Supplementary studies

A doctoral student, in addition to writing a dissertation, must participate in study activity of a scope of at least 12 credit points, hereinafter "supplementary studies".
The supplementary study program shall be approved by the Advisory Committee when approving the research proposal and shall be sent to the Authority for Research Students.
A student may begin to participate in courses with the approval of the supervisor, even before the Advisory Committee approves, however the student must take into account that the Committee may not necessarily approve every course that is studied in the course of Stage A.
A research student studying in a course shall be required to meet all of the requirements of that course.

A research student may take course/s in another academic institution in a scope that does not exceed 4 credit points.
The research student must complete the supplementary studies not later than two years after approval of his research program and admission to Stage B.

 Supplementary studies shall include courses related to the unique subject of the student's research and that are needed for his research.

In addition, in some academic units, there's a requirement for compulsary departmental courses (for further information please visit the course catalogue).

  In addition to the above courses, the supplementary courses may also include:
a) Participation in "expertise" courses designed to improve the quality of the research.  These, for example, are courses of scientific writing, research proposal presentation, etc.  The student may accumulate not more than two credit points in expertise courses, even if he took more.
b) General university courses, for the purpose of broadening horizons.  A student may accumulate not more than two credit points in such courses even if he took more.
c) Participation in doctoral seminars.  Every year of active participation shall entitle the student to two credit points.  A student may accumulate not more than 4 credit points for participation in doctoral seminars even if he participated in them for more than two years.
d) Participation in a Departmental seminar.  The student may accumulate two credit points for participation in such a seminar even if he participated at a greater scope.   

One may not accumulate credits points for both articles (c) and (d).
An academic unit may decide upon restrictions in relation to articles a – d.

The supervisor and the Advisory Committee may recommend a waiver of some of the supplementary courses.  Their detailed

ecommendation shall be reviewed by the Authority for Research Students.

Minimal grade in a course within the Supplementary Studies:

Experimental Sciences – 75

Humanities and Social Sciences – 80


Minimal average among all courses within the Supplementary Studies:

Experimantal Sciences – 80

Humanities and Social Sciences – 85

Please note the difference between Supplementary Studies, which is the list of courses to be completed within few years and the Annual registration related to courses studied in a specific year. Please also pay attention to courses which are not offered each year.


Research student, whose supplementary studies were already defined by the Advisory Committee and wishes to change them, will submit a request on the form below, signed by the advisor/s and the members of the Advisory Committee.

Change of supplementary studies - request form

Participation in conferences is not considered as supplementary studies.

Preliminary courses, which a Ph.D. student may be required to study, either as a Preliminary student or as a Stage A student, are not part of the 12 credit points of Supplementary studies.


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