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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Fieldsort ascending Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Gornstein Luba The School of Library Archive and Information Studies Humanities Mapping of Research Subjects and the Changes that Occurred during the years 1985-2006 in the Field of Information and Library Science, Changes that Influenced it's New Character, Direction and Research: A Bibliometric Study Prof. B. Peritz 2012
David Assaf The Program for Contemporary Middle Eastern Studies Social Sciences In the Service of his Majesty? Civil-Military Relations in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan under the Reign of King Hussein and King Abdullah II Prof. A. Sela 2011
Pasternak Menahem Tax Law Faculty of Law Tax Interpretation and Avoidance – Guides to a Good Tax Law Prof. D. Gliksberg, Prof. S. Yitzhaki 2013
Friedman Chana Talmud and Halacha Humanities Law of Mourning and their Significance in the Babylonian Talmud, the Tractate of Moed Katan and its Parallels Prof. M. Halbertal, Prof. S. Naeh 2009
Baitner Hallel Talmud and Halacha Faculty of Humanities Studies in The Mishnah of Sifre Zuta and its Integration into the Midrash Prof. M. Kahana 2018
Shweka Aharon Talmud and Halacha Humanities Studies in Halakhot Gedolot: Text and Recension Prof. R. Brody 2009
Rosen-Zvi Assaf Talmud and Halacha Humanities Text, Redaction and Hermeneutic in Mekhilta de-Rabbi Ishmael, Tractate Kaspa Prof. M. Kahana 2017
Cohen Carmiel Talmud and Halacha Humanities Straightforward' Halachic Exegesis in Gersonides' Commentary on the Torah Prof. R. Brody, Dr. I. Gottlieb 2009
Sabato David Talmud and Halacha Faculty of Humanities The Teachings of Rabbi Joshua Ben Hanania Prof. M. Kahana 2020
Gvaryahu Amit Talmud & Halacha Faculty of Humanities Lending at Interest in Rabbinic Literature: Law, Homiletics and Cultural Contacts Prof. S. Naeh 2019
Sabato Nissim Talmud & Halacha Faculty of Humanities Siddur Rabbi Solomon Ben Natan Text and Studies Prof. R. Brody 2020
Ariel Neri Y. Talmud & Halacha Faculty of Humanities Manuals for Judges اداب القضاة) ) in Geonica: a Study of Genizah Fragments of a Judeo-Arabic Monographic Genre Prof. R. Brody 2020
Efrati Shlomi Talmud & Halacha Faculty of Humanities Psiqata of Ten Commandments Text, Redaction and Tradition Analysis Prof. M. Kister 2020
Trietl Eliezer Talmud Humanities Pirke de-Rabbi Eliezer Text, Redaction and A Sample Synopsis Prof. M. Kister 2011
Keshet Lia Talmud Humanities The Aggada in the Talmud Yerushalmi 2012
Epstein Yachin Talmud Humanities Studies in Massekhet Kalla Rabbati – Text, Redaction and Period Prof. R. Brody 2010
Sagiv Yonatan Talmud Humanities Studies in Early Rabbinic Hermeneutics as Reflected in Selected Chapters in the Sifra Prof. S. Naeh 2010
Roth Pinchas Talmud Humanities Later Provencal Sages – Jewish Law (Halakhah) and Rabbis in Southern France , 1215-1348 Prof. S. Emanuel 2013
Tal Alexander J. Talmud Humanities Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Betzah Studies in its Textual Traditions and Redaction Prof. M. Kahana 2008
Furstenberg Yair Talmud Humanities Eating in a State of Purity during the Tannaitic Period: Tractate Teharot and its Historical and Cultural Contexts Prof. S. Naeh 2011
Shammah Abraham Talmud Humanities The Mekhiltot that are Appended to the Sifra: Mekhilta De-Miluim and Mekhilta Da-Arayot Prof. M. Kahana 2010
Tzarum Netanel Structural Biology Science Structural and Biochemical Characterization of the Alternative Activation Pathways p38α MAP Kinase Prof. O. Livnah 2013
Kochva Uzi Structural Biology Science Structural Analysis of Integral Membrane Proteins Prof. I.T. Arkin 2008
Raveh Barak Structural Biology Medicine Motion-Planning and Sampling-Based Techniques for Modeling Flexibility in Proteins and in Peptides Dr. O. Schueler-Furman, Prof. D. Halperin 2012
Hayouka Ruchama Structural Biology Science Biochemical and Structural Analysis of JNK MAP Kinase Subfamily Prof. O. Livnah 2012