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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Namesort ascending First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Yefet Devorah Human Genetics Faculty of Medicine Personalised Treatment (in vitro) of Novel and Reported Mitochondrial Disorders Prof. A. Saada-Reisch 2019
Yefenof Jonathan Statistics Faculty of Social Sciences Challenges in Statistical Inference for Complicated Datasets Structures Prof. Y. Ritov, Prof. Y. Goldberg 2020
Yechezkel Elinor Marine Biology The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Anaerobic Ammonia Oxidation (Anammox) by Bacterial Isolates from Aquaculture Systems Prof. J. Van-Rijn 2010
Yechezkel Azriel Archaeology & Ancient near East Faculty of Humanities Spring Tunnels in the Southern Levant @@Chronology, Geography and Culture Prof. Amos Frumkin and Prof. Uzi Leibner 2023
Ya’ar Ur Mathematics the Faculty of Science Inner Models From Extended Logics Prof. M. Magidor 2023
Yazhemsky Ekaterina Business Administration School of Business Administration Extending the Applicability of Data Envelopment Analysis Prof. J.S.H. Kornbluth, Dr. N. Adler 2012
Yayon Nadav Brain Science: Computation and Information Processing the Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences Local Cholinergic Networks in the Mammalian Cortex: Computational, Neuroanatomical, and Transcriptomic Insights Prof. H. Soreq 2021
Yavin Saar Animal Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Improving the Vitrification Procedure for Cryopreservation of Mammalian Oocytes and Pre-implantation Embryos Dr. Z. Roth, Dr. A. Arav 2013
Yatziv Shai-lee Brain & Behavioral Sciences the Faculty of Science From Neuropathic Pain to Pain-Free Surgery: New Findings on Local and General Anesthesia Prof. M. Devor 2022
Yasur-Landau Daniel Veterinary Medicine Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Allopurinol Resistance in Canine Leishmaniasis by Leishmania infantum - Biological and Molecular Characterization, and Search for Underlying Mechanisms Prof. G. Baneth, Prof. C. L. Jaffe 2018
Yassour Moran Computer Science Science Characterizing Transcriptomes from High-Throughput Sequencing Data Prof. N. Friedman, Prof. A. Regev 2013
Yasin Bushra Neurobiology Medicine Studies of Visual Proteins by using Transgenic Drosophila Files Prof. B. Minke, Prof. M. Treinin 2017
Yashunsky Victor Biophysics Science Living Cell Studies Using Infrared Surface Plasmon-Based Spectroscopy Prof. D. Davidov, Dr. M. Golosvsky, Prof. B. Aroeti 2013
Yaron-Jakoubovitch Anat Computational Neuroscience Science Stochastic Fluctuations in the Voltage of Pyramidal Neurons Prof. Y. Yarom, Prof. I. Segev 2010
Yaron Amit Brain Science: Computation& Information Proc. The Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences Cortical Representation of Auditory History Prof. I. Nelken 2016
Yaron Judy Education Humanities Shared Leadership – Practice and Perceptions of Teachers in a Virtual Community Prof. E. Olshtain 2010
Yaron Tamar Science Teaching Science Improving Conceptual Understanding of High School Students Majoring in Chemistry Through the Teaching of Reaction Mechanisms Dr. T. Milgrom, Prof. M. Steinberg 2010
Yaron Elad History of Art Faculty of Humanities Dafen's Paintings Prof. G. Ventura, Prof. M. Zuckermann 2021
Yarom Ehud Physics Faculty of Science Energy Transfer and Energy Distribution in Rotating Turbulence Prof. E. Sharon 2018
Yariv Shachal History Humanities Between Centre and Periphery: Demographic Trends in the Politics of the Late Roman Republic Prof. I. Shatzman, Prof. A. Yakobson 2013
Yardeni Eran Education Humanities Between Pedagogy and Propaganda: Bertolt Brecht and Charles Chaplin as Artists and Educators Prof. E. Ullmann-Margalit 2010
Yarden-Rabinowitz Yasmin Brain and Behavioral Sciences the Faculty of Science Synaptic Integration in the Deep Cerebellar Nuclei Prof. Y. Yarom 2021
Yarden Tohar Sion Brain Science: Computation and Information Processing Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences Dynamics of Neural Networks in the Primary Auditory Cortex Prof. A. Mizrahi, Prof. I. Nelken 2020
Yarchi Moran Communication and Journalism Social Sciences Public Diplomacy in the Age of Terrorism Competing over Frames of Terrorism in the Foreign News Media: The US, UK and Israel vs. Terror Organizations Prof. G. Wolfsfeld 2012
Yanovsky-Dagan Shira Human Genetics Faculty of Medicine Understanding the Role and Mechanism of CpG Aberrant Methylation in Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 Using Mutant Human Embryonic Stem Cells Dr. R. Eiges, Prof. S. Mitrani-Rosenbaum 2018