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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Namesort ascending First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Zylbertal Asaph Brain & Behavioural Sciences Faculty of Science Generation and Modulation of Infra-Slow Processes in the Accessory Olfactory Bulb Prof. Y. Yarom, Dr. S. Wagner 2018
Zylbersztein Roly History of the Jewish People and Contemporary Jewry Humanities Byzantine Views on the Jews: Studies in Polemical Discourse in the Byzantine Empire from the Seventh Century through the Eleventh Century Prof. R. Bonfil, Prof. G. Stroumsa 2009
Zylber Maria Ines Parasitology Medicine Mummy Remains: Morphological, Microbiological and Biochemical Approaches to their Molecular Taphonomy Prof. C. Greenblatt 2011
Zweig Alon Plant Sciences Science Hierarchical Modeling and Applications to Recognition Tasks Prof. D. Weinshall 2015
Zwecher Elchanan Computer Science Science Information and Estimation over Sparse Multipath Channels in the Wideband Regime Dr. D. Porrat 2014
Zwebner Yonat Business Administration School of Business Administration We Look Like Our Names: The Manifestation of Name Stereotypes in Facial Appearance Prof. J. Goldenberg 2017
Zvirin Tzvi Genetics & Breeding Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Towards Immunogenicity Reduction of Human Source Proteins Expressed in Tobacco Plants Prof. O. Shoseyov 2019
Zvilling Moti Bioinformatics Science New Methods for Prediction of Transmembrane Helices Prof. I. T. Arkin 2009
Zur Arik Pharmaceutics Medicine Synthetic Long-chain Fatty-acid Analogs as a Novel Treatment for the Metabolic Syndrome: Bio-Pharmaceutic Investigation Prof. Y. Bar-Tana, Prof. A. Hoffman 2013
Zumot Elia N. Biochemistry Medicine Investigating Structural-Functional Aspects of the γ-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) Transporter GAT-1 Prof. B. Kanner 2009
Zultan Ro'i Education Humanities Pre-play Face-to-face Communication and Cooperation in Bargaining Games: Strategy and Emotion Prof. Y. Kareev 2010
Zuela Noam Genetics Science The Roles of Matefin/SUN-1 and Lamin Proteins in Regulating Nuclear Organization Prof. Y. Gruenbaum 2017
Zuckerman Shachar Human Genetics Faculty of Medicine Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis: Users' Experiences and Attitudes Prof. G. Altarescu, Dr, S. Gooldin 2018
Zuckerman Michael Computer Science Science Computational Voting Theory, Algorithmic Game Theory and the Connections Between Them Prof. J. S. Rosenschein 2013
Zuckerman Valentina Cancer Research Medicine c-Abl-ing the Mdmx: Implications to p53 Regulation Prof. Y. Haupt 2010
Zucker Elchanan Geology Faculty of Science Tectono-Sedimentary Evolution of the Eastern Mediterranean After the Messinian Salinity Crisis: Giant Delta on a Salt Giant Prof. Y. Enzel, Prof. Z. Gvirtzman 2020
Zucker Daniel Cancer Research Medicine Nano-PEGylated Liposomes Co- remotely Loaded with Topotecan and Vincristine for Treatment of Relevant Cancers Prof. I. Barenholz 2011
Zrachya Avi Biotechnology Science Development of Anti-Coat Protein Inhibitors Mediated Plant Resistance to Geminiviruses Prof. Y. Gafni, Prof. A. Loyter 2009
Zouari Jonathan Statistics and Data Science Faculty of Social Sciences Super-Replication Under Different Flows of Information Prof. Y. Dolinsky 2021
Zoref Arye Arabic Language and Literature Humanities Tanchum Ha-Yerushalmi's Commentary on Canticles: Studies in its Tendencies and its Jewish, Sufi-Islamic and Christian Sources, with a Critical Edition Prof. H. Ben Shammai, Prof. S. Sviri 2013
Zorde-Khvalevsky Elina Computational Neurocience Medicine TLR3 Signaling in Hepatocytes Prof. E. Galun 2010
Zoran Daniel Brain Sciences The Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences Natural Image Statistics for Human and Computer Vision Prof. Y. Weiss 2014
Zolti Avihai Agroecology and Plant Health Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Root Microbiome Response to Treated Wastewater Irrigation Prof. Y. Hadar, Dr. D. Minz 2020
Zoizner Alon Political Science Faculty of Social Sciences Affective Polarization, Political Identity and Citizens' Information Environment Prof. T. Sheafer 2020
Zohar Osnat Economics Faculty of Social Sciences Implications of Endogenous Learning for Aggregate Activity and Disagreement Prof. I. Kremer 2021