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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisorsort descending Year of Graduation
Tsur Oren Computer Science Science Aspects of Computational Linguistics and Social Dynamics in Online User-Generated Content Dr. A. Rappoport 2014
Englander Yakir Jewish Thought Humanities Images of the Male Body in Lithuanian Ultra Orthodox Judaism as Reflected in Musar Movement Sources and 'HaGedolim' Hagiographies (1945-2010) Dr. A. Rosenak , Dr. O. Kamir 2013
Kogot-Levin Aviram Human & Mammalian Genetics Medicine The Effect of Ceramide Synthase 2 (CerS2) Depletion on- Lysosomal and Mitochondrial Function Dr. A. Saada (Reisch), Prof. A. Rass-Rothschild 2015
Shalom Liron Horticulture The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Identification and Characterization of Pathways Associated with the Effect of Fruit Load on Flowering in Citrus Dr. A. Sadka 2016
Teper-Bamnolker Paula Plant Sciences Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Mode of FT Protein in Determining Flowering Time and Morphological Development of the Plant Dr. A. Samach 2009
Sabban- Amin Revital Plant Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Influence of Warm Short Days on the Molecular Mechnism of Flowering in the Plant Arabidopsis thaliana Dr. A. Samach 2010
Paltiel Judith Plant Sciences Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Characterization of the Molecular Mechanisms that Induce Flowering in Medicago truncatula Compared to Arabidopsis thaliana Dr. A. Samach, Dr. N. Ori 2008
Sharabi-Schwager Michal Plant Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Overexpression of the CBF2 Transcriptional Activator in Arabidopsis Delays Leaf Senescence and Extends Plant Longevity Dr. A. Samach, Dr. R. Porat 2012
Laron Guy International Relations Social Sciences The Escalation to War between Israel and Egypt 1952-1956: Interrelations between Domestic and International Conditions and Policies Dr. A. Sela 2008
Feuermann Yonatan Animal Sciences Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences The Role of Leptin in Lactogenesis in Bovine Mammary Gland Dr. A. Shamay. Dr. S. J. Mabjeesh 2008
Ivancovsky Michal Public Health Medicine A Prospective Payment System for Trauma Patients in General Hospitals in Israel Dr. A. Shmueli 2009
Amitay Moshe Chemistry Medicine Reaction Mechanisms in Butyrylcholinesterase and Other Carboxylesterases Dr. A. Shurki 2014
Sharir-Ivry Avital Pharmaceutics Medicine Insights from Valence Bond into Catalysis in the Haloalkane Dehalogenase Enzyme Dr. A. Shurki 2014
Rosenfeld Nir Computer Science Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering Machine Learning: Of, By, and For Social Dynamics Dr. A. Zohar, Prof. A. Globerson 2018
Orian Adi General and Comparative Literature Humanities Lord Byron's Cain and Hebrew Melodies in their Hebrew Translations during the 19th Century Dr. Aminadav Dykman, Dr. Ze'ev Hirst 2013
Ansbacher Tamar Chemistry Medicine Copper Keepers - The Unique Cu(I) Binding Environments and Transfer Mechanism of the Copperchaperones Dr. Avital Shurki 2013
Leyt Julieta Cellular Biology Science Cholesterol-Sensitive Modulation of Polarized Post-Endocytic Membrane Trafficking Dr. B. Aroeti 2008
Kagan Sarah Cellular Biology Science Rab4 Controls Basolateral Exocytosis in Polarized Epithelial Cells Dr. B. Aroeti 2009
Matto Meirav Cellular Biology Science Membrane Platforms for Hepatitis C Virus Replication Dr. B. Aroeti, Prof. J. S. Glenn 2010
Drori Yaron Soil and Water Sciences Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Sorption/Desorption of Organic Pollutants: Effect of Irrigation with Treated Wastewater Dr. B. Chefetz, Prof. Z. Aizenshtat 2008
Moyal Shomron Criminology Faculty of Law Disobedience to Law and Political Violence: Empirical Test of an Integrative Model Dr. B. Hasisi, Prof. D. Weisburd 2013
Shteingart Shimon Pharmacology Medicine Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Induces a Caspase- Dependent N-Terminal Cleavage of RBX1 in Activated B Cells Dr. B. Tirosh, Prof. F. Levi-Schaffer 2014
Goldfinger Meidan Pharmacology Medicine Elucidation of Mechanisms that Coordinate the Unfolded Protein Response, Ceramide Synthesis and the mTOR Pathway in the Course of Plasma Cell Differentiation Dr. B. Tirosh, Prof. I. Ringel 2013
HaCohen David Ben-Gad Bible Humanities Kadesh in the Pentateuchal Narratives Dr. B.J. Schwartz 2012
Meshel Naphtali S. Bible Humanities The Grammar of Sacrifice A Generativist Study of the Ancient Israelite Sacrificial System Dr. B.J. Schwartz 2010