manheim Irit Public Health Faculty of Medicine The Metabolic Syndrome and Inflammatory And Ageing Biomarkers as Life Course Determinants of Cognitive Function in Midlife: The Jerusalem Lipid Research Clinic (LRC) Study Prof. J. D. Kark 2018
Bader Sawsan Public Health the Faculty of Medicine Leadership in the Palestinian Health System: Political, Economic, Cultural, and Religious Aspects Prof. D. Chinitz 2023
Stein-Zamir Chen Public Health Faculty of Medicine Assessment of Vaccination Acceptance Rates According to the Routine Childhood Vaccination Schedule in Israel, among Infants and Toddlers, Investigation of Characteristics and Background Factors Related to Timeliness and Completeness of Routine Vaccination Prof. A. Israeli 2018
Ben-Porat Tair Public Health the Faculty of Medicine Nutritional Preventive Care Prior to Sleeve Gastrectomy Dr. R. Elazary, Prof. R. Weiss 2021
Bilder Leon Public Health Dental-Medicine An Oral Health Care Delivery System for Israel, as a Social Goal, Based on Attitudes of the General Public and Opinion Leaders Prof. H. Sgan-Cohen, Prof. A. Israeli 2011
Levin-Zamir Diane Public Health Medicine Development and Measurement of the Concept Media Health Literacy and its Association with Empowerment and Health Behavior Among Israeli Adolescents Dr. R. Gofin, Prof. D. Lemish 2008
Lubotzky-Gete Shakked Public Health the Faculty of Medicine Maternal Mental Health: The Effect of Country of Birth and Immigration and the Implications on Infant Development Prof. R. Calderon-Margalit 2021
Abdel-Rahman Nura Public Health the Faculty of Medicine Quality of Diabetes Care in the Community Setting: Patient Reported Outcomes, Composite Quality Score and the Association Between Quality Indicators and Patient Health Outcomes Prof. R. Calderon-Margalit, Prof. O. Manor 2022
Ein-Mor Eliana Public Health Faculty of Medicine The Exposure of Pregnant Women and Their Offspring to Organophosphate Pesticides and Phthalates: "Environment, Mother, and Child" Study in Jerusalem Prof. R. Calderon-Margalit, Prof. R. Haimov-Kochman (z"l) 2020
Kuniavsky Michael Public Health the Faculty of Medicine Attitudes of Legal Guardians of Mechanically Ventilated ICU Patients Regarding Decision Making Process for Non Life Saving Invasive Procedure – Policy Change Proposal Examination Prof. D. Chinnitz, Prof. S. Sviri 2022
Pinchas Ronit Public Health Medicine Socio-demographic and Psychosocial Predictors of Structural Sub-clinical Measures of Atherosclerosis in the Jerusalem Lipid Research Clinic Longitudinal Study Prof. J. Kark 2014
Keidar Osnat Public Health Medicine The Road to" Health Promoting Schools" in Nairobi, Kenya Primary Schools - A Pilot Study for Building School's Capacity Prof. E. Berry, Dr. M. Donchin 2012
Shimony-Kanat Sarit Public Health Medicine Examining Child Booster Seats Use with Ecological Model: Personal Characteristics, Parent-Child Relationship, and Neighborhood Characteristics Prof. R. Gofin 2013
Tenenbaum Tovi Public Health Faculty of Medicine Hospital Drug Formularies in Israel: Inclusion of New Drugs and Maintaining Continuity of Care Prof. A. Israeli 2020
Friesel Ofra Public International Law Law The Influence of a Super-Power on International Human Rights Codification: The United States and the Convention against Racial Discrimination of 1965 Prof. J.D. Sarna, Prof. M. Hirsch, Prof. A. Gutfeld 2009
Levontin Eitan Public Law Law Representation of the State in Court Prof. R. Gavison 2010