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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Titlesort descending Supervisor Year of Graduation
Applebaum Mordechai Cellular Biology Medicine A Molecular Network Underlying Muscle Lineage Segregation from the Embryonic Dermomyotome Prof. C. Kalcheim 2015
Valletta Francesco Archaeology & Ancient near East Faculty of Humanities A Mosaic of Local Manufacturing Traditions in the Early and Middle Epipalaeolithic – A View Based on Lithic Technology in Ein Gev Prof. L. Grosman 2021
Harel Haleli Archaeology & Ancient near East Faculty of Humanities A Network of Lexical Borrowings in Egyptian Texts of the New Kingdom @@Organizing Knowledge According to the Classifier System Prof. Orly Goldwasser 2023
Goldstein Moshe Chemistry Science A New Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm for Finding the Lowest Minima of Potential Surfaces: Approach and Applications Prof. R. B. Gerber 2010
Frish Roni Economics Faculty of Social Sciences A New Look at the Balassa-Samuelson Model @@Empirical Examination with New Data, Analyzing the Effect of Technological Innovation, and the Impact of Education Expansion Prof. Joseph Zeira 2023
Levy Amit History Faculty of Humanities A New Orient: German-Jewish Oriental Studies in Palestine/Israel, 1926–1963 Dr. A. Elyadad, Prof. Y. Weiss 2022
Glick Tziporit Conflict Management and Resolution Faculty of Social Sciences A New Perspective on the Ties Between Moral Conviction, Ideology and Emotional Intensity Prof. E. Halperin, Prof. M. Tamir 2021
Taler Kineret Neurobiology the Faculty of Medicine A New Zebrafish Model for Studying Molecular Genetic Mechanisms of Lens Epithelium-Derived Cataract Dr. A. Inbal 2022
Oron-Gottesman Adi Microbiology Medicine A Newly Discovered Secret of Escherichia coli Genetic Code Prof. H. Engelberg-Kulka, Prof. G. Bachrach 2017
Treves Haim Plant Science Faculty of Science A Newly Isolated Green Alga From Desert Crusts - an Unusual Combination of a Unique Survival Capability and Record High Growth and Photosynthetic Rates Prof. A. Kaplan, Dr. Y. Shotland 2018
Gabel Inés Communication and Journalism Social Sciences A Newspaper as a tool in the Construction of a Community's Political and Sectarian Identity: The Case Study of Nekuda Dr. E. Schely-Newman 2010
Anuka Eli Structural & Molecular Biochemistry Science A Novel Anti - Apoptotic Role for Steroidogenic Acute Regulatory (StAR) Protein in the Healing Heart After Myocardial Infarction Prof. J. Orly 2017
Levaot Noam Molecular Biology Medicine A Novel Approach of RNA Interference to Study Viral and Cellular Functions Prof. A. Honigman, Prof. A. Panet 2008
Neiman Ofer Computer Science Science A Novel Approach to Embedding of Metric Spaces Prof. Y. Bartal 2011
Pinkas Adi Brain Sciences Medicine A Novel Avian Model for the Reversal of Neurodevelopmental Teratogenicity with Mesenchymal Stem Cells Prof. J. Yanai 2015
Shenawi-Khalil Sanaa Applied Chemistry Science A Novel Class of Heterojunction Catalysts with Highly Enhanced Visible Light Photocatalytic Performances for Water Purification: yBiO(ClxBr1-x)-(1-y)Bismuth Oxide Hydrate Prof. Y. Sasson 2014
Oren Yifat Human & Mammalian Genetics Science A Novel Interplay Between the NMD and UPR Mechanisms Under Normal Conditions and in Human Genetic Diseases Prof. B. Kerem 2014
Keshet Alex Molecular Biology Medicine A Novel Mechanism of Protein Splicing in E.coli Regulated by the Stationary Phase of Growth Prof. H. Engelberg-Kulka 2008
Chai Chofit Human Genetics Faculty of Medicine A Novel Metabolic Circuit Involving Free Fatty Acids, MicroRNA-122, and Triglycerides Prof. E. Galun 2019
Mark Maayan Microbiology the Faculty of Medicine A Novel Perception of the Mitochondrial Proteome: Dual and Eclipsed Targeting of Proteins From the Abundant Eclipsed Dual Targeting Phenomenon to the Specific Case of TDH Distribution in the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae Prof. O. Pines 2023
Levy Revital Molecular Immunology Medicine A Novel Role for Costimulatory Receptors in Recognition and Direct Binding of Superantigens Prof. R. Kaempfer 2012
Ilan Lena Molecular Biology Medicine A Novel Role for the Stress Kinase PKR in Splicing of Human Globin mRNA Prof. R. Kaempfer 2010
Dolev Noam Biochemistry and Food Sciences the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment A Novel Soil Remediation Based on a Combination of Chelating Solution and Recycling Process Dr. Z. Ludmer, Prof. A. Ullmann 2022
Meirovitch Sigal Biotechnology The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment A Novel Spider Silk - Cellulose Whiskers Nanocomposite Prof. O. Shoseyov 2012
Kaganovsky Lubov Chemistry Science A Novel Strategy Towards Trans-Spanning Ligands Based on Anthracene Scaffold: Characterization and Catalytic Studies Prof. D. Gelman 2011