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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Titlesort ascending Supervisor Year of Graduation
Sagi (Eidlitz) Keren Political Science Faculty of Social Sciences What Happened to Vocational Training in Israel? From Welfare Policy to a Residual Tool Prof. J. Gal, Dr. G. Talshir 2020
Aviezer Hillel Psychology Social Sciences What do Expressions Express? Studies on the Perception of Contextualized Facial Expressions Prof. S. Bentin, Prof. E. Hassin 2010
Klein Selle Nathalie Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences and University of Amsterdam What are you Hiding? The Underlying and Contributing Mechanisms of Physiological Memory Detection Prof. G. Ben-Shakhar, Prof. M. Kindt, Dr. B. Verschuere 2018
Levitan Danielle Dalit Law Faculty of Law What are the Legitimate Boundaries for State Interference with Childrearing in a Liberal Regime Prof. A. Harel 2019
Hacohen Ori Cognitive Sciences Faculty of Humanities What Are Neural Representations? Prof. O. Shagrir 2021
Lampert Robby Computer Science Science Weighted Automata and their Applications to Formal Verification Prof. O. Kupferman 2011
Lavi (Lann) Avital Statistics Social Sciences Weighing the Weights: On the Intuitive Perception of Weighted Means and Their Characteristics Prof. R. Falk 2008
Walden Noa Hebrew literature Faculty of Humanities Weeping in Rabbinic Literature: Cultural, Literary and Rhetorical Aspects Prof. G. Hasan-Rokem, Prof. H. Weiss 2020
Nissenbaum Asaf Communication and Journalism Faculty of Social Sciences Web-Based Humor in an Age of Cultural Globalization Prof. L. Shifman 2021
Brielle Esther Bio-Engineering the Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering Weak Polar Interactions in Membrane Proteins Prof. I. T. Arkin 2021
Halbertal Landau Nomi History of Jewish People & Contemporary Jewry Faculty of Humanities We Prefer These Women Dead: Women, Sexual Violence and Genocide Prof. D. Blatman, Dr. M. Hasan 2022
Zwebner Yonat Business Administration School of Business Administration We Look Like Our Names: The Manifestation of Name Stereotypes in Facial Appearance Prof. J. Goldenberg 2017
Ben Haim Avishay Jewish Thought Humanities We Have No Dealings with the Occult'? Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and his Attitude towards the Supernatural, the Occult, Mysticism and the Kabbalists Prof. B. Brown 2017
De-Leon Yair Atmospheric Sciences Science Waves on a Rotating Sphere: New Solutions of Laplace's Tidal Equations and their Application to Observations Prof. N. Paldor 2016
Sapiens Noam Applied Physics Science Wavelength Addressing in Power Grid Based Parallel Optical Networks Prof. A. J. Agranat 2011
Preisler Yakir Plantsciences in Agriculture the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Water-Use Strategies Leading to Resilience of Pine Trees to Global Climatic Change Prof. J. M. Grünzweig, Prof. D. Yakir 2021
Levenson Yael Hydrology and Water Resources Science Water-Rock-Interaction in Carbonate Rocks at the Nano-Scale Prof. S. Emmanuel 2017
Nadav Itamar Soil and Water Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Water Repellency induced by Organic Matter in Treated Wastewater Infiltration Ponds and Irrigation Prof. Y. Chen 2013
Rimon-Brand Ya'ara Soil and Water Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Water Percolation and Solute Transport Through Deep Sandy Vadose Zone Dr. O. Dahan, Prof. A. Adin, The Lat Prof. R. Nativ 2013
Xiong Yunwu Soil and Water Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Water Flow in Soils of Different Water Repellencies- Measurement and Modeling Prof. R. Wallach, Dr. A. Furman 2012
Sherer Idan History Humanities Warriors for a Living: The Experience of the Spanish Infantry Soldiers in the Italian Wars, 1521-1546 Prof. Y. Harari 2015
Cohen Adar Education Faculty of Humanities Walking Fearlessly on a Tightrope: Controversy Work of Civic Teachers - The Israeli Case Prof. E. Lomsky-Feder 2019
Klein Avraham Physics Science Vortex Core Deformation and its Impact on the Behavior of Weakly Coupled Superfluids Prof. O. Agam 2017
Gshur Binyamin History of the Jewish People and Contemporary Jewry Humanities Volunteers from North America in Israeli War of Independence Prof. E. Lederhendler 2009
Talias Motti Public Policy Faculty of Social Sciences Voluntary Regulatory Regimes in Consumerism in Israel: Development, Motives and Implications Prof. D. Levi-Faur 2018