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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduationsort ascending
Giansante Rocco Communication & Journalism Faculty of Social Sciences From Bicycles to the Vespa: Nanni Moretti and the Real Prof. A. Preminger 2020
Kadosh Eliran Cell Biology, Immunology and Cancer Research Faculty of Medicine Gut Pathophysiology due to Expression of Mutant p53 in a Mouse Model Prof. Y. Ben-Neriah 2020
Amir Or Islamic & Middle East Studies Faculty of Humanities Mamluk Emirs and Sufi Shaykhs: A Study in the Relations Between Rulers and Saints, 1260-1400 Prof. R. Amitai, Prof. D. Talmon-Heller 2020
Golan Guy Field and Vegetable Crops Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Closely Linked Loci on Chromosome 2A Contribute to the Morphological Evolution of Wheat Under Domestication Prof. Z. Peleg 2020
Cohen Yafit Bella Social Work Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare Gender and Emotions in Caregiving for the Elderly Prof. M. Ajzenstadt 2020
Cohen Shirel Chemistry Faculty of Science Design of Novel Catalytic Systems for Dehydrogenations of Formic Acid and Their Applications in Catalytic Transformations Prof. D. Gelman 2020
Mozias Ilia Asian Studies Faculty of Humanities The Literati Path to Immortality The Alchemical Teaching of Lu Xixing Prof. Y. Pines 2020
Aizik Gil School of Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine Liposomal Systems of Quantum Dots for Fluorescence Imaging of Inflamed Tissue Prof. G. Golomb 2020
Stein Ben Physics Faculty of Science Integration of the Concept of Observer in Science Teaching of Junior High School Prof. I Galili 2020
Millgram Yael Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Emotion Goals in Depression Prof. J. D. Huppert, Prof. M. Tamir 2020
Romm Raya Microbiology Faculty of Medicine Studying Post-Transcriptional Regulation by Non-Coding RNAs at a System Level Prof. H. Margalit 2020
Cohen Keren Theater Studies Faculty of Humanities Stranger in a Stranger Land Robert Wilson's Aesthetics A German-American Intercultural Perspective 2020
Salam Bolaji Babajide Genetics and Breeding Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Role of Endogenous Sugars in Branching of Etiolated Stem Prof. N. Ori, Dr. D. Eshel 2020
Zucker Elchanan Geology Faculty of Science Tectono-Sedimentary Evolution of the Eastern Mediterranean After the Messinian Salinity Crisis: Giant Delta on a Salt Giant Prof. Y. Enzel, Prof. Z. Gvirtzman 2020
Shwartz Beata Economics Faculty of Social Sciences Regulation, Market Frictions and SustainableDevelopment in Indian Agriculture Prof. D. Genesove 2020
Tsvirkun Darya School of Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine Protease Activated X-ray Contrast Agents for Molecular Imaging of Cancer Development Using Micro-CT Prof. G. Blum 2020
Goren Arzony Sivan Comparative Religion Faculty of Humanities Eighteen Poets and a Half A Literary Renaissance in Medieval Kerala Prof. D. Shulman 2020
Mansour Osama Genetics Faculty of Science Mutations Arising During Yeast Meiosis and the Involvement of Error-Prone DNA Polymerases Prof. G. Simchen, Dr. A. Arbel-Eden 2020
Ella Doron International Relations Faculty of Social Sciences Categorization in International Organizations: China and the International Liberal Order Prof. Y. Haftel, Dr. G. Press-Barnathan 2020
Ashkenazy Sagi Law Faculty of Law How to Break the Judge's Chains? Presenting Tools of Routine, Experiential and Solution-Focused Judicial Review in Trial Criminal Courts Prof. H. Ben-Menahem, Prof. R. Kitai-Sangero 2020
Hashuel Rachel Microbiology Faculty of Medicine Characterizing the Aging Process of Bacillus subtilis Colonies Prof. S. Ben-Yehuda 2020
Brindt Naaran Soil and Water Sciences Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Novel Approaches for Modeling and Tracking Gravity-Driven Fingers in Soils of Non-Zero Contact Angles Prof. R. Wallach 2020
Geven Linda Marjoleine Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences within a Joint Program with University of Amsterdam Extending the Scope of Concealed Information Detection Prof. G. Ben-Shakhar, Dr. B. J. Verschuere 2020
Blau Miri Applied Physics Faculty of Science Design and Realization of Space Division Multiplexed (SDM) Optical Communication Network Prof. D. M. Marom 2020
Lerer Sivan Comparative Religion Faculty of Humanities Shīʿī Response to the Bāb: Muḥammad Karīm Khān Kirmānī and His “Dialogue” With Sayyid ʿAlī Muḥammad Shīrāzī, the Bāb Prof. M. Sharon 2020