Preliminary Research Students

A candidate whose qualifications fall only slightly below the requirements, but who is deemed capable of reaching the required level by means of studies at the Hebrew University over a period not exceeding two years, may be accepted by the Doctorate Committee as a "preliminary research student (mitmaheh)”; a mitmaheh will follow a special program of studies to be determined in consultation with his supervisor

The program shall include preliminary supplementary studies which the mitmaheh must complete with a minimum grade of 80 in each course and 85 as the average among the courses, and/or with a written paper equivalent to a master's thesis at the Hebrew University with the grade of 85. If he is accepted at a later date as a research student, this paper may be included as a chapter of his doctoral dissertation, as long as the student completed a Master's Degree with a thesis.

 At the end of the period, the Authority for Research Students shall consider his admission as a research student based on the results of his studies.

A candidate holding a Master degree without a thesis will contact the Faculty of his studies to learn about possibilities to perform a research and write a Master thesis.