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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisorsort descending Year of Graduation
Rotkovitch Jacov Psychology Social Sciences Emergence of Organizational Decisions in a Research Institute Dr. I. Katz 2012
Kuna Shani Psychology Social Sciences An Interpretation of the Dyadic Relationship between Organizational Consultants and Managers-clients Dr. I. Katz, Prof. B. Shamir 2009
Masarwa Reem School Of Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine The Use of Advanced Meta-Analysis Research Methods to Assess the Safety and Efficacy of Medications in Pregnant Women and Children Dr. I. Matok, Prof. S. Reif 2019
Brand Arnon Plant Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Genetic Control of Pigment Content in Pepper Fruit Dr. I. Paran, Dr. E. Fridman 2015
Cohen Oded Plant Breeding & Genetics The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Genetic Control of Plant Architecture in Pepper and Comparative Analysis to Homologous Mutations in Tomato Dr. I. Paran, Prof 2013
Benchetrit Tanya English Faculty of Humanities Competence and Performance in Child French Relative Clauses Dr. I. Sichel 2020
Amar-Farkash Shlomit Molecular Biology Medicine Genomic Analysis of the Replication Timing in Human and Mouse Dr. I. Simon 2011
Shaked Helena Molecular Biology Medicine Using ChIP-on-chip Method to Study the Binding of p53 Protein to DNA in Normal and Cancer Cells Dr. I. Simon 2010
Friedman Ariela Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences A Systematic Examination of the Questionnaire-Based Implicit Association Test (qIAT) Dr. I. Yovel 2020
Lanton Tali Human Genetics Faculty of Medicine The Role of IL6 Signaling and Trans-Signaling in Metabolic Syndrome and Hepatitis-Associated HCC Dr. J. Axelrod, Prof. E. Galun 2019
Paldor Mor Human Genetics Faculty of Medicine The Role of IL- 6 in the Development of Irradiation Induced Alopecia and Dermatitis Dr. J. Axelrod, Prof. E. Galun 2018
Walfish Ruth Jewish Education Humanities Teaching Biblical Miracle Stories in Israeli State-Religious Schools Dr. J. Cohen 2008
Leon-Beck Mika Science Teaching Science Characterizing the Development of Expertise in Field-Based Research Amongst Graduate Students in Ecology Dr. J. Dodick 2014
Flash-Gvili Inbal Science Teaching Science Acquiring Expertise in an Historical Science: The Case of "Integrative Archeology" Dr. J. Dodick 2012
Tsybulckaya Dina Science Teaching Science The Effect of Educational Field Trips to University Research Labs on Student's Understanding of the Nature of Science and Attitudes Towards Science Dr. J. Dodick, Prof. J. Camhi 2014
Leszkowicz-Mazuz Monica Microbiology Medicine Control of Cattle Diseases Caused by Apicomplexan Parasites Dr. J. Golenser, Prof. E. Greenblatt, V. Shkap 2017
Dirks Inga Ecological Biology The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Land Use, Plant Fuctional Traits and Carbon Sequestration in the Judean Foothills Dr. J. Grünzwieg 2013
Baruch Eyal Animal/ Plant Breeding and Genetics Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Molecular Models for Genetic Analysis Dr. J. I. Weller 2009
Vainer Gilad W. Cellular Biology Medicine The Role of VICKZ Proteins in Cancer and Metastasis Dr. J. K. Yisraeli 2009
Elron Sara-Naama (Sari) Theater Studies Humanities Rina Nikova and the Yemenite Group Israeli Dance Between East and West Dr. J. Malkin 2011
Maman Ofir Theatre Studies Humanities Telem – Theatre for New Immigrants: The Dynamics Between Center and Periphery in the Field of Production of a National Culture Dr. J. Malkin, Prof. G. Kaynar 2008
Adin Gabriel Animal Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Cooling Dry and Lactating Cows in Summer, and Feeding the Lactating Cow with Primary Cell Walls as Forage Replacer, as Tools for Improving the Feed Intake and Performance Dr. J. Miron, Dr. S. Mabjeesh 2011
Ohanuna Zohar Cellular Immunology Medicine The Effect of Placental Protein 14 (PP14) on T Helper Cell Differentiation and Autoimmunity Dr. J. Rachmilewitz 2013
Orbach Ariel Molecular Immunology Medicine Bi-Functional Fusion Proteins: Induction of Effective Apoptosis by Dual Signaling Dr. J. Rachmilewitz, Dr. M. Darnitzki-Elhalel 2011
Beyth Shaul Cellular Immunology Medicine Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Alter Antigen-Presenting Cell Maturation and Induce T-Cell Unresponsiveness Dr. J. Rachmilewitz, Prof. M. Liebergall 2008