Joint Doctorate

A Joint Doctorate student - the Hebrew University is the host institute

After being accepted, the student will submit an annual registration form to the Hebrew University each year of his studies in the program (including years of staying in the home-institute).

A Joint Doctorate student is allowed to study each course in the Hebrew University, which is relevant to his  research, while staying in the Hebrew University. Such courses will appear on the annual registration form in the appropriate year/semester.

The form will include indication to the field of studies of the student and to the fact he is a student within a Joint Doctorate program. (HUG number 891).

A Joint Doctorate student, who is exempted from tuition payment according to an inter-institutional agreement, will also include an indication to course number 74504 on his annual registration form.


Please see the decision of the Senate of the Hebrew University in relation to Joint Doctorate studies:



annual registration form