Doctoral Scholarships for New Immigrants from the Ministry of Absorption


Doctoral Scholarships for New Immigrants from the Ministry of Absorption


These scholarships are intended for new immigrants and returning Israelis who are registered for doctoral studies (including pre-doctoral status). This is a matching scholarship which can be obtained for 3 years. The amount of matching required increases each year.

* The scholarship is not given for the academic year, instead it is given for 12 months in accordance with the date of approval by the Committee in the Ministry of Absorption.

The process of receiving the scholarship

  1. The doctoral student must contact the " Science Abroad" (klita b’meda) section of the Ministry of Absorption and obtain approval for eligibility for the scholarship.
  2. The doctoral student or the Ministry of Absorption will contact Sorana Sigal from the Academic Administration in order to submit the application. The doctoral student will receive a form and information from Sorana on how to submit the application. It then needs to be signed by all the relevant parties (the doctoral student, the supervisor and the dean) and returned to her together with a resume, a research summary and a letter of recommendation from the supervisor, who also commits to fund the required matching.
  3. Upon receipt of the signed documents, (including the commitment to funding), Sorana will submit an application to the Ministry of Absorption on behalf of the University for a scholarship.
  4. After the application is approved by the Ministry of Absorption Committee, a grant agreement is obtained for one year. Upon receipt of the agreement, the doctoral student, supervisor, faculty administrator and accountant dealing with the application are informed of the scholarship approval. The accountant will be responsible for the transference of the scholarship funds.
  5. After the applicant signs the scholarship contract Sorana will then sign all other relevant bodies at the University.
  6. About two months before the end of the scholarship year, a faculty administrator should confirm with the supervisor that the required matching amount is available to continue the scholarship. If so, a research progress report, a letter of recommendation from the supervisor with a commitment to matching, and a statement confirming that voluntary service was completed for the scholarship year should be sent to Sorana.
  7. At the end of the third year of the scholarship, the scholarship holder is required to submit a final academic report, in which reference is made to an estimated date for the completion of the doctorate. This report is transferred to the Ministry of Absorption.

For more details: Sorana Sigal  025882944