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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First namesort descending Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Pinkas Adi Brain Sciences Medicine A Novel Avian Model for the Reversal of Neurodevelopmental Teratogenicity with Mesenchymal Stem Cells Prof. J. Yanai 2015
Drori Adi Virology Medicine XBP-1, a Key Regulator of the UPR, Optimizes Viral Gene Expression During Early Stages of Mouse Cytomegalovirus Infection Prof. B. Tirosh 2015
Gordon Adi History Humanities New Politics in an Old Key: Arnold Zweig, Hans Kohn and the Central European Jewish 'Generation of 1914' Prof. S.E. Aschheim 2009
Alajem Melcer Adi Biochemistry Science Chromatin Proteins in Embryonic Stem Cells: from Identification to Function Prof. E. Meshorer 2015
Berson Adi Business Administration School of Business Administration Living With the Mirrors Around Us: A Model of Strategies for Coping With Painful Comparison Prof. L. Sagiv 2020
Lahiani Adi Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine Neuroprotective Mechanisms of AD3 Antioxidant and Human Placental Mesenchymal Stromal Stem Cells (PLX) on Pheochromocytoma PC12 Cells Exposed to Ischemia Prof. P. Lazarovici, Prof. E. Yavin 2018
Oron-Gottesman Adi Microbiology Medicine A Newly Discovered Secret of Escherichia coli Genetic Code Prof. H. Engelberg-Kulka, Prof. G. Bachrach 2017
Radian Adi Soil and Water Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Developing and Applying Macromolecule-Clay Composite for Water Treatment Dr. Y. Mishael, Prof. R. Nechushtai 2014
Torfstein Adi Geology Science Brine Freshwater Interplay and Effects on the Evolution of Saline Lakes: The Dead Sea Rift Terminal Lakes Prof. Y. Kolodny, Dr. M. Stein 2009
Binder Gallimidi Adi Cell Biology, Immunology & Cancer Research Faculty of Medicine The Role of Tumor-Microenvironment in The Progression of Oro-Digestive Cancers Prof. M. Elkin, Dr. G. Nussbaum 2018
Moshe Adi Sara Genetics & Breeding The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Protein Aggregation Induced by Tomato Yellow leaf curl virus -Infection in Tomato Prof. H. Czosnek, Prof. R. Gorovits 2016
Zimran Adiel History, Philosophy and Sociology of Sciences Humanities Philosophy, Tradition, and Esoterica in Isaac Ibn Latif's Sha'ar ha- Shamayim: With Critical Edition of the first Section of the Work Sha'ar ha-Shamayim Dr. C. Rigo 2017
Moyal Adiel Cognitive Science Faculty of Humanities Social Comparisons and (not so) Prosocial Behavior Prof. I. Ritov 2020
Loinger Adiel Physics Science Deterministic and Stochastic Analysis of Genetic Regulatory Networks Prof. O. Biham 2012
Cohen-Heilbron Adina Mathematics Science Morphisms of Berkovich Curves and the Different Function Prof. M. Temkin 2017
Hazan Adina School Of Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine The Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Polymodal Pain Receptors Dr. A. Priel 2019
Schwartz Adina Sara Jewish Education Humanities Immigration, Ethnic Communities and Immigrant Parent-School Engagement in the Country of Settlement: American Immigrants in Israel Dr. A. Pomson, Prof. U.Rebhun, 2017
Dayan Adit Social Work School of Social Work and Social Welfare The Impact of Immigration and Absorption Experience on the Deterioration of Former Soviet Union Emigrants Resulting Homelessness Prof. E. Leshem , Dr. R. Shor 2009
Goldenthal Adrian R. Computer Science Science Implicit Treatment of Constraints for Cloth Simulation Prof. M. Bercovier, Prof. E. Grinspun 2011
Biton Adva Medical Chemistry Medicine DNA Photocleavage by TFO-Dye Conjugates: from Mechanistic Aspects to in-vivo Applications Dr. E. Yavin 2013
Frank-Schwebel Adva Musicology Humanities The Sonic Dimension of the Psychoanalytic Encounter: An Interdisciplinary Study Integrating Psychoanalysis, Music Theory and Developmental Research Prof. R. HaCohen 2011
Baratz Adva Chemistry Science Conductance Switching of Molecular Tunnel Junctions Composed of Sepa-rated Donor-Acceptor Units Prof. R. Baer 2014
Shweka Aharon Talmud and Halacha Humanities Studies in Halakhot Gedolot: Text and Recension Prof. R. Brody 2009
Helman Aharon Biochemistry Medicine RTK-dependent Gene Expression in Drosophila is Mediated by Phosphorylation of the Corepressor Groucho Prof. Z. Paroush 2013
Sabbah Ahlam Social Work Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare Academic Stress, Support, Academic Achievements and Mental Health Among Students With Visual Impairment and Blindness Prof. M. Schiff 2020