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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Titlesort ascending Supervisor Year of Graduation
Tobol Sagiv Hebrew Literature Faculty of Humanities Writing Under Capital @@The Dialectic between Capital and Human in Orly Castel-Blum Prose Prof. Ariel Hirschfeld 2023
Haskel-Shaham Irit Education Humanities Writing Assessment Model as a Writing Generator Prof. E. Olshtain 2011
Shaham Nimrod Physics Faculty of Science Working Memory of Continuous Parameters in Noisy Neural Networks Dr. Y. Burak 2019
Livnat Inbar Social Work Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare Work, Care, Love? @@Women Employed at the Professional Level in Nonprofit Organizations in Israel Prof. Mimi Ajzenstadt and Prof. Michal Almog-Bar 2023
Bargouth Venus English Faculty of Humanities Wordsworth's Revisions of Salisbury Plain, The Borderers and The Ruined Cottage Prof. L. Toker 2019
Medina Ramos Richard Hebrew Language Faculty of Humanities Word Order In Qumran Hebrew Verbal Clauses Prof. S. Fassberg 2022
Puder Doron Mathematics Science Word Maps and Their Combinatorial and Algebraic Aspects Prof. N. Linial 2015
Schul-Ganz Gili Mathematics Science Word Maps and Growth in Finite Simple Groups Prof. A. Shalev 2017
Segev Onna Communication & Journalism Faculty of Social Sciences Women, Gender and Human Presence @@The Case of Official Urban Signage on Dizengoff Street Prof. Esther Schely-Newman z"l and Prof. Paul Frosh 2023
Orchan Nurit Hebrew Literature ,Yiddish and Folklore Humanities Women's Participation in the Yiddish Press in the Russian Empire 1881-1914 Prof. C. Turniansky 2009
Hua Xia Asian Studies Faculty of Humanities Winged Animal Motifs in Shang and Zhou Bronze Art Prof. Gideon Shelach-Lavi 2023
Salinas-Mizrahi Orly Hebrew Literature Humanities WICCA A Study in Seasonal Rituals (The Sabbats) and Life Cycle Celebrations among Israeli Wiccans Prof. S. Kaplan, Dr. N. Arie-Sapir 2017
Rigbi Amihai Brain Sciences Medicine Why Do Young Women Smoke? Effect of Nicotine on Neurocognitive Performance of Cigarette Smokers: Pharmacogenetic Interactions Prof. B. Lerer 2010
Shoham Rachel Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Why Do Adults With ADHD Take Risks? Elucidating the Role of Benefit and Risk Perception Using Self-Report Studies Dr. Y. Pollak, Prof. I. Yaniv 2020
Cohen Dror School Of Pharmacy Faculty of Medicine Why Are the Unique Conditions of the Dead Sea Area Beneficial for Human Skin? The Possible Involvement of the Nrf2-Keap1 Pathway Prof. R. Kohen 2019
Geva Yinnon Geography Faculty of Social Sciences Whose Urban Regeneration? Trajectories and Outcomes of Neoliberal Housing Redevelopment in Israel Prof. G. Rosen 2022
Ben-Ari Mordechai Criminology Law Who Judges? Judges and Judicial Discretion: Variables and Influences Prof. D. Weisburd, Prof. M. Ajzenstadt 2010
Vertsberger Dana Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Who Affects Whom? Children's Negative Emotionality and Their Genetic Makeup as Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship Prof. A. Knafo-Noam 2020
Shraga Eliad Law Faculty of Law Whistleblower Exposure in the Public Service - Duties, Incentives and Defenses Prof. B. Medina 2018
Cohen-Dallal Haggar Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences Which Factors Influence the Rate of Forgetting in Visual Working Memory? Prof. Yoni Pertzov 2023
Abrgiel Maayan Psychology Faculty of Social Sciences When the Personal Affects the Professional @@Countertransference and its Relation to Psychotherapy Process and Outcome Prof. Orya Tishby 2023
Amar Moty Business Administration School of Business Administration When Marketing Actions Generate a Placebo Effect and Influence Product Efficacy Prof. M. Bar-Hillel 2009
Porat Roni Psychology Social Sciences What We Want is What We Get : Group-Based Emotional Preferences and Conflict Resolution Prof. M. Tamir Prof. E. Halperin 2017
Harel Assaf Psychology Social Sciences What is Special about Expertise? A Neuroanatomical and Electrophysiological Investigation of Visual Expert Object Recognition Prof. S. Bentin 2009
Grossaug Ranit Communication & Journalism Faculty of Social Sciences What Influences the Influencers? Preschool Television Production in an Era of Media Change: The Case of Israel's "Hop" Group Prof. P. Frosh 2018