Doctoral Coursework

A doctoral student, in addition to writing a dissertation, must participate in study activity of a scope of at least 12 credit points, hereinafter "Program of Doctoral Coursework".

The program shall be approved by the Advisory Committee when approving the research proposal and shall be sent to the Authority for Research Students for approval.
A student may begin to participate in courses with the approval of the supervisor, even before the Advisory Committee approves, on the understanding that the committee may add one or more courses which in its view will contribute to the doctoral studies. 
A research student studying in a course shall be required to meet all of the requirements of that course.


A research student may take course/s in another academic institution in a scope that does not exceed 4 credit points.
Students accepted to doctoral studies from the start of the 2023-2024 academic year, must complete the doctoral coursework by the end of the third year from the date of his/her admission to doctoral studies.
Students who were accepted to Stage A prior to this date shall complete their coursework by the end of the fourth year of doctoral studies.

The Program of Doctoral Coursework will be comprised of courses relevant to the student's particular research topic, departmental coumpulsory courses (insofar as such exist) and also "expertise" courses.

In the framework of the "expertise" courses, two of the following three types of courses must be completed (each in the scope of 2 credits and no more than a total of 4 credits): doctoral students' seminar in the framework of the department/institute/faculty;  departmental seminar; academic-skills course.

Compulsory courses will be included as part of the 12 credits of the doctoral coursework or as an addition to it, as decided by the department/institute/faculty.


The supervisor and the Advisory Committee may recommend a waiver of some of the course  program.  Their detailed recommendation shall be reviewed by the Authority for Research Students.

Minimal grade in a course within the Program of Doctoral Coursework:

Experimental Sciences – 75; Humanities and Social Sciences – 80

Minimal average among all courses within the Program of Doctoral Coursework:

Experimantal Sciences – 80; Humanities and Social Sciences – 85

Please note the difference between Program of Doctoral Coursework, which is the list of courses to be completed within few years, and the Annual registration related to courses studied in a specific year. Please also pay attention to courses which are not offered each year.


Research student, whose Program of Doctoral Coursework was already defined by the Advisory Committee and wishes to change it, will submit a request on the form below, signed by the advisor/s and the members of the Advisory Committee.

doctoral coursework - change request

Participation in conferences is not considered as supplementary studies.

Preliminary courses, which a Ph.D. student may be required to study, either as a Preliminary student or as a Stage A student, are not part of the 12 credit points of the Program of Doctoral Coursework.


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