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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First name Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduationsort descending
Kagan Sarah Cellular Biology Science Rab4 Controls Basolateral Exocytosis in Polarized Epithelial Cells Dr. B. Aroeti 2009
Choi Gwanghyun D. Archeology and the Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Civilization Humanities Decoding Canaanite Pottery Paintings from the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age I: The Classification and Analysis of Decorative Motifs and Design Structures Statistics, Distribution Patterns and Cultural and Socio-political Implications Prof. Y. Garfinkel 2009
Reiner Inna Cellular Immunology Medicine Interaction between Human Apoptotic and Dendritic Cells Generate a Functional Tolerogenic Phenotype Prof. D. Mevorach 2009
Strum Daniel History of the Jewish People Humanities The Portuguese Jews and New Christians in the Sugar Trade: Managing Business Overseas – Kinship and Ethnicity Revisited (Amsterdam, Porto and Brazil, 1595 – 1618) Prof. Y. Kaplan 2009
Krupka Eyal Computer Sciences Science Generalization from Observed to Unobserved Features Prof. N. Tishby 2009
Grad (Itach) Etty Medical Biochemistry Medicine C-Reactive Protein in Vascular Injury and Repair: Molecular and Cellular Pro-Thrombotic Mechanism Prof. G. Golomb, Dr. H. Danenberg 2009
Itzhak-Edan Yael Political Science Social Sciences The Perfection of Man and the Preferable Socio-Political Order: A Study of Maimonides and Spinoza Dr. D. Avnon, Dr. J. Macy 2009
Segev Elad Chemistry Science Conformational Changes in Biological Molecules: New Computational Methods, and Comparison with Experiment Prof. R. B. Gerber 2009
Hayut Noach Bible Humanities The Former Prophets – One Book or Four? Prof. Y. Zakovitch 2009
Mobarkey Nader Animal Sciences Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences The Role of Eye and Brain in Reproductive Activities in Broiler Breeder Hens Prof. I. Rozenboim 2009
Asnin Vadim Physics Science Aspects of Physics in Higher Dimensions Prof. B. Kol, Prof. A. Giveon 2009
Rand Galit Sociology and Anthropology Social Sciences From Wine to Wine Field: The Israeli Wine Arena as a New Cultural Field Prof. E. Illouz 2009
Morlok Elke Jewish Thought Humanities R. Joseph Gikatilla's Hermeneutics Prof. M. Idel 2009
Gabet Yankel Endocrinology Dental-Medicine Anchorage of Titanium Implants in Low-Density Bone: Effect of Bone Anabolic Agents and Implant Surface Modulation Prof. I. Bab, Dr. D. Kohavi and Prof. R. Muller 2009
Sakran Fadi Physics Science Development of Microwave and MM-Wave Scanning Probes and their Applications for Magnetic and Electrical Measurements Prof. D. Davidov 2009
Haim-Zweig Hillah Social Work School of Social Work & Social Welfare The Consequences of Exposure to Terrorism on the Mental Health and the use of Psycho-active Substances among Adolescents Dr. M. Schiff 2009
Behar Adi Plant Protection Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Bacterial Populations Associated with Ceratitis capitata, the Mediterranean Fruit Fly: Diversity, Structure, Distribution and Impact on Host Fitness Prof. E. Jurkevitch, Prof. B. Yuval 2009
Ben-Dor Yehuda Jewish Thought Humanities A Study in R. Mordechai Yosef of Izbica's Mei Hashiloach Prof. R. Elior 2009
Gips Ami Plant Protection Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences Suppression of Soil-Borne Pathogens by Ammonia Dr. G. Kritzman, Dr. P. Fine 2009
Sharav Daphna Education Humanities Adolescents' Request for Help from Parents and Professionals Prof. M. Tatar 2009
Epstein Tamir Physics Science Resonant Interactions and Pattern Selection in Parametrically Excited Surface Waves Prof. J. Fineberg 2009
Neistein Eyal Physics Science Dark-Matter Haloes and their Role in Galaxy Formation Prof. A. Dekel 2009
Gal-Ezer Miri Communication and Journalism Social Sciences Habitus, Texts, Rituals: Elements of Acceptance, Presence and Continuity in the Israeli Art Canon Prof. H. Adoni, Prof. T. Katriel 2009
Eljarrat-Binstock Esther Medical Chemistry Medicine Hydrogel Iontophoresis for Ocular Drug Delivery Prof. A.J. Domb, Prof. J. Frucht-Pery 2009
Gordon Adi History Humanities New Politics in an Old Key: Arnold Zweig, Hans Kohn and the Central European Jewish 'Generation of 1914' Prof. S.E. Aschheim 2009