Towards Stage B

The studies of a research student shall be comprised of two stages: Stage A and Stage B. 

The transition from Stage A to Stage B shall be at the earliest possible time, when it becomes clear that the topic and the research questions have been composed, that there is a preliminary conviction of preparedness for the thesis and that it is possible to estimate that there is a reasonable possibility for a worthwhile doctorate upon completion. 

A research program will not extend 13 pages (excluding bibliography, tables, charts and images). A longer program will not be accepted since January, 1st, 2017 (Experimental Sciences).

The student may submit the proposal for a research program within a few months from the date of his admission to Stage A, and not later than 18 months from this date.

An advisory Committe will be appointed to assit the student and his supervisor during the research. This committe will be appointed soon after the student submits his research proposal (if it has not been appointed before).

Please use the instructions  and the forms below (some in Hebrew):

Guidelines for submission of a Research Proposal and transfer to Stage B.pdf




Ethics in Research