Foreign Students

Knowledge of English

A Ph.D student whose previous studies are from a non Israeli university will present a certificate concerning the level of his command of English, such as TOEFL or IELTS scores or AMIR / AMIRAM tests.

The grades defined as "exemption" are:

TOEFL - 95; IELTS - 7; AMIR \ AMIRAM - 134; European standards - C1

The minimal grades required for acceptance as a Ph.D. student are:

TOEFL - 80; IELTS - 6; AMIR \ AMIRAM - 120.; European standards - B2

A student who was accepted below the level of "exemption" will reach the level of exemption within up to two years from his acceptance.

For information about courses of English as a Foreign Language, please contact Ms.Tsvia Cohen 

Please also see: The National Institute for Testing and Evaluation:

Candidates whose previous studies are from English speaking institutes in countries as UK, USA, Australia etc. are exempted from presenting a certificate concerning the level of their English knowledge.


Knowledge of Hebrew

Foreign students will reach an "exemption" level in Hebrew within two years from their acceptance.

In order to define their level of Hebrew knowledge they will take a qualification exam, offered by the Department of Hebrew Studies, and be instructed regarding the courses suitable according to their level.

For information about the exam and the courses, please contact Ms. Orit Toeg

Foreign students, who do not need  knowledge of Hebrew for their research or studies and do not intend to stay in Israel, may be exempted from Hebrew studies by the recommendation of their advisor/s and the Doctorate Committee or the Advisory Committee.

Hebrew Language Instruction


Health Insurance

Students who are not Israeli citizens must have health insurance while they are students at the Hebrew University. Health insurance can be arranged through the Hebrew University or independently.

Either way, please visit the following link for further information and instructions -


Extension of a Student Visa

A foreign student, who needs an extension of his/her student visa will contact  Ms. Gal Lombrozo at the Internation Office a few weeks before the expiration date of his/her current visa. Please find detailed information in the following link -

Tips for "new in Jerusalem"