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Please note, the information presented here is relevant for the years 1997 and forth.

Last Name First namesort descending Department / Field Faculty Title Supervisor Year of Graduation
Preis Shlomit Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Labyrinth Ice Pattern Formation Induced by Near-Infrared Irradiation Prof. I. Braslavsky 2021
Yuval-Greenberg Shlomit Psychology Social Sciences The Transient-Broadband Induced Gamma-Band Response in the Human EEG Prof. L. Y. Deouell 2010
Shpigelman Rotenberg Shlomit Occupational Therapy - Advanced Studies Faculty of Medicine Older Adults Seeking Help for Subjective Memory Complaints: Psycho - Social Characteristics and Implications on Participation and Quality-of- Life Informed the Development of an Occupation- Based Meta-Cognitive Group Intervention Prof. A Maeir 2018
Teichman Shlomit Biochemistry Medicine Structure-Function Relations in Eukaryotic Glutamate Transporters Prof. B. I. Kanner 2014
Gorelik Shlomit Pharmaceutics Medicine Redox Process in the Stomach: Role of Food Derived Oxidants and Natural Reducing Antioxidants Prof. J. Kanner, Prof. R. Kohen and Prof. M. Ligumsky 2009
Jacobi Shlomit Chemistry Science Field-Theoretic Approaches for Computational Molecular Electronic Structure Prof. R. Baer 2013
Kfir-Ehrenfeld Shlomit Cancer Research Medicine Overcoming Lymphoma and Lymphoid Leukemia Resistance to Glucocorticoid-Induced Apoptosis: Role of the Kinome and Micro-RNAs Prof. E. Yefenof 2014
Wygoda Cohen Shlomit Philosophy Faculty of Humanities Contemporary Debates in Philosophy in Light of Particularism Prof. D. Enoch 2020
Bechar Shlomit Archaeology & Ancient near East Faculty of Humanities The Effects of Political Changes on Material Culture: The Middle Bronze Age-Late Bronze Age Transition in Northern Canaan as a Test Case Prof. Y. Garfinkel, Prof. S. Zuckerman (deceased) 2019
Davidovitch Shlomit Education Humanities The Observer Perspective Strategy of Coping with Brooding Thoughts Prof. N. Mor, Dr. I. Yoval 2017
Amar-Farkash Shlomit Molecular Biology Medicine Genomic Analysis of the Replication Timing in Human and Mouse Dr. I. Simon 2011
Kraus-Ophir Shlomit Cancer Research Science Studying, Structuring and Characterization of Miniaturized Systems using the Langmuir-Blodgett Method Prof. D. Mandler 2015
Langboim Shlomit Geography Social Sciences The Jewish Response to the Missionary Activity in Eretz Israel/Palestine 1882 – 1917 Prof. R. Kark 2008
Goren Shlomo Plant Sciences The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment The Sucrose Synthase Family in Tomato and Its Involvement in Plant Development Prof. O. Shoseyov, Dr. D. Granot 2014
Elias Shlomo Neurobiology Medicine The Language of Silence: Characteristics of High- Frequency Discharge Basal Ganglia Neurons in the Normal State and in Parkinson's Disease Prof. H. Bergman 2009
Black Shlomo Education Seymour Fox School of Education Acculturation Integration Discrepancies Between the Individuals and Groups: The Case of the Ultra-Orthodox Community in Israel Prof. G. Horenczyk 2021
Fischer Shlomo Sociology and Anthropology Social Sciences Self-Expression and Democracy in Radical Religious Zionist Ideology Prof. H. E. Goldberg 2008
Alon Shlomo Arabic Language and Literature Humanities Some of the Sources of Ibn Manzūr's Lisān al-Arab and the way he used them Prof. A. Levin 2008
Tikochinski Shlomo History of the Jewish People Humanities The Musar Yeshivot from Lithuania to Israel: Slabodka Yeshiva, Its Emigration and Establishment in Mandate Palestine Prof. I. Etkes 2010
Krispin Shlomo Development and Differentiation Medicine Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms underlying the Continuous Production of Delaminating Neural Crest Cells in the Avian Embryo Prof. C. Kalcheim 2011
Finkin Shlomo Chemistry Medicine Immune-Dependent Liver Micro-Niches Foster Tumor Progenitor Cells before They Acquire Self-Sufficiency Prof. E. Pikarsky 2015
Beinart Shlomo Psychology Social Sciences The Impact of Primary Failed Love on the Development of the Self and Future Relationships: A Retrospective Narrative Study Prof. R. Josselson 2009
Blum Shlomo Animal & Veterinary Science The Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment Pathogenomic Analysis of Escherichia coli Involved in Bovine Mastitis Prof. E. D. Heller, Dr. G. Leitner 2016
Brill Shlomo Biochemistry Science EmrE as an Experimental Paradigm for Studying the Evolution and Mechanism of Ion- Coupled Transporters Prof. S. Schuldiner 2015
Vainer Shlomy Geology Faculty of Science Landscape Evolution of the Kalahari Basin During the Upper Cenozoic Prof. Y. Erel, Prof. A. Matmon 2020