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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Facultysort descending Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Cohn-Schwartz Doron Bio-Medical Sciences in Dentistry Faculty of Dental-Medicine Induction of Stem Cells to Regenerate Bone in Challenging Microenvironments Prof. D. Gazit, Dr. Z. Gazit 2020
Duanis-Assaf Danielle Bio-Medical Sciences in Dentistry Faculty of Dental-Medicine Interrelationship Between Bacillus and Streptococcus Species During Biofilm Formation Prof. D. Steinberg, Dr. M. Shemesh 2020
Fleischmann Chen Bio-Medical Sciences in Dentistry Faculty of Dental-Medicine Physiological and Molecular Influences of Astaxanthin Pretreatment on the Response to Stress Exposure – A Combined Model of Heat Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury Prof. M. Horowitz, Prof. D. Lichtstein 2020
Zelentsova Ekaterina Bio-Medical Sciences in Dentistry Faculty of Dental-Medicine The Role of Protein S in Adult Neurogenesis Dr. T. Burstyn-Cohen, Prof. A. Klar 2018
Harush Ortal Archaeology & Ancient near East Faculty of Humanities Standardization and Technology of Ceramic Industries - Experimental, Ethnographical and Archaeological Analysis of Storage Jars as a Case Study Prof. L. Grosman, Prof. I. Sharon 2021
Je Koh Seung Bible Faculty of Humanities A Re - examination and a Diachronic Comparison of Several Key Messianic Texts in the Book of Isaiah Prof. I. Knohl 2019
Weber Gadi Charles Jewish Thought Faculty of Humanities Studies on R. Yaaqov Anatoli's Malmad Ha-Talmidim Dr. C. Rigo 2019
Most Ehud Islamic & Middle East Stud. Faculty of Humanities The History of the Late Ottoman Empire in Islamist Historiography @@The Case of Sultan Abdülhamit II (R.1876-1909) Prof. Eyal Ginio 2023
Yodfat Adam Musicology Faculty of Humanities A Thousand Songs and a Song: Five Decades of Mizrahit and Rock Songs in Israel – Musical Analysis Prof. N. Wagner 2021
Druck Dotan History Faculty of Humanities Territorial Defense - Theory and Practice 1948-1956 Prof. A. Kadish 2018
Ben-Yishai Steven History of Jewish People & Contemporary Jewry Faculty of Humanities Josephus' Tyrants and the Aristocratic Ethos at Rome Prof. D. R. Schwartz 2020
Yadin-Evron Noam Art History Faculty of Humanities No Mercy is Worthless: Wealth, Materiality and Church Art in Late Antiquity, 400-600 A.D. Prof. G. Noga-Banai, Prof. L. James 2021
Berdichevsky Dina Hebrew Language & Jewish Languages Faculty of Humanities The Essayistic Poetics of Y.H. Brenner and the Rise of Early Hebrew Modernism Prof. A. Hirschfeld 2018
Rosenberg Shira Education Faculty of Humanities Teachers' & Parents' Perspectives of Parent - Involvement in Pre-Schools for Children With Special Needs Prof. C. Shulman 2020
Kobliner-Kwiat Carmel Jewish Thought Faculty of Humanities R. Isaac Ibn Latif’s Commentary on the Book of Ecclesiastes Dr. C. Rigo 2021
Efrati Ofer Islamic & Middle East Stud. Faculty of Humanities Tiberias during the Early Islamic Period (13/634-492/1009): Socio-Cultural and Religious Aspects Prof. A. Elad 2019
Gorecka Blanka Jewish & Comp. Folklore Prog. Faculty of Humanities Christian Domestic Servants in Jewish Households in Poland: An Ethno-Historical Study Prof. O. Goldberg, Prof. H. Salamon 2020
Olariu Daniel Bible Faculty of Humanities An Analysis of the Revisional Process in Theodotion’s Greek Text of Daniel Prof. M. Segal, Prof. E. Tov 2021
Schrager Ami-Menashe Islamic &Middle East Studies Faculty of Humanities Bahāʼullāh's Conversion in Kurdistan 1854-1856: A Study of Bahāʼullāh's Persian Poems Prof. M. Sharon 2018
Reuven Ram Musicology Faculty of Humanities On the Origin of Species Counterpoint Prof. N. Wagner 2021
Shoval-Shochetman Yossi History Faculty of Humanities The Development of the Knowledge Based Industry in Israel Prof. M. Blondheim 2019
Seri-Levi Na'ama History of Jewish People & Contemporary Jewry Faculty of Humanities Not Yet Lost Polish-Jewish Refugees in the Soviet Union During World War II Prof. E. Lederhendler, Prof. Y. Weiss 2022
Ben Yaakov Reut Hebrew Literature Faculty of Humanities “It Took Me Twenty Years to Love”: Israeli Poetry in the 1990s Dr. T. Hess 2021
Mondry Hannah Sgula Musicology Faculty of Humanities Emotional Profiling in Music :Theoretical, Analytical and Empirical Aspects Prof. R. HaCohen Pinczower, Dr. R. Yeger-Granot, Prof. D. Cohen (deceased) 2018
Negev Yonatan Arabic Language & Literature Faculty of Humanities Cursing the Companions of the Prophet Muḥammad (laʿn al-ṣaḥāba) in Pre-Modern Twelver Shiʿi Religious Thought Prof. Meir Bar-Asher and Dr. Michael Ebstein 2023