Travel Grants


The Authority for Research Students offers Travel Grants in order to support  participation of Ph.D. students in scientific conferences to  present their research, while still in process, or to stay abroad for a short period in order to gather data necessary for their research, to visit a specific archive or library or to learn how to use a unique instrument or acquire a specific skill -  tasks that cannot be performed in Israel.

The grants are given to Ph.D. students already in stage B, but not later than during  their 5th year of studies towards the Ph.D.

Requests for travel grants from students who have already submitted their thesis for evaluation (in the non-experimental sciences), will not be considered by the committee.

Travel grants are not awarded more than once during PhD studies.


The grants committee meets 4 times a year and discusses requests for travel grants as follows:

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, requests for travel grants have been suspended. In light of the possibility of renewing the Authorityעs support for travel grants, we ask students who plan to apply for a travel grant for conferences/visits that are expected to take place by the end of October 2020, to fill out the application forms and send them to us by email, no later than July 5th, 2020.


November 1st - deadline for submission of requests for travels due in November - January;

February 1st -  deadline for submission of requests for travels due in February - April;

May 3rd - deadline for submission of requests for travels due in May - July (meeting will be postponed)

July 5th - deadline for submission of requests for travels due in August - October.

The travel grants are given in order to help you fulfill the travel, yet they do not necessarily cover all the expenses involved.

During 2017/2018 students who travelled to Europe recieved a scholarship of 3,300NIS and students who travelled to west USA - 5,600NIS (The amounts may vary annually according to the budgetary possibilities).


Please use the forms:

Travel grant request

Supervisor's recommendation regarding a Travel grant


Please submit the request  by email -

In order to receive the grant the student will have to present his/her air ticket and boarding pass.