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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Namesort descending First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Arnon-Raanan Rachel Public Health Medicine Demographic Factors that Determine Diet in Israel Prof. E. Berry 2012
Aronis Carolin Communication and Journalism Social Sciences "Mediated Public Intimacy" : Practices of Popular Media in Establishing Intimacy with Audiences Prof. A. Pinchevski, Prof. T. Liebes (deceased) 2015
Aronis Anna Nutrition Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Redox-Based Mechanisms Underlying Triacylglycerol-Induced Lipotoxicity in Macrophages Dr. O. Tirosh, Prof. Z. Madar 2008
Aronshtam Lior Computer Science Science Random Simplicial Complexes Prof. N. Linial 2014
Artman-Partock Tali Hebrew Literature Humanities Dialogue and Dialogism in Rabbinic Literature: Parrhesia in Theory and in Practice in Rabbinic Literature and in Contemporary Christian Literature Dr. O. Irshai, Dr. D. Satran, Prof. G. Hasan-Rokem, 2011
Artsi Hanna Cell Biology, Immunology & Cancer Research Medicine The Role of Sirtuin1 in the Adult Bone, in Mice Prof. R. Dresner-Pollak 2017
Arumugam Rameshkumar Chemistry Science Surprisal Analysis of Time Evolving Multistate Processes in Chemical Dynamics and Biology Prof. R. D. Levine 2017
Arye Gilboa Soil and Water Sciences Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Effects of Humic Substances on Water Retention and Transport in Soils Prof. Y. Chen 2008
Asael Dan Geology Science Copper Stable Isotope Fractionation in Low-Temperature Geological Systems Prof. A. Matthews, Dr. M. Bar-Matthews 2011
Asaf David Atmospheric Sciences Science Long- Term Measurements of Nitrate Radicals at a Semiarid Urban Site Prof. M. Luria 2011
Ashbel Eyal Geography Social Sciences Subcenter Emergence in a Metropolitan System: Identification, Analysis & Simulation Prof. D. Felsenstein 2015
Ashkenasi Gil Political Science Social Sciences The Number of Political Parties in Competitive Democracies Prof. A. Diskin 2008
Ashkenazi Eli Environmental Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Environmental and Anthropogenic Factors Influencing the Survival of Fruit Trees in Abandoned Bedouin Groves in the Negev Highlands Prof. Y. Chen, Prof. S. Lavee, Dr. Y. Avni 2015
Ashkenazy Hila Archeology and the Ancient Near East Humanities Lithic Production Processes in the Late Natufian of Israel: Core Area vs. Periphery Prof.A. Belfer-Cohen 2015
Ashkenazy Yoav Philosophy Humanities Seeing As' and "Poetic Imagination' Self Understanding in Philosophy and Literature Prof. A. Margalit, Dr. T. Zamir 2010
Askari Nadav Biochemistry Science Revealing the Biological /Pathological Effects of Hyperactive p38 Molecules Prof. D. Engelberg 2009
Askenazi Manor Bioinformatics Science Mass Informatics: from Mass Spectrometry Peaks to Biological Pathways Prof. M. Linial 2013
Aslan Hadi Biotechnology Dental-Medicine Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Isolation, Novel Gene Discovery and Bone Therapy Prof. D. Gazit 2009
Asman Oren Mental Health Law Faculty of Law Mental Competence in Shar'I, Rabbinical and Non-Religious State Courts in Israel Prof. G. Liebson, Prof. V. Rispler-Chaim. Prof. R. Mester 2013
Asnin Vadim Physics Science Aspects of Physics in Higher Dimensions Prof. B. Kol, Prof. A. Giveon 2009
Assa-Inbar Michal Sociology and Anthropology Social Sciences Tense Harmony: Cross-Cultural Translations in an International School in China Dr. Y. Goodman,Prof. G. Yair 2017
Assadi Naela Chemistry Science Naphthologs of Polycyclic Aromatic Overcrowded Enes Prof. I. Agranat 2015
Assaf Michael Physics Science Theory of Large Fluctuations in Stochastic Populations Prof. B. Meerson 2011
Assayag Miri Oral Biology Dental-Medicine Mitochondrial Involvement in Heat Acclimation Induced Cross Tolerance: Lesson from Heat Stress and Ischemia/ Reperfusion Injury Prof. M. Horowitz 2012
Assayag-Asherie Nathalie Cellular Immunology Medicine Involvement of the CD44 Molecule in type 1 Diabetes of NOD Mice Prof. D. Naor, Prof. I. Raz 2013